How to Know How Much I Owe for Electricity and Water: Payroll, Debt and MORE

It is very important to meet our payment obligations. That’s why here we talk about How do I know how much I owe for electricity and water?. This with the objective, that you know how is the process to follow to make your payments.

You will find out about how to obtain the electricity and water form, as well as how to get your debt in this regard. Also, where to pay and how to do it, what is the CNEL, its functions and other information of interest.

How do I know how much I owe for electricity and water?

The first thing you should know is that the Quito Electric Company offers the possibility of make inquiries every day of the year, at the time and moment you decide. Do not forget that the electricity bill has a deadline to be paid, and must be reviewed in a timely manner, to prevent the suspension of service.

So, enter the official website of the Quito Electric Company, and proceed to consult your electricity bill. This portal offers different ways to enter, and these are: By placing the Unique Taxpayer Registry number (RUC), the identification number or the contract number.

The invoice presents some specifications, which we mention below:

  • The cost of electricity expenses.
  • Amount for Electric Cooking, and for the use of hot water.
  • Advertising.
  • Use of lighting on public roads.
  • Contribution for the fire department.
  • Contribution for waste collection.

If you have any questions, you can communicate through the Call Center of the Quito Electric Company (EEQ), dialing 136. The company assures you an optimal electrical service at a low cost, and thus increase production, with the aim of having quality of life.

How to Know How Much I Owe for Electricity and Water: Electricity Worksheet

Now, to obtain the light sheet, you must follow some guidelines, which we name below:

  1. The first step is enter this link.
  2. Choose the alternative with which you want to make the respective query: Identification number, contract number, or RUC number.
  3. Then, on the next screen you must enter the respective number, if it is the contract, write the customer code.
  4. To finish, click where it says «Consult Data», and the process is complete.

How to Know How Much I Owe for Electricity and Water: Water Worksheet

In order to get the electricity bill, and not have to wait for its delivery, here are the steps to follow to obtain it. It is very easy and fast:

  • The first step is to enter the EPMAPS Agua de Quito official web portal.
  • Select the «Customer Service» option.
  • Click where it says «Consult Form»You can enter the name, address or account code, that will depend on the case.
  • Write all the information they request.
  • Then choose where it says «Look for».

After complying with all the above, the spreadsheet with each of its specifications will appear on the screen. Likewise, you have the alternative to download the invoice, if required.

Water Debts in Ecuador

It is essential that you know how to check the invoices for all the services that you must cancel. For this reason, we will tell you what to do. In this way, you will know what is your debit balance with respect to drinking water service.

Due to the recent global situation, Agua de Quito currently suspended its functions, with respect to meter readings, and at the same time it is impacted in the task of delivering invoices to each address.

If a client has questions, or wants to know the specifications of their drinking water bill, they have the possibility of doing it in the following way:

  1. Can make a phone call to the number 1800 24 24 24.
  2. Similarly, you can send an email to the following address:

Wish a few days ago, the Huaicana Savings and Credit Cooperative, and the Service Network, they gave space to the well-known windows, in order to collect the consumption of drinking water.

On the other hand, the Epmaps-Agua de Quito (Metropolitan Public Water and Sanitation Company), offers some guidelines for you to know about the fields that are specified in the consumption sheet, and in this way you can dispel all your questions.

It should be noted that customers are served in the best possible way, to be able to solve problems with their invoices through teleworking. Therefore, no need to visit Epmaps offices for you to pay attention.

Other Implications

Now, the water bill contains indications through which each space is specifically highlighted. then we will tell you:

  • At the top, a graph appears, with the history for each consumption, where it is detailed in cubic meters the last six (6) months.
  • A green drop is observed, this means that the consumption is due.
  • In the event that a red drop appears, you have to check, because you may have a water leak.
  • The color blue, distinguish the respective amount of the invoice during that month.
  • In the case of yellow, it is observed if there are amounts of previous months in arrears, penalties, in addition to interest. It also appears if you have a payment agreement.
  • In the green space, the amounts required by municipal agencies through Epmaps are reflected.
  • The colour pink, detail the amounts in favor, or any return that has to be made.
  • To conclude, at the bottom of the bill, the balance that you must pay for drinking water consumption is specified, you can also view the date on which the billing expires.

