How to know if I am a beneficiary of Colombia Mayor: Subsidies, what it is and MORE

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At a time of so much challenge to health and biosafety conditions, we know that you need to read everything about How to know if I am a beneficiary of Colombia Mayor.

This program offers you countless benefits and we do not want you to be left without knowing what the program is about, what subsidies it brings, what you must do and what requirements to meet. Come, cheer up, you will not regret reading us.

How do I know if I am a beneficiary of Colombia Mayor?

The first thing we want to inform you is that the Colombian National Government is looking for a way to help you face the state of vulnerability that Covid-19 is causing us.

In particular, we have to collaborate to extremely protect older adults who represent a group of significant fragility.

If you are one of them or if you are concerned about your parents or relatives whom you want to help protect and take care of, you should keep reading so that you find out what the Program.

Especially at this time of isolation, and so that you take advantage of the flexibilities that are given to reinforce your physical and material security. And of course, protect the health of the most vulnerable. That is why we want you to know the Colombia Mayor program.

You must be aware that With this mandate, they will be able to give you extraordinary money transfers if you are an older adult (or aid to some), to benefit an estimated 1.7 million of them.

If you want to know how you can be part of this policy as one more beneficiary or if you want to check your point of payment, the regular thing is that you can go to the Mayor’s Office of your Municipality.

Remember that the mandatory social distancing due to the pandemic still continues. But there will always be the possibility to assist you. We advise you to follow the provisions of the case. So that the elderly do not go out and feel neglected, you have a handy national toll-free 01-8000-184-333.

How to Know if I am a Beneficiary of Colombia Mayor: Subsidies It Offers

This government guideline presents you with two types of subsidy:

  1. With the direct economic you will have the chance to have resources that are directly delivered to you as a beneficiary, using the banking network or the entities contracted for this purpose.
  2. And the indirect economic that is granted to you through the Basic Social Services in the Elderly Welfare Centers and the Day Centers.

If you are a beneficiary or are looking to help a relative in this matter, you should know that You have the obligation to collect the subsidy on the stipulated dates.

In addition, It is necessary that you make complaints or alerts of any news that prevents you from receiving your payments. For example, if you have to change municipality due to transfer of residence.

Keep in mind that this aid will come to an end or may be suspended if any of the following causes or situations occurs:

  • Due to the death of the beneficiary.
  • Because you provide false information or fraudulently try to keep the subsidy.
  • If you receive any pension, or another kind of income or subsidy.
  • When a possible begging is detected as a “productive activity”.
  • Of being proven illicit activities while you have a conviction.
  • Because you change the Municipality or District.
  • When you do not collect consecutively, accumulating up to four (4) scheduled subsidies.
  • If you do not meet the entry requirements.

How to know if I am a beneficiary of Colombia Mayor: How to claim the subsidy?

You are already aware of certain benefits and possibilities that this protection policy can offer you, plus you are delving into how to know if you could be one of its beneficiaries. We want to go further. We tell you that the amount of this subsidy is about $ 80,000 pesos, to which you must add the additional payment of $ 160,000 pesos for the month of June.

Just to take care of you and your family members, we remind you that your presence is not mandatory to complete the procedure (or that of your family member) or to collect the payment.

If you are the one who receives the aid, you can authorize a family member or a trusted third party. If you are the one who will represent your older relative, you should know that you will have to present yourself at the point of payment with the following documentation:

  • Original authorization signed by the beneficiary,
  • original citizenship card of the person authorizing the collection, and
  • the original citizenship card of the authorized person.

In order for you to claim the subsidy or help a close person to achieve it, you must first be duly registered on the platform set up for it.

You shall request registration to the Territorial Entity in the Office of Attention to the Elderly. Or if you are in Bogotá, you must process it at the Local Subdirectorates of the Secretariat for Social Integration.

Yes, it’s first time you seek to join this subsidy, you must present yourself with your original citizenship card and the photocopy enlarged to 150% in the offices of attention to the Elderly that are in the municipalities of the country and in Bogotá in the Local Subdirectorates of the Secretariat of Social Integration.

How to know if I am a beneficiary of Colombia Mayor: Where do I claim?

We have already told you that you can claim this help in the municipality where you are and that You can authorize a family member or a trusted third party to support you in the process. If you are the one who receives this help, you will be happy to do everything that we are indicating so that you can find out if you can qualify for this policy.

You can use the Pay Everything network, which you will find available in a large part of the Colombian territory, to claim the aid money for the elderly.

The regular hours of operation are from 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. While, in Bogotá, depending on the number in which the beneficiary’s identity card ends, the subsidy will be delivered to you following these days per terminal shift of the identity card:

  1. Monday: 1 and 2
  2. Tuesday: 3 and 4
  3. Wednesday: 5 and 6
  4. Thursday: 7 and 8
  5. Friday: 9 and 0

How to Register and What are its Requirements?

We comment that for reasons of extreme care to the elderly during the pandemic, you must be receiving continuous payments to prevent you from going out for a longer time and guarantee your food and peace of mind during the continuity of isolation.

In order for you to be eligible for this subsidy or for you to help a family member or friend to get it, you only have to meet the following conditions:

  • Be Colombian.
  • Check that you have resided in Colombia for the last 10 years.
  • You must be at least three years younger than the age to retire for old age. It is useful to remind you that in Colombia the age allowed for retirement is 54 for women and 59 for men.
  • You must be in this Sisbén classification following the score ranges:


  • Level 1 – 0.01 – 41.90
  • Level 2 – 41.91 – 43.63


  • Level 1 – 0.01 -32.98
  • Level 2 – 33.99 – 35.26
  • You must be free of sufficient income or income to survive.
  • If you live alone and your monthly income does not exceed half the minimum wage.
  • When you present street condition and public charity.
  • Living with your family and the family income is less than or equal to the current minimum wage.
  • If this is the case, you reside in a Wellness Center for the Elderly. Or if you attend a Day Center as a user.

We need to tell you that are included in this program low-income indigenous that reside in reservations. If you have not been given the Sisbén survey, you need to know that you must be identified in a census list prepared by the entity or the competent authority.

It is necessary that you be attentive, because the territorial entity or the reservation will select the beneficiaries, who meet the requirements.

On the other hand, You also have the chance that he Ministry of Labor choose you at one of the Elderly Welfare Centers, after convocation and verification of requirements.

What is the Program Colombia Mayor?

We have already filled you with information about How to know if I am a beneficiary of Colombia Mayor. If you take it for your own help or for family members and close people, we have already told you what is necessary here.

We want to close by telling you a little more about this policy created by the National government to protect older adults who are homeless, do not have a pension, or live in extreme poverty or indigence. We hope that it is not your case to live in extreme vulnerability. If so, you are already on the way to seek help.

The delivery of this economic subsidy has been sustained with more momentum during the time of the pandemic and the amounts have been increased so you don’t feel neglected. !! Congratulations!!

It is good that you note that the value of the monthly subsidy was unified in the sum of eighty thousand pesos ($ 80,000) for all those who are part of this system nationwide.

A closing note that we think is very useful to leave you: in some Municipalities or Districts, as is the case of the Capital District, if you are a beneficiary of the Greater Colombia Program, it is good that you investigate a additional amount co-financed by the Municipality.

In addition, we believe that you need to know that some population groups such as community mothers and surrogates included in this policy also receive an additional value co-financed by ICBF.


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