How to know if I am a Militant: Steps, I Participate and MORE

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Electoral processes always cause a lot of intrigue and curiosity. These events in the politics of any country are fundamental, that is why it is important in certain circumstances to know How to know if I am a Militant.

In these electoral processes there are many participants and each one has roles that they must play in favor of the political situation in the country. It is therefore very important to read this article on this occasion.

Find out here the procedure, what it means to be a militant and much more. Follow the reading and clear doubts and concerns in relation to the subject.

How do I know if I am a Militant?

In Bolivia, being a militant is related to a high recognition in the world of politics and in the social aspect. Any Bolivian citizen can ask about whether he is a militant or not in the country. You can do it as follows:

  • You must enter the official web portal in this link.
  • Then, place in the lower left area the identification number, the date of birth indicating the day, month and year.
  • Subsequently, from the registration of the information in the system, you must select on the screen the option indicating militancy.
  • After being registered, you can verify your profile as a militant.
  • Additionally, you can do the same in case you need to change any personal data or even a change of party. Has to download the form and fill it out without crossing out.

How to Know if I am a Militant: Steps to Take

The steps to follow to make the corresponding query to know exactly whether or not you are a militant are the following steps:

  • Initially you must enter the official portal I participate In the next link.
  • Then, you must move the cursor to the boxes to perform the query, where it indicates «Consultation of the Electoral Registry and Militancy».
  • You only need to place the ID number, day, month and year of birth of the person.
  • You must wait a moment for the information registered in the system and then press the option that says militancy.
  • In the event that the person is registered in a party, he or she can see the information about the membership that it is.
  • If you were previously registered in another game, you can return to download the form to be filled out without deletions or amendments of any kind.
  • When the spreadsheet is ready to take it to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal or the Departmental Electoral Courts to make the restitution formal.

How to Know if I am a Militant: I Participate

A system was created by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal where citizens can make a consultation to find out if they can participate in the upcoming elections. The query as mentioned before is done with only the personal data. All Bolivians of the age of participation can do so in the elections. The consultation system created is known as Yo Participo.

For better understanding Yo Participo is made up of a databases where all citizens who are registered in the Plurinational Electoral Body are registered.

Yo Participo is an exclusive system so that Bolivian citizens can consult their status in the next elections. Created as mentioned, by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal exclusively for all Bolivian citizens.

The database that makes up this system was created with the data collected by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. It is a system that is updated every so often to have information with a more accurate result.

Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal whose initials are TSE, It is the highest authority that exists in the Electoral Power in Bolivia. It is located in La Paz where the Highest Executive Authority is located.

This Supreme Electoral Tribunal or the highest electoral authority is made up of seven members, of which three must be women. Two vowels must have an indigenous origin. The seven members must serve for at least six years.

If citizens require the attention of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, they must go to the Civic Registry Service (SERECI), the Intercultural Service for Democratic Strengthening (SIFDE) and the Technical Control Unit (UTF).

In March 2021 the subnational elections will be held, this was announced by this electoral body. Departmental governors, mayors, councilors and assembly members will be elected in these elections. Everything that makes up the local power in Bolivia.

How to Give Up a Front?

If it happens that you go through a transition, a change and you have made the decision to change, since the same ideas of the party to which you are registered are not shared. Also, it can happen for other people’s reasons, you cannot continue to participate in this partisan militant group. No situation forces anyone to stay in a match where you can no longer follow or stay.

The important thing is to have the option to choose and thus also, to resign from that party without any impediment. To resign from the current party in which you are a member, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Has to enter the official portal of I Participate.
  • Enter the corresponding identification data of the person who is going to resign.
  • Also, you must select the form option.
  • Then go on to download the party resignation form.
  • Fill out the form.
  • In addition, you must take the form to the corresponding entity to make the resignation formal.
  • This procedure can be done at any time according to the instructions.
  • There is no time limit to carry out the corresponding management.

In the case of people who appear disabled to exercise suffrage in the following elections, you can contact the email address that appears in the web portal of the Electoral Organ of Bolivia. Likewise, with the Yo Participo App or in the offices of the departmental electoral courts.

In the case of people who appear disqualified to exercise suffrage in the following elections, you can contact the email address that appears in the web portal of the Electoral Organ of Bolivia. Likewise, with the Yo Participo App or in the offices of the departmental electoral courts.

Likewise, the electoral body, the TSE, has exempted citizens over 50 years of age from being designated as electoral juries automatically, for this they do not have to carry out any procedure. Similarly, the body has ordered the replacement of people over 50 years of age in the appointment as jurors.

In the case of citizens who are in other particular situations that serve as grounds for excuse, if they must carry out the exoneration process in person or virtually within the established deadlines.

How to know if I am a Militant: What is a Militant?

Military is supporting a cause. The motive of the political parties for which they are created is to give support to ideals, together with a group of people who think in a similar way.

That is how political parties are made up of militants who pursue or militate for the same idea. They rely on the similarity of interests to work together for the common welfare.

The militants then are a set of people with a political position and a firm ideal. Certain militants participate in political campaigns, military events, activities carried out to support and defend the party in which they are active.

It is important to say that there is no time or an ideal age to be a militant, it is simply necessary to be of legal age. A militant can be a woman or a man, gender is not limiting.

The functions of the militant will depend on the position and also on the profile of the citizen who is militant within the political party.

You have reached the end of the How to Know if I am a Militant article, and you are surely now clearer on the subject. Now, if you liked the information presented, it would be very good if you share the information with friends and acquaintances.


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