How to know if I am a Board Member: Roles, Choice and MORE

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Chile has started a series of election processes, so it is surely interested How to know if I am a Board Member, in this article you can find the necessary information in case of being designated with this function of table vowel.

Likewise, they can know the functions, the exceptions of the case and other electoral processes to be carried out in Chile are also mentioned. Go ahead, follow the reading that will surely be useful to you.

How do I know if I am a Board Member in the Chilean Elections?

In this section you can read How do I know if I am a Board Member in the Chilean Elections?To know it, you must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You must enter the web portal of the Electoral Service (Servel) at check here.
  • Later, enter the Rut and make the respective query, there you have all the details.
  • Equally, the Electoral Service (Servel) notifies the person by means of a direct communication, indicating the time and recite of the vote where the citizen must go.
  • The day before the elections, the member must appear at 3:00 p.m. to make the constitution of the table.
  • Likewise, the Electoral Service (Servel) places the information on the day of the election to appear at 7:30 am in the corresponding voting area for the act of setting up the voting station.

The polls are generally open between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with the exception that when closing time comes and there are still voters.

It is important to know that the people who are designated in the official list of board members can avoid the responsibility of assisting to be a member. You must do so within three business days of publication on the web portal.

This Electoral Service (Servel) is the entity in charge of publishing the payroll with all the members of tables, delegates, secretaries and members of the Scrutineering Colleges who will participate in the electoral processes.

In the last elections, citizens received 17,500 pesos of payment or retribution. In the case that he is selected to be a member for the time, he must first go through a training process and the payment increases by 0.22 more. For the payment of the advisers they are 13,300 pesos.

How to Know if I am a Board Member: Functions

To know what the functions that a table vowel has In an election process, read the following:

  • The main function is to do the installation of the table that corresponds to him and at the time indicated.
  • The table must start its functions there must be the presence of how minimum three vowels.
  • Also, one of the important functions is the maintenance of order during the voting day.
  • Also, they are to perform the clarification of doubts and concerns that voting citizens have.
  • The voting table must be two members in municipal elections and three members in regional elections.
  • At the voting table one member must be the president, another the secretary and the other is the commissioner.

In the event that for unknown reasons any of the people designated as a member does not attend, then it must be covered by any of the people who come to vote as the first to attend the voting center.

How to know if I am a Board Member: Election Process

The Election Process of Mesa’s vowels in Chile is as follows:

  • Initially the Electoral Board is made up of three people.
  • Later, each of these people is responsible for choosing 10 or more people of each table that is suitable to fulfill the function of vowel.
  • Subsequently, a draw that determines who will be the regular members and alternates for when needed.
  • For the parliamentary elections, three members are appointed per table and for the municipal elections, two members are elected.

How to Know if I am a Board Member: What Happens if I Can’t Attend?

Chilean citizens who are selected to fulfill the role of table member in an electoral process and cannot attend to fulfill the function assigned to them are sanctioned and denounced by the Electoral Board that appointed them.

Corresponds to them pay a fine that is between two and eight monthly tax units (UTM) which is equivalent to 93,500 to 374,000 Chilean pesos for the benefit of the municipality.

Equally, you can make the exception in the event that you cannot fulfill the role of table vowel. This exception must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Electoral Board.

You can file the exception using the following causes:

  • You can present the excuse in the case of being immersed in causes of disability.
  • Also, you can do it if you have been designated or selected as a member of the scrutineering college.
  • You can also excuse yourself if you are outside the Chilean territory and it is impossible for him to fulfill the function of a vowel. This as long as you are 300 kilometers away.
  • In the case of commitment on the same day with another role as mandated by law.
  • Also, if you have an age of more than 70 years.
  • Likewise, if you have any mental or physical impairment that does not facilitate fulfilling the function of vowel. It must be verified with a medical certificate.
  • Further, if you have to carry out work in hospital establishments during the days of election day.
  • Similarly, if you are pregnant or postpartum or within six weeks prenatal and up to twenty-four weeks after delivery.
  • In the case of pregnancy, you must present the documentation that proves it or that you are receiving the subsidy of Article 198 of the Labor Code.
  • The excuse is presented to the electoral board both in person or via email.
  • Only those who have arguments protected by law can present excuses.

What should a Board Member have and how many are there?

Citizens appointed as Board Member must take into account that they must appear on the date and place that corresponds to exercise the vote, in order to carry out the constitution of the tables.

The generality indicates that it must be done the day before at the voting site at 3:00 p.m., this in order to finalize details, assign positions and also to receive induction or training and other instructions on the designated function to perform.

Doing the training is mandatory for all those who are doing vocal for the first time. The training lasts for a minimum of two hours. In the case of primary elections, there is no training.

As already mentioned in other sections above, when it comes to parliamentary elections, the appointment is of three members for each of the tables and for municipal elections, two members are selected for each of the tables.

Electoral Processes in Chile

This section mentions the Electoral Processes in Chile that will continue shortly.

The National plebiscite of October 25, 2020 began an election process that ends in 2022. In Chile, the electoral calendar is full of close events prepared by SERVEL as an electoral body. Similarly, Chilean citizens are preparing for democratic participation.

It is very important that voters know the dates where the vote is ultimately essential.



EventElection process
2020Oct 25National PlebiscitePolitical Constitution (CP) and Type of body (TO)
2020Nov 29Eventual PrimariesRegional Governors (GORE) and Mayor
2021Apr 11General ElectionGORE, Mayor, Councilors, Constituents (depending on the results of the 2020 National Plebiscite)
202109-MayPossible second voteRegional Governors
202104-JulEventual PrimariesFor President of the Republic, Senators, Deputies
2021Nov 21General ElectionFor President of the Republic, Senators, Deputies and CORE
2021Dec 19Possible second voteFor President of the Republic
20221st. semConstitutional Exit PlebisciteThe text of the new Constitution is approved or rejected (depending on the results of the 2020 National Plebiscite)

He was already able to know from a good source How to Know if I am a Board Member, now it is his responsibility to be attentive to the subsequent electoral processes in Chile. Hopefully the information presented has been helpful.


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