How to know if I am a Census taker: Roles, Choice and MORE

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How do I know if I am a census taker? The society in which we live has been managed by certain processes in which we have to participate, the population grows day by day in each of the countries of the world, and therefore the government must make the necessary resources to be able to have inputs and services.

For its inhabitants, the process of census It starts here, so the number of people in a country can be determined. Therefore, we will explain below the functions, the choice and much more on this topic.

How to know if I am a census taker in Chile?

The Statistics National Institute will campaign through public or private, written, radio or audiovisual media during the planning of the national census.

In addition to reporting the event in question, citizens are guests to participate in the application of the census as participants or supervisors of the census.

For the registration of volunteers, the National Institute of Statistics will provide information on the type of registration if it meets the requirements.

In the 2017 census an application was activated electronic via internet on the census website and the registry of volunteer citizens was channeled.

Several platforms were activated for the validation of the census: the census website, the INE website and also the free phone number 800 777 777, which generated trust and security for citizens.

The application «Census Day» it has also been offered to download from Google Play via smartphones.

Many people do not know it, but participating in one of the census processes is a great job for those who are willing to do it, it is not a constant job and it can give us an extra income.

What is Needed?

To verify the identity of the researcher, in the different platforms enabled for this purpose, it is enough with:

  • RUT number.
  • Identity card number.

How to know if I am a census taker: Functions

On the date assigned for the census, the census taker has the following functions:

  • Application of the census questionnaire to all the homes in the assigned area and to all the people who have been there since the night before. They include domestic service, the elderly, children, guests.
  • read the questions of the Census Questionnaire as written, the words should not be changed.
  • Repeat questions as needed, making sure they are understood.
  • Check the options that Choose the respondent, do not make judgments about the information expressed.
  • After completing the questions and before leaving the house, place the census stamp or sticker where it can be seen.
  • Complete the summary tabs, corresponding to the surveyed area, rural or urban.
  • Maintain communication with the supervisor.
  • At the end of the census day, record the return, review, and order that the material be turned over to the designated official.

In summary, the person conducting the census is responsable to collect information on households, families and individuals, through the use of census questionnaires and summary sheets.

How to know if I am a census taker: How are they chosen?

To occupy the position of Census taker, has to:

  • Achieve the requirements of the organization responsible for the event.
  • Participate in the training of enumerators.
  • The tools of compilation information needs to be managed effectively.
  • Pass the evaluation of the course training for enumerators.

How to know if I am a census taker: Is it mandatory to attend?

According to Law 17. 374 of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), every resident is obliged to answer the census questionnaire. It is mandatory.

Otherwise there may be ramifications legal and monetary, with fines ranging from $ 7,587 and $ 151,740.

It is important to note that in this type of event, the objective of which is to obtain population data For decision-making and promotion of citizenship, the idea is not to punish people, but to work together and respond to the survey.

We hope to clarify some concepts: How do I know if I am a census taker? Help your community responsibly. Let us not forget that the census is a civic and inclusive act and the participation of all can bring benefits for the progress and development of the country and, therefore, of its population.

What is a Census and what is it for?

The census It is a series of activities designed precisely to collect, collect, analyze and disseminate information about the population of a territory in a given period in a clear and orderly manner. The result is demographic, social and economic data.

The objective is to obtain real, reliable and acceptable results. In general, censuses must meet certain characteristics, such as:

  • The support or patronage of the national government, in the case of Chile, government support is given to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). How to know if I am a censor of territorial borders in the political-administrative division of the national territory, understood as a region, province, department, municipality.
  • Have criteria of universality since it must include all those who make up the population.
  • Another necessary characteristic for its validity is the opportunity or simultaneity of the census, that is, it must be carried out on the same day and in a period of predetermined time and, for application to the entire census tract, it is normally applied at midnight. Time of births and deaths, a before and after to see who is or is not included in the census.
  • The periodicity it is important for making time comparisons and analyzes and determining demographic projections in the same or different areas. The periodicity consists of holding the event every ten years at constant intervals.
  • You have to take into account the individuality, that is, the information requested corresponds to each member of the census. It allows you to carry out different comparative analyzes between people of different ages, different activities, different sexes, different marital statuses and different cultural levels.
  • The diffusion Census results should be published and disseminated so that they can be used by a wide variety of users. An unpublished census has no practical value.

What is it for?

Once all the data has been collected, these responses are analyzed to see if I am census taker, in order to improve the quality of life of the population.

The overall results They are disclosed at the national and regional level for the variables contained in the census, which are characterized, among other things, in housing and households such as population, migration, indigenous peoples, and education.

In order to provide information such as:

  • The evolution of the population and its growth rate with respect to the data of the previous census with the last one. The dynamics of the population in Chile shows a tendency to decrease the mortality and birth rate, and the age of the population and its growth rate are decreasing.
  • The percentage of men and women and the rate of masculinity is determined by region.
  • You know the age group distribution of the population in percentages.
  • Number and percentage of international immigrants by time of arrival in the country, as well as current rates of internal migration by region of habitual residence.
  • The average number of children per woman is between fifteen (15) and forty-nine (49), depending on the age group.
  • In the field of education It is possible to find the percentage of people aged 25 or over according to the level of studies of the last approved year.
  • The decision of the population belonging to indigenous peoples or of this area.
  • According to job In urban and rural areas, in the week prior to the census, the number of residents over fifteen (15) years of age in stable employment was recorded.
  • Refering to living placeWe have the total number of registered homes and the percentage of private homes that are overcrowded, as well as the source of the water.

Census Questions

The questionnaire used for the application of the census consisted of 21 questions which were divided into four sections:

  • TO. the identification of the dwelling, which was completed by the census taker.
  • B. the dates of the dwelling, of which the first two were compiled by the census and the third answered by the head of the household.
  • C. the people who stayed in the house the night before.
  • D. the data of the people who have been answered by each of them or who have not received a response from the head of the family. The last ones were divided into three types of questions: the first ten (7-16) were directed to all the people; The next two (17 and 18) referred to all children aged 15 and over. and the rest (19-21) was intended only for women 15 years of age or older. sixteen.

There were versions in various Languages: Spanish, Mapudungun, English, French, German, Portuguese and Haitian Creole. Special questionnaires were also prepared for people in transit (who were present at the time of the census) and for collective accommodation (nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, etc.).

The INE and its importance

The INE or Statistics National Institute, this is an organization of the Chilean territory created in 1843, they are in charge of carrying out the population and housing census, and when they have all the information gathered they produce and develop a figure to later be able to publish the statistics with the general results of the population of the country.

This institute is of the sum importance since it is the one that informs the government of the country about the amount of supplies and services necessary to cover all the needs of the residents.


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