We suggest that you be pending, and pay your invoice before the due date, since after this date, more or less in a period of five (5) days, a new invoice is issued. If you don’t pay on time, the pending amount will appear on the next invoice.

How to know how much I owe for electricity and water: how and where to pay?

Currently, payments for the electricity service are made online, through the respective web pages, in addition to the establishments allowed for these. We name them below:

  1. Banks, here are the Guayaquil, Bolivariano, el Pacifico, Pichincha, el Austro, Produbanco, Internacional and Solidario.
  2. Other sites such as: La Cooperativa Huaicana, Western Union, Servipagos and Red Facilito.
  3. Another method of payment is also, sending money electronically.
  4. There are 19 rural and urban offices.
  5. They also have, 99 establishments that are in charge of collection from service.

The guidelines that you must comply with are very easy. Therefore, we suggest you write them down so that you can carry out your process without problems. These are:

  • Enter to «On line bank».
  • Find the menu and select where it says «Payments».
  • Then choose «Services-Invoices».
  • To continue, add favorites and choose the electricity company, which is linked to your city or province.
  • Then click where it says «Continue» and then «Add».
  • To finish, you must confirm the procedure, and you are ready

There is no distinction, when the relevant payment for the drinking water service is made, then, we will tell you what applies:

If you have Banco Pichincha, you must enter their website with your username and password. Select the option «Payments», «Unregistered Invoices», Potable Water Company «. To continue, write the contract number, and you will instantly see the amount you have to pay.

Then click on «Accept», and enter the security code, which you receive on your mobile phone through a text message. Likewise, Agua de Quito offers some virtual means that allow the use of a credit card to make the payment.

What is the CNEL?

The Corporación Nacional Eléctrica SA (CNEL), was created by means of public documentation, and which was joined on December 15, 2008. In the merger process, the following electric distribution companies were formed. These are the following:

La Regional Sucumbíos, SA, Los Ríos SA, Manabí SA, Península de Santa Elena SA, Milagro CA, Regional El Oro, SA, Santo Domingo SA, Guayas-Los Ríos SA and Esmeraldas SA

On March 13, 2003, through Decree No. 1549, proclaimed by him and issued on the same day the Strategic Public Electric Company National Electricity Corporation (CNEL EP), establishes as its main function to provide electrical service, distribute it and market it.

However, it is until September 17, 2014, when the union is achieved through the absorption, of the Public Electric Company of Guayaquil EP, and the Strategic Public Company National Electricity Corporation (CNEL EP), creating the Unit of Guayaquil Business.

Other Aspects

Said Corporation, offers twelve (12) business units that belong to it, and it is on March 5, 2015, through a Resolution the Energy Efficiency Unit was created.

In recent days, a lot has been invested in the CNEL EP, with the aim of continuing with the advancement of its plans, consolidating civil and scientific construction, concentrating on the subtransmission electrical system, provision and lighting of public roads, to the 10 provinces under his charge.

When reviewing strategies, operational processes, maintenance, marketing, and the alternative of hiring new technical workers, trained and properly equipped with tools, you want to optimization of the electrical system, anticipating losses in electricity service.

Currently, the CNEL EP is in place No. 4, as the largest company in Ecuador, since, providing the service, it covers 44% of the Ecuadorian territory. With this it assures 50% of the inhabitants, a quality service.

How do I know how much I owe for electricity and water? Many times we do not know how to make the payments of our obligations, so in this article, we leave you all the corresponding guidelines step by step.

The whole procedure is easy and fast, just enter the correct website and you will be able to see all the information you require. You no longer have excuses, make your payment on time.


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