How to Know If I am Able to Enter the Army: Requirements, Steps, and MORE

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To enter the Argentine army it is necessary to comply with certain requirements and regulations. Hence the following question derives: How do I know if I am fit to enter the army? One of the most frequently formulated in people’s minds.

In this section we will talk about how the whole process is carried out, what are the requirements to enlist and more. Let’s Go!

How do I know if I am eligible to enter the Army?

The selection of the members of an army is a very meticulous, selective and exclusive process. Not everyone can enter the military system.

To enter the ranks of the army it is necessary to comply with a series of minimum conditions, as well as indispensable requirements to be admitted.

As the question that most interests us to know the answer is exactly the one that appears in the title of this article, we will go on to describe the requirements to enter the army.

How to Know If I am Able to Enter the Army: Requirements

In relation to the requirements, the first thing you should have is a vocation, if the army is not your thing, remember that now it is a voluntary service provision, not mandatory.

In addition to vocation, you need:

  1. Go to the Army Unit of your convenience.
  2. Be an Argentine citizen by birth, by option or naturalized.
  3. Have a minimum age of 18 years and a maximum of 24 years.
  4. Authorization of parents or guardians when you are under 21 years of age.
  5. Have good physical and mental condition, as well as health.
  6. Must be single, without limitations with children and / or dependents.
  7. At least the primary studies completed, to enter as a soldier.
  8. Secondary stage completed, to be able to enter the school for non-commissioned officers or army officers.
  9. Present the criminal record card.
  10. Pass the different phases necessary to enter the army: medical examination, psychological examination, vocational test.

How to Know if I am Fit to Enter the Army: Steps to Take

The registration process is not complicated, the first thing you should count on is your choice.

Knowing if you want to be an officer, noncommissioned officer or volunteer soldier is the fundamental thing in the first instance.

After making the decision, you can go to any of the different regiments that exist in the country where applicants interested in belonging to the ranks of the army must appear in person to request information relevant to their doubts.

Regiment Location:

  • Buenos Aires, Palermo neighborhood and Campo de Mayo
  • Cordova
  • Salta and Jujuy
  • In Resistencia (Chaco)
  • Missions (inns)

How to Know if I am Fit to Enter the Army: Benefits

There are several benefits to being part of the Argentine army. We mention them below:

  • If you enter the Argentine army as a volunteer soldier, the training is only 1 year.
  • You have the possibility of belonging to the ranks of the army for up to 10 years, the maximum age being 28 years, having the option of performing in different tasks.
  • If you wish, before reaching the maximum age for the retirement of voluntary soldier, you can enter the school of non-commissioned officers or that of army officers.
  • In case the applicant has not completed his secondary studies, he has the possibility to carry out internal studies in order to obtain the secondary degree.
  • If you want to enter as an officer, you have the guarantee that at the end of the degree you will have a guaranteed university degree.
  • The noncommissioned officers have a short university career of just 2 years, with which they are already qualified to belong to the ranks of the army.
  • Upon entering the army, the volunteer soldier enjoys health and social protection.
  • A financial contribution is paid monthly.

What Careers are there in the Army?

Within the ranks of the army there are several careers that can be chosen. We recommend evaluating your options, capabilities, needs, and opportunities.

The careers of the Argentine army are divided into:


Being an army officer is one of the most complete careers that any member of the Argentine troop can choose. The training lasts for 4 years. The applicant graduates with college degree graduating as Second lieutenant.

When you graduate from the officer’s degree, you come out prepared as Leader and with sufficient training to manage the different military structures of the country.

Not only do you train intellectually but at the same time you are capable of carrying out operational, organizational, campaign and combat missions, they are even prepared to lead wars. To qualify for the officer title you must have completed the secondary stage.

Classification of officers:

Based on their rank (in descending order), officers are classified into:

  • Lieutenant general OF-9:
  • Major General OF-8
  • Brigadier General OF-7
  • Colonel Major OF-6
  • Colonel OF-5
  • Lieutenant colonel OF-4
  • Higher OF-3
  • Captain OF-2
  • First lieutenant OF-1
  • Lieutenant OF-1
  • Second lieutenant OF-D


The NCO career lasts for 2 yearsAt the end of this time you leave as a corporal in the army. During this time the aspiring noncommissioned officer obtains training of an intellectual but above all operational nature, learning combat, protection and war strategies.

The functions performed by an army noncommissioned officer are of the type operational and it can be throughout the country. To enter the Argentine army as a noncommissioned officer, you must have completed the full secondary stage.

Classification of NCOs:

Soldiers graduated with the rank of noncommissioned officers according to their rank (in descending order) are classified into:

  • Chief Petty Officer OR-9
  • Chief Warrant Officer OR-8
  • Assistant Sergeant OR-7
  • Also Master Sergeant OR-6
  • Sergeant OR-5
  • First Cape OR-4
  • Cape OR-3

Volunteer Soldier

People who enter the army through this modality are trained to fulfill operational or executive functions according to the body to which it is attached. Before, military service in Argentina was compulsory, however, after internal reforms, military service is now VOLUNTARY. This training lasts for 1 year.

If you need help, you also have the free phone line at your disposal 0800-999-3537, where they provide you with the information you require in relation to the races.

Classification of volunteer soldiers:

Volunteer soldiers according to their rank, in descending order, are classified into:

  • First Volunteer OR-2
  • Second Volunteer Soldier OR-1
  • Second in Commission Volunteer OR-1

What is the Argentine Army?

The Argentine Army is the land branch of the Argentine Armed Forces, being one of the executing arms of the National Defense System – along with the Navy and the Air Force – whose main mission is to reject external military aggressions.

The army is organized into different divisions, you can belong to any of them, these are:

General Staff of the Army

The General Staff is made up of a Lieutenant General who occupies the leadership and a Major General who occupies the deputy chair.

The Training and Enlistment Command

This command is in charge of the state of the army forces.

Additionally, he is in charge of advising the Army General Staff as well as the Joint General Staff of the Armed Forces.

However, it is also the responsible for enlisting the units reserved for peacekeeping missions and enlisting the reserves.


This component of the armed forces is specialized in taking the guidelines in combat, as well as in training organizations for ground combat, in terms of weapons these can be of the following type:

  1. Service: as its name reveals, it is made up of troops destined to provide services and support, as well as well-being, health, physical education, among others.
  2. Technical Troops: these troops are trained and in charge of training other organizations in everything concerning knowledge, processes, and technological means.
  3. Special Operations Troops: these are the branches of the army that focus on special combat.

Army Brigades

In addition, the army is made up of different brigades, all of which work together in order to fulfill their main mission is to protect the country and its citizens, these troops are:

Armored: It is made up of the tank cavalry detachments and one of the mechanized infantry platoons.

Mechanized: made up of mechanized infantry troops and one of the tank cavalry units.

Mountain and mountain: This brigade is made up of 2 or more mechanized infantry regiments and mountain or mountain cavalry.

Airborne: composed of two regiments of paratroopers.

All the brigades have the trained personnel and the pertinent equipment necessary for the development of their functions.

Military forces that make up the army.

The military forces are three:

  1. Regional response: trained to battle in the geographies of mountains, mountains and the Patagonian savannah.
  2. Main defense: these forces are heavy and medium-heavy organizations.
  3. Rapid Intervention Forces: they are made up of light troops and some medium ones.

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