How to Know if I am Affiliated with a Political Party: Functions, CNE and MORE

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The question of How to Know if I am Affiliated with a Political Party it is more frequent than you think and we will answer it here. Let us remember that a political party is that association of people, whose main purpose is to represent the interests of the citizens of a country in terms of democratic or political issues.

Today we will be explaining everything about this topic. Specifically, we will explain how you can know whether to be affiliated with a party and how to join. Likewise, we will tell you what the functions of a party are, their importance, and the services offered by the National Electoral Center (CNE). If you are interested in knowing this, keep reading!

How do I know if I am Affiliated to a Political Party in Ecuador?

Let’s start by answering today’s central question: How to Know if I am Affiliated with a Political Party. The truth is that it is an extremely simple procedure, especially since you can start it online and finish it quickly in an office. You just have to follow the instructions that we will give you below.


  • Application form. This corresponds to the request of the Certificate of Apoliticism, which reflects if you are affiliated with a party or not.
  • Copy of the citizenship card.

Steps to follow

  • First, you must approach the Provincial Electoral Delegation closest to your residence.
  • Once there, you must indicate that you want to process the Certificate of Apoliticism.
  • Remember that you must fill out the application form, for which you are requested: full name, cell number, email, telephone number and signature. Also, hand over a copy of your identity document.
  • Deliver all this at the offices of the delegation.
  • Finally, wait for the receipt of the certificate. In this it will be reflected if you are part of an organization or not. Thus, you will give an answer to your question.

These are the steps you must follow in order to know if you are affiliated with a political party. For now it is not an online procedure, as if it can be done in other countries that have Affiliate Registries. However, it is very simple and the requirements are very basic. If you follow these steps, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Likewise, the idea of ​​making this process electronic was raised, so that the certificate can be processed online. It remains to wait for this proposal to be resolved.

How to join?

With regard to performing the Affiliation to a Political Party, We will explain how you can do this in the easiest way. It is a unique process for each party, so we will try to make you understand as well as possible everything about this procedure.

To begin with, you should know that according to Art. 7 of the Ecuador’s Political Parties Law, citizens have the right to freely join a party whenever they wish and in compliance with the following requirements:

  • Have the Ecuadorian nationality.
  • Be of age.
  • Not actively belong to the National Police or the Armed Forces.
  • Not be a minister of worship or religion.
  • Neither will those who committed fraud to the State be affiliated, at least for twice the length of their sentence.
  • Not be affiliated with another political party. First you must renounce the one you are, whose procedure is also done by the CNE.

With these general requirements in mind, you should approach the political party headquarters that interests you with your identity document. There they will indicate the procedures you must do, which normally includes filling out a form, an induction and a number of other things.

It is then up to them to carry folders with the information of the CNE affiliates so that they can appear in their database.

Finally, note that parties cannot discriminate, according to Art. 8 of this same law. Not by race, religion, sex, socio-economic condition or culture. Any discrimination is an offense under the law.

How to Know if I am Affiliated with a Political Party: Functions of a Party

The Functions of a Political Party they are diverse. However, its vital purpose is to represent the interests of citizens in matters of health, economy, among other decision areas that concern the executive.

Political parties always launch a candidate for the presidency, with plans for a new government. People vote for the party and for the candidate who has ideals and proposals that resonate with themselves. In the end, they become part of the country’s executive, which makes the most important decisions.

In this sense, other functions of the parties are:

  • Promote the participation of citizens in the country’s democracy.
  • Comply with and ensure compliance with the different laws.
  • Create Opinion.
  • Stabilize the political system.
  • It serves as a channel of communication from the people to the powers.
  • Synthesize and integrate the demands of citizens.
  • Mobilize people.
  • Allow democracy.
  • Design public policies.
  • Launch candidates for presidencies, governorships and mayors, as well as for other representations.

These are the main functions, which can be framed within any country. As you will see below, it plays a fundamental role in the development of countries.

Importance of Political Parties

The Importance of Political Parties It is based on the fact that this is an association that makes it possible to gather similar interests and ideologies, for the creation of public policies that allow the development of the country. They function as the spokesmen of the citizens, gathering demands and synthesizing them in order to transmit them to the executive.

Additionally, these allow there to be a democracy. People can decide which party best represents them and vote for them, with the majority deciding who they want to have in the executive. Thus, it is allowed to have a voting democracy. This is very important in any country, the dictatorship being the best known antonym.

Members of the political party have access to public charges, which is also the important one. They have a role that allows them to make decisions in the social, economic, health, and other areas. This means that the decisions they make will have a direct impact on citizens, for which it is necessary to elect representatives who look after the interests of the people and not their own.

Thus, we will find that governors, mayors, among others, usually form part of parties or have alliances with organizations of this type. In the end, the importance lies in the fact that the party is the link between the people and the public powers.

How to know if I am Affiliated to a Political Party: CNE in Ecuador

The National Electoral Council (CNE) It is a State body, founded in 2008. It is the highest suffrage entity in Ecuador, based in Quito. This is made up of five (05) directors, who are chosen through calls that result in a contest.

This contest is administered and sponsored by the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control. The directors work in their position for a period of six (06) years that can be renewed for half of this time.

Of these five people, one becomes the president and another becomes the vice president. They will handle the fundamental aspects of the council.

On the other hand, you should know that this is an autonomous body, at least in the administrative and financial area. This council was established in substitution of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and currently has 24 delegations throughout the country.

CNE Services and Mechanisms against False Affiliations

Finally, let’s talk about the CNE Services or Functions. These are another key point that you must take into account when getting to know this organism, as important as it is. These are, fundamentally:

  • Plan and direct calls and contests that are carried out in the country with respect to elections.
  • Sanction political candidates, as well as parties, when they violate what is established in the different legal norms
  • Register and supervise political organizations.
  • Keep the record of party affiliates.
  • Carry out procedures for issuing certificates: voting, apolitical, enjoyment of political rights, disaffiliation of organizations, etc.
  • Provide statistics and truthful and useful information.
  • Supervise political movements and parties.

From its web portal you will be able to know everything about these procedures, as well as institutional information, contact channels, statistics, among other things. TO

Currently the parties that are registered are: Patriotic Society Party, Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Party, National Action Institutional Renovation Party, Ecuadorian Roldosista Party, Democratic Left, Ethics and Democracy Network, Country Alliance and Ruptura 25.

Mechanisms for false affiliations

On the other hand, Mechanisms for False Affiliations. Forgery of signatures have been presented in the country, for which the CNE approved certain measures a few years ago:

  • Create a link to know if you are affiliated with a section. They will be able to see the information of these people, as well as their affiliation status.
  • Have the provincial delegations of the CNE provide the facilities to citizens so that they can access the information they need regarding their political affiliation.
  • Set up a computer audit committee to review access to CNE data.

Until next time!


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