How to Know How Much Patent I Owe: Pay It, Value and MORE

How to know how much I owe a patent It is very simple. To know all the information about it, it is vital that you are registered in ARBA, which is the most popular Collection Agency in the province of Buenos Aires, and is characterized by being self-sufficient.

Likewise, it bears the responsibility of administering tax policies and contributing to strict compliance. Next, we will explain in detail how to carry out the procedure to avoid delays and setbacks Success in the process, don’t miss out!

How do I know how much I owe to patent with ARBA?

If you want to know in detail what is the balance of the obligations in ARBA, You can do it in two ways, the first is through the labor offices and the second is through the online page. Therefore, for each of the options, the citizen must know what is detailed:

In the workplaces themselves, you must go during customer service hours and have the identification document at hand, CUIL or CUIT, which allows the guide to confirm the personality of the citizen.

In the online stage of the ARBA, the assessment must be completed indicating the progress that accompanies it:

  • Enter the official website of the entity.
  • Then, to enter the patent, click on the button «Consult«, Which is located at the top of the screen.
  • At that time select the option «check the debt«.
  • To complete, you simply have to choose the type of question you need to ask and enter the information as CUIL / CUIT or, in your individual case, the domain number.
  • Lastly, hit the enter button and you will get the result.

How to know how much I owe a patent: how to pay it?

ARBA’s automotive obligation is a tribute that the Tax Collection Agency de Buenos Aires allows citizens to pay on time and with a vision of the future through the notification on the obligation of the vehicle.

Subsequently, it is conceivable to make an installment arrangement, acquire the free car obligation, and make the payment, trying not to take over more than the account. If the holder does not pay on time, the obligation passes to a status of moratorium debtHowever, you must report to the offices and explain your situation.

Prior to this opportunity, it must be considered that there is an expense that produces the alleged automotive obligation, which is a tax on the municipalized vehicle, established in the corresponding territory and that must be paid on time.

To ask a question and see the obligation of the car as well as the corresponding deadlines, follow the instructions below:

  • First of all, you must enter the ARBA page called «Sections«.
  • Then click on «form download«.
  • Later, access the domain and the validation code (given by the page). The statement «Check the debt«, Click on the« symbolautomotive«.
  • Enter the personal information and enter the domain and the validation code (appeared on the page).
  • Click on the option «Consult«.
  • End of the cycle.

How to Know How Much Patent I Owe: Automotive Value

Now, it is very easy and simple to know the value of the automobile patent ARBA, it will depend on the termination date and the region in which the registered vehicle is located. What is done, at that point, is to verify the obligation as well as the discount rates.

In addition, there is an ARBA program that incorporates rewards for citizens for paying on time or paying in advance of the annual sum of the vehicle. The term can be made by downloading the car payment ticket on the page of ARBA to pay at the cash register.

Similarly, with an electronic payment code on the web. Whenever this is done, payment is easier, with Visa and Mastercard credit cards the obligation of arrears is eliminated, as well as the annual debt. Please note, you can pay the ARBA car patent at:

  • Quota in real money: in approved banks and organizations, for example, Banco Provincia, Agencies Provincia NET, Banco Ciudad, Banco Nación
  • In the event that where you reside there is no Province Bank, you can do it, through Rapipago, or by easy payment.

How to Know How Much Patent I Owe: ARBAS Tax

At the time the patent is paid, there is a option that allows you to know what is the rate to pay. This is a sum that must be paid to the Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires, for taxes.

The properties subject to charges are land (house, apartments, commercial premises, among others), motor vehicles (large equipment, trucks, vehicles, cruise ships), sports boats, commercial licenses and / or benefit contracts.

Note that each ARBA patent payment or aliquot corresponds to the proportional estimate of the asset. The national government sends the information and the payment plan that the individual must cancel. The important thing is to comply on time to avoid fines in the process.

Lift mandatory liens

Any individual who has a pending obligation could be processed by ARBA. Due to this situation, any citizen who has an embargo circumstance with ARBA is authorized to leave or pay said obligation with a similar capital seized by the foundation through the online page.

In this way, clients and organizations have the possibility to accelerate the cycle to resolve the prohibition, using the seized assets. In addition, ARBA offers the possibility of choosing quota designs that facilitate the escape from the prohibition.

Patent by Provinces

At present, each of the Provinces, like the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, offers alternatives to pay the patent on the web. Similarly, in the City, the initial step to know the obligations is to enter the authority page of AGIP (Government Organization of Public Revenues).

At that point the following process is followed:

  • Expiration of the month.
  • Licenses.
  • The survey form.
  • Automotive Licenses.

When entering the area or patent of the vehicle, the detail of the status of the obligation of the car will appear: current month’s ballot, passes to expire and expired tickets. Within the nation, the interview must be carried out in the entity responsible for the action and will depend on each region or district.

What is the Patent?

In Argentina the vehicle tax is an annual expense, which must be canceled every six months, without exception. This rule is imposed for vehicles, bicycles, trucks, vans, etc.) throughout the country. Therefore, it is vital to comply with the provisions of the law.

Only some specific cases are excluded from this assessment. In the City of Buenos Aires they are vehicles from the age of twenty-five of seniority; such is the case of vehicles, new or used for the transfer of people with disabilities, official vehicles or vehicles of unknown authorities.

Things to keep in mind

Electric or hybrid vehicles, depending on the area: in the City of Buenos Aires get a 100% discount on the patent, in different areas 50%. However, each of the people who do not react to these special cases and have a vehicle must cover the tax.

The verification of the patent obligation is a free cycle for all Argentines who are on the platform of the Buenos Aires Collection Agency, ARBA.

In this sense, people who need to pay the last sum, or who are behind in the delivery of the patent (commonly losing the total record), have the opportunity to update quickly, through the authorized agency.

Likewise, the official will provide you with a advanced report on debt balance. Despite updating the cycle, the entity is responsible for changing the client’s status, all this can be done with a few simple steps and without using passwords.

This was an update that was made on the latest digital platform from ARBA, which allows queries without the need to make or supply a secret word. For this, the framework only requires the customer’s information, for example, the CUIT, CUIL, CIT or the domain.

Also, if the patent obligation is to be verified ARBA, the framework will only ask for the domain number and the validation code, while in case you need to query the debt of ARBA for full payment, the platform will ask you for the number CUIL and CUIT.

How is the patent assessment determined?

For the calculation of the Evaluation, the attached information must be considered:

  • Valuation attributed to the vehicle.
  • Aliquot compared to the type of vehicle.
  • Age of the vehicle.
  • Minimum annual tax that refers to vehicles registered during the last fifteen years.
  • For cars older than fifteen years, the expense will be charged in a fixed sum equal to the number of tax modules established by law.

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