How to know how much I owe in Novaventa: Payments, Orders and MORE

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Novaventa is an alternative for many of the Colombians. For its workers especially it has credit facilities. This with the aim of helping, mainly, the mothers of families so that with an additional income they can collaborate, which leads many to question the debts they may have. How to know how much I owe in Novaventa it is the most common.

That is why in this section we will try to answer this and all the other questions that may be related to the subject: what is Novaventa, order, services it offers, inquiries and more. Do not miss it!

How do I know how much I owe in Novaventa?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the services that Novaventa offers are many. Among them, provide loans to their workers in order to provide additional income to help with the needs that these employees may have.

How to know how much I owe in Novaventa is a question frequently asked because of the importance it has. And actually, the process to pay off the debt is quite simple and fast since they have enabled the Novaventa website to do everything online.

Through the internet or the invoices that arrive with the order, they are the only ways in which the debit balance in Novaventa can be consulted. Taking into account the current situation, it is very successful that the online payment method is available for convenience and security.

Next, we will provide the step-by-step guide to carry out the process:

  1. Enter the Novaventa website.
  2. Select option «Sale by Catalog».
  3. Indicate username and password.
  4. Automatically, the system will enter the account.
  5. Finally, click on «Consult Invoice».

The only detail to take into account in advance in this process is to have an account in Novaventa, without that the query cannot be made.

Means of Payment to Novaventa

Another of the most frequently asked questions is: What are the payment methods?.

The answer is that Novaventa offers several means of payment, but the most common are online or by points.

As in many similar processes, the method of pay on line It makes use of specific banks with which the payment will be made. Which is counterproductive because Novaventa does not have forms of payment from any bank if not a few already determined ones.

The good thing is that motivated to

l growth of the company covenants that this is obtaining with other companies, expands the payment options through banks and makes things easier for many.

Here is a fairly long list of the banks that can be used to pay Novaventa and precisely, some are the most popular and well-known in Colombia:

  • Citibank.
  • Davivienda.
  • Bank of Bogota.
  • Bancolombia.
  • Scotiabank.
  • HSBC.
  • BBVA.
  • Colpatria.
  • Popular Bank.
  • Coomeva.
  • Bank Av. Villas.
  • Santander.
  • Banco de Occidente Credential.
  • Helm.

Another option to pay is to to deposit the amount required in the bank preferably in cash, especially if you do not want or can make the payment online.

On the other hand, the process is different if you pay through a point. This is because the closest corresponding entity should first be found by checking the interactive map that appears on the Novaventa website, then it is necessary to go in person to carry out the procedure in the chosen place.

Finally, deliver the identity card and the cash to an official to complete the procedure. This is a requirement.

Orders by Novaventa Catalogs

Now, we will talk about the orders. It is something very easy to do and for that Novaventa has available to the public a physical catalog where the services and products they offer are detailed.

Currently, sales transactions are not carried out online. So it is important to get information on when the catalogs come out to keep up with the service.

The protocol to follow, generally, is to mark the product that is needed in the catalog and return it to the company that originally delivered it. Sometimes it is required pay in advance what is requested, other times not.

It is normal that the products take time to arrive, so it is not an alarm signal that the delivery of the merchandise takes a while. As long as you have a strict control in the process, everything should go well.

Services offered by Novaventa

Novaventa has a variety of services for its users. However, catalog sales are the foundation of their successful business. In this regard, the company is a Leader, since it allows you to contact directly with several other allied companies.

The latter is good for customers because it allows lower costs considerably in any product. It does not go through any intermediary that increases the price but comes directly from the factory, without changes.

Businesswoman Mom

An important part of its services is the initiative Businesswoman Mom, aimed mainly at women with children and / or housewives, so they can work comfortably and easily. This initiative is based on commission sales ideas. It works like this: the more they sell, the more services they buy.

The benefit varies in many ways, from facilities for transport around the city to household products.

Through commissions and sales, a system of points. By redeeming the points earned, you can get household products and even tickets to the cinema or other attraction.

For this, an award plan has been created and they have been divided into four plans different depending on the sales for the people who are part of the initiative Businesswoman Mom:

  • First: Ruby Businesswoman Mom.
  • Second: Sapphire Businesswoman Mom.
  • Third: Business Mom Esmeralda.
  • Fourth: Diamond Entrepreneur Mom.

By clicking on the following link, any woman who wishes can register as an applicant: I want to be a Business Mom.

The link automatically leads to web form of the Novaventa page, where personal data such as: type and number of identity document, name and surname, telephone number and email are requested.

Also, home address and how the plan is known. It is necessary to specify if the person wants to receive notification emails and if they accept the privacy policies of the company.

What is Novaventa?

Novaventa is a company that sells products through catalogs. It was born in 1999. At that time, it still did not have the name Novaventa, it was just a direct sale by catalog.

In the beginning, they only sold products from the National Company of Chocolates and NoelThey even dabbled with snack machines.

However, at that time the catalog had its service a little disorganized and there were both products from Noel and the National Chocolate Company mixed in the portfolio.

For the year 2000, the Novaventa brand as we know it today was born, only with fewer services. Progressively, like any company that starts, it was expanding what it offered. It began by offering a series of seven catalogs and three partner brands. Already in 2003, it expanded its catalogs to 18, which would be those that currently exist.

That same year, the magazine addressed to mothers what would they like to be businesswomen, call Path to Excellence, which over time became Way to your dreams, name that currently remains.

It was until 2007 that a new management who is at the head and shaped the company into what it is today. From that year on, the idea of Businesswoman Mom, which has represented the most success for the company since it has become one of the pillars.

It is a company that is not very old, but little by little and quite quickly, it has managed to take advantage of entrepreneurship. Gradually reaping all the achievements that he currently has and thus benefiting an entire community.

Novaventa Contact Means

Through the following numbers you can contact Novaventa:

  • Bogotá ⇒ 485 00 22
  • Barranquilla ⇒ 319 30 90
  • Cúcuta ⇒ 589 29 19
  • Ibagué ⇒ 279 69 30
  • Manizales ⇒ 893 39 20
  • Bucaramanga ⇒ 691 79 60
  • Cartagena ⇒ 642 49 29
  • Armenia ⇒ 731 49 70
  • Medellin ⇒ 283 60 15
  • Cali ⇒ 380 00 88
  • Santa Marta ⇒ 439 79 09
  • Rest of the country ⇒ 01 8000 51 51 01

Another means of communication with Novaventa can be email. By writing to this address:

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Frequent questions

  • How much is the value of the profit that is obtained by selling Novaventa?

The profit can vary from 12% to 25%, depending on the products in the catalog.

  • How much does the registration to Novaventa cost?

The registration package, which contains important information to start the business, will be charged on the invoice of the first order made with Novaventa. Its value would be $ 20,000 Colombian pesos.

  • How long does it take for them to contact each other after submitting the form to be a Business Mom?

Novaventa contacts the applicants within a maximum estimated time of five business days.

  • When can you start selling?

Sales can begin once the credit study is done. This study may take a week after the documents are delivered to the Mother Leader.


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