How to know if a student is in the SIMAT: Enter, Certificate and MORE

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In this article by How to know if a student is in the SIMAT, you can learn a little more about the educational enrollment system. One way to guarantee that Colombian education is efficient is by guaranteeing that the system that administers it is adequate and handles all the information appropriately.

Learn more about the operation of this educational system belonging to the Ministry of National Education of Colombia. Here on this occasion we deal with the certificate they grant, the registry, the reports, among others.

How to know if a student is in the SIMAT?

In Colombia, each student must be registered in the Integrated Enrollment System (SIMAT). This is how it is formally registered. Registration occurs automatically once the student enters to start their studies at the respective educational institution.

In the event that this does not happen in this way, you must go to the office closest to your jurisdiction to register with SIMAT. Likewise, you can register the student in SIMAT in the following way:

  • Should enter the official SIMAT website in this link.
  • Now, place the username and password
  • Must press Get in.
  • Then you need to go to the section Registration and click there.
  • Immediately a form to place student data to which you want to make the respective query.
  • It is suggested to place only the identification document number so that the system makes a broader search.
  • The system automatically indicates whether or not the student is enrolled in SIMAT.

How to know if a student is in the SIMAT: Entry

In this section of the article How to know if a student is in the SIMATWe will tell you how to enter the Integrated Educational Enrollment System. Doing so is quite simple and easy, similar to any online system of the Colombian Government.

To enter the web portal of the registration system of the Colombian Ministry of National Education, the following is necessary:

  • Should be registered in the registration registry carried out each year by the Ministry of Education.
  • Then, of this they give him a username or password to enter the online portal.
  • Once you have access to the system, you can register students at your school.
  • Also, create groups, make projections, among others.

How to know if a student is in the SIMAT: Certificate

This section mentions how to obtain the Simat Certificate. Obtaining the certificate is a mandatory requirement for students who want to make a change of educational institution. If they do not have this certificate, the student cannot withdraw and even less enroll in a new educational institution.

To apply for the certificate, you must go to the current educational center and follow the following instructions:

  • In principle, you must know who is responsible for the Enrollment System of the educational institution, since they are what generate the withdrawal certificate for free from the SIMAT virtual portal.
  • Should formally request the certificate at the institution where you are studying.
  • Likewise, you must state the reasons change.
  • Must also sign the application in the registration control book of the institution where he is currently studying.
  • Should have available the detailed information of the institution where you are going to study.
  • Likewise, you must provide personal and academic data to those who process the certificate.
  • You must wait the time necessary for the withdrawal certificate to be printed, it may take days or weeks.
  • All these steps serve both for students of legal age and for representatives who want to obtain the SIMAT withdrawal certificate.
  • To print the certificate, this must be done by the institution where the document was requested. Is a procedure is free it may take approximately three to 15 days.

How to know if a student is in the SIMAT: Why do it?

It is important that educational institutions enroll in the Enrollment System since they must:

  • Have a due schedule compliance current school.
  • Must have up-to-date data that facilitate the adequate distribution of quotas.
  • Likewise, it allows to know the information of the students who did not return to the classroom.
  • Must provide information to the Colombian government so that they provide resources for educational institutions.
  • Equally, keep the Ministry of Education informed to fulfill the benefits of food and transportation to students.
  • In the same way, be in force in the new policies created by the State in the field of education.
  • It is the responsibility of the rector of the study center to formally register on the SIMAT platform with the Ministry of Education each year and provide the update of school enrollment.

Dynamic Report

The Dynamic Report is a document that contains all the updated information of the students. It is a document that can be managed from your own account in the Integrated Registration System.

To download the Dynamic Report, do the following:

  • Should access the account of the Enrollment System (SIMAT).
  • Then select the alternative of Reports and select where indicated Dynamic Report.
  • Immediately, the system will generate the form with different options.
  • You can select the information that you want to appear in the dynamic report.
  • Afterwards, you must sort the data.
  • The system shows you another form where you must put the current year.
  • Subsequently, the system gives you two options:
    • Generate queries.
    • Store consult.
  • The query can be stored to keep the report saved in the system.
  • If you don’t save it, press Generate Query.
  • You must look for the report in: «Search by Batch» and click on «Result».
  • Immediately, the system saves the report and it can then be printed.

What is the SIMAT?

The Integrated Educational Enrollment System or SIMAT contains the platform that corresponds to the Ministry of National Education. The system can be accessed virtually and is directed by the education secretariat of the study centers in the Colombian territory.

The purpose of the system is to maintain the information in a timely manner to manage and control student data, from school age to adults studying in Colombia.

In other words, the Integrated Educational Enrollment System or SIMAT manages the statistics of educational offers and is responsible for issuing reports on the matter. It is a system suitable for all, it is used by the public sector and the private sector.

SIMAT functions

Among the functions that stand out the most are:

  • It allows give access to new students in the registration process.
  • It makes it easy to have the information in a systematic way.
  • Also, it allows to locate students by educational institution.
  • Does a better distribution of quotas available.
  • You can access to have a better knowledge of the reality in which the student population finds itself.
  • Besides, also facilitates the process of change of institution educational.
  • Issue withdrawal certificates.
  • Likewise, dynamic reports.
  • Has updated information on student enrollment and can bid new places for students.

Additionally, it can be said that all the reports that are generated make the Ministry of Education generate policies that favor children and adults who study in public and private educational institutions in the country.

Lhe projection of quotas is one of the most important reports issued by the Enrollment System (SIMAT). It lets you know the number of the number of places available for the next school term.

To generate this information, it is necessary for SIMAT to have the data of:

  • Who continue the studies.
  • Too, who finished or failed.
  • The number of transfers to other institutions.
  • Also, the number of students who dropped out Definitively.

He finished reading the article How to Know if a Student is in SIMAT, he already knows in detail what it refers to and what is the purpose of this system of the Ministry of National Education of Colombia.


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