How to know if a car has a Lien: Impairment, What it is and MORE

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If you are weighing in buying a car, the first thing you should ask yourself is How to know if a car has a lien? By knowing this information, you will avoid some inconveniences that may arise throughout the process.

In this article you will find the steps to follow to know, how a lien affects, what you should do if you buy a vehicle with a lien. What does a lien lift mean, how to approach a genuine car, and much more.

How to know if a car has a lien in Costa Rica?

When it comes to obtaining a good which has previously had one or more owners, there are several activities that you have to carry out before formalizing your purchase. It should be noted that one of these second-hand goods that you get is a car.

When a loan is requested, where the funds originate from a legal or physical person, of a public or private nature, it is required to incorporate this as the owner of the property that is placed as a guarantee of payment of said credit.

Therefore, from there and until the payment of the debt, the property is taxed. Cars are part of the properties that the owners regularly grant as a pledge or guarantee of payment of a loan.

Knowing if the vehicle you want to obtain has a lien is very easy, so that below we detail the guidelines that you must follow, and in this way confirm these data.

Steps to follow

Consulting to know if a vehicle has a lien is feasible, just by using one of the instruments that we provide you to obtain results. This procedure can be done through the official website of the National Registry:

  • If you are not registered, you must do it prior to start the consultation. You must click on the option that says «Register for the first time», and then you have to complete the data and guidelines indicated by the system.
  • If you are registered, enter the area of «Registered user « with your email address and choose the option that says «Login».
  • As you are in your user account, you have to make the query, starting from the website by placing the license plate number in the corresponding field.
  • Quickly and efficiently the page It will tell you if the car has a lien.

Additionally, there are other alternatives available, such as, for example, making the consultation in person in front of one of the National Registry offices, which are located throughout the Costa Rican territory.

How to Know if a Car Has Lien: How Does a Lien Affect?

It is mandatory to resolve the lien prior to obtaining a vehicle. It is required to find out if the car is found as collateral. In the event that this is the case, the parties involved in this must be located so that they financially solve the difficulty.

There are other cases of liens much more difficult and complicated such as: The orders of liens, indictment for robbery or theft, or in this case the car is from a company that is on the way to bankruptcy.

These types of cases require different treatment of a judicial nature. When the lien it is an embargo or an imputation by theft, the good cannot be obtained. That is, it is considered insurmountable.

What do I do if I bought a car with lien?

When a vehicle to be purchased has a lien, the situation and where it originates from must be ascertained. If you are in sight of a compromise, you must find out who the proxy is and comply with the established agreements, in such a way that it can be lifted.

Currently, if there is a request to ban the car, the most expeditious way to lift it is for the lender to appear to comply with the monetary fee that he admitted at the time. In other words, leave the obligation pending.

Whatever the situation, it is not possible to finalize an exchange. The best way for the exchange to take place is, to leave the related duties, whether they are requests, commitments or voting forms.

How to Know if a Car Has Lien: Lifting

When a car has a lien it rises, and the guarantee that has been provided is eliminated at the time you join in the procedure that frequent returns have been canceled, or have been legally postponed. Also, when the guarantee has been replaced according to the trend of the court that knows the reason.

Upon realizing the court about this, it will ask for elevation, aligned with the person. Also, the right of retention and remove the endorsement that have been granted. After one year from the sentence, the court that knows the realization will not have granted the petition, to place the preventive embargo on your petition.

Neither the endorsement nor the lien will be removed if the fine has not been canceled. Except if the time limit for the fine has passed. Upon receiving the petition, the power of attorney will leave the liens and guarantees in charge of the private court.

Recommendations and How to Approach a Genuine Car

It is necessary to liquidate the lien prior to buying a car. It should be studied whether the car is subject to the amount of the credit stipulated. This being true, the meetings must have the purpose of economically solving the difficulty.

The different situations of liens with complications, refers to the restrictions, indictment for theft or robbery, or that the car has a condition that is in the process of liquidation.

The aforementioned, must be treated in an optional legal way. If the lien was a restriction, or a theft notice, will be observed as insurmountable.

Recommendations for Approaching a Genuine Vehicle

The general purpose of a lien is the alternative to maintain the property of the property, which is in charge of another individual, until the commitment that is made be paid in full.

The lien is used on a car, as a condition of guarantee. The duties of voting forms, arrest warrants, any type of embargo or vote, can be reasons for the use of the lien.

When acquiring a commitment with a promissory note or other legal payment title, which the individual cannot cancel under the stipulated conditions, joins a restraining petition.

The latter is a legal-type agreement, which is used to support the means that will be completed as insurance. If a car to be purchased has a lien, the situation should be studied from the beginning.

If you are in sight of a commitment, you must analyze who is the representative of the vote, so that he acts with respect to the promises stipulated in the agreement, and then he can stand up.

How to Know if a Car Has Lien: What is a Lien?

A lien It is a tax that is used on a good, to a decent property, of a person or to the use that is made of these. In other words, it refers to a mandatory guarantee of salary and benefits.

Therefore, it is a forced obligation on a person or decent. It looks like a personal obligation, and it is a tax. In a rate or an amount that reflects the valuation of a commitment with which a person must compensate the State.

In such a way that, it is possible to interpret the optional points of view subject to the terms: Commercial, common, or other spaces. Essentially, it is a satisfied debit or a decent force.

These could be land, houses or in this case cars. The lien supposes open data for all the individuals who need it, it is a notice that notifies a restriction in the use or access to a car.

Why are some terms confused?

Usually, the lien is confused with other prohibitive difficulties in reference to the car exchange. On the other hand, lien is not a criminal traffic crime, nor is it a fine or an accident precedent.

They are not «explanations» either, rather they refer to the registration forms. There are some classifications of levies, and the one that is best known is the vote. It means that the car is or was used as collateral as a cash advance.

Within the different types of encumbrances, the more difficult is the embargo request, a claim for theft or theft. In conclusion, it is of great importance to know if a car is free of liens or not, or if it is possible that you own them.

What is a Certificate of Freedom from Lien?

It is a document that guarantees that on the property there is no tax, and that can be to acquire regardless of whether the car was never encumbered, or if at some point it was a reason for encumbrance but it was already released.

This Certificate is used at the time of buying and selling a car, so that its next owner has a guarantee that it will be like this and that it does not have to go through a lawsuit, where money and time are lost and thus be able to be the only one owner.

Additionally, it serves when you want to grant the vehicle as collateral to anyone when it is required to request a financial credit.

How to know if a car has a lien? It is the first aspect to know before obtaining a vehicle. This is more important than knowing the cost of the vehicle, its mechanical condition, its size or its color.

For this reason, here you have exposed everything you need to obtain this information. This with the intention that you do not have complications, during the procedure of obtaining it.


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