How to know if I am affiliated with EPS Sanitas: Certificate, Benefits and MORE

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Through this article, we will give you all the answers about ¿How to know if I am affiliated with EPS Sanitas? We invite you to continue reading, and do not miss any details, so that in this way you can obtain the information you are looking for.

In addition, you will also find the steps to follow to obtain the Sanitas Certificate, its requirements, and what it is for. Also, what are the benefits of joining Sanitas, what is Sanitas, what are the restrictions that the Certificate has, what are the most relevant services, and other information of interest.

How do I know if I am affiliated with EPS Sanitas?

To find out if you are affiliated with EPS Sanitas, interested persons have the possibility to enter to this link, in the user session banner, to the telephone number 018000938777, also to the following email address

How to Know if I am Affiliated with EPS Sanitas: Steps to Obtain the Certificate

The procedure for requesting the Sanitas Certificate is detailed below, in an expeditious and easy manner:

  1. The first thing is to access the Sanitas official portal.
  2. At the bottom of the menu that appears on the screen, you can see a blue balloon that says «Affiliation Certificate», click on that option.
  3. After selecting the alternative named in the previous point, at the bottom of the next tab, a button is displayed where it says «Request your Certificate», click there and continue with the process.
  4. To continue, you must log in with the previously registered account, in the case of not having it, the applicant has to proceed to register and thus be able to request said Certificate.
  5. When you enter the virtual office of Sanitas with personal information, find the alternative that says «Download Certificate of Affiliation». It should be taken into account that you have the possibility of archiving or printing the Certificate according to what you want.

What are the Requirements to manage the Sanitas Certificate?

Regarding the diligence to acquire the Sanitas Certificate has been greatly reduced. Currently, there is the opportunity to acquire the Certificate individually or even in a group (with family members). This can be processed, just by following the three (3) following steps:

  • Access the Sanitas web portal, and choose the alternative you need.
  • Then download the Certificate, which will occur automatically on your PC.
  • Save it and print it as soon as possible.

As it is a platform for the delivery of digital certificates, a large number of requirements are not needed to make this request. Just by being active on the platform (to be correctly registered), you can now enter the certificate and that of the family members.

How to know if I am affiliated with EPS Sanitas: Uses of the Certificate

Now, the usefulness of the Sanitas Certificate is fundamentally for companies with a previous employment relationship. This is because, the company that is hired by the interested party requires a record that links it to the Health Promotion Entity (EPS).

NOTE: This Certificate is essential for legal status in pension and health matters.

How is the Sanitas Certificate for Companies managed?

The guidelines to follow to request the Certificate for companies are very simple. It is done in the following way: The first thing is request the Certificate from the legal representative of the company, as long as the agreement or services of the company where they are have been finalized.

If for any reason the company is not in a position to provide the document, it must be requested within a period of fifteen (15) days within the state public employment service.

Benefits of Joining Sanitas

Among the benefits that exist of joining Sanitas are those detailed below:

  1. Opportunity to make sure.
  2. Comprehensive assistance.
  3. Hospital system.
  4. Specialized training.
  5. Technological tools used in services medical assistance for members.
  6. Provides a personalized service, taking into consideration the individual qualities of each person.
  7. It offers a predictive service, recognizes pathologies and reacts promptly to prevent or alleviate them.
  8. Your assistance is preventive, since develop dynamic strategies oriented to the preservation of health.
  9. It is also participatory, the purpose of which is for members to be strengthened and informed and make the best decisions regarding their health.
  10. Is a service that lasts over time.

Being affiliated with a Health Promotion Entity (EPS) is of great importance in the daily life of Colombian citizens. The intention is that they have a constant medical assistance service either in an emergency, due to a serious pathology, or an accident that requires treatment.

The fact of not being affiliated with any EPS can bring many inconveniences when covering expenses. However, being affiliated with one (such as Sanitas), helps reduce expenses. Likewise, to cover all the treatments that are required, or can be shared between the member and the EPS.

What is Sanitas?

The Health Promoting Entity Sanitas, is a company specialist in the field of health, which originated in Spanish territory about fifty (50) years ago, and entered Colombia in 1980. Its main purpose is to optimize the health and comfort of all citizens.

Another of its objectives is to cooperate in the progress of the countries where it is present, through the technological, institutional, social and comprehensive health care fields. Restoring and increasing comfort in health matters throughout your life.

Through these actions, in turn create jobs, progress and improvement in the quality of life of all the inhabitants, which drives local progress. With the entry of Sanitas to Colombian territory, and the foundation of Colsanitas, a chronology of services and constant development has begun.

Restrictions of the Sanitas Certificate

The limitations of this Certificate are contemplated in Resolution 5269, in Article 126 of the Law of 2017, which establishes the following:

  • Impediment in the use of resources for the financing of technological tools and services for:
    • Medical procedures who are in the experimental period.
    • That there is no scientific certainty that its use with total safety or clinical efficiency is guaranteed.
    • Medication without authorization of the corresponding authorities.
    • Those drugs for cosmetic purposes that may threaten health.

The telephone numbers to contact Sanitas in case of doubts or questions, are detailed below:

  1. Nationwide: 018000919100.
  2. In Bogotá: (1) 3759000.
  3. Cartagena: (5) 6724646.
  4. In Barranquilla: (5) 3360669.
  5. Medellin: (4) 4158306.
  6. In Bucaramanga: (7) 6851053.
  7. Cali: (2) 6440911.

What are the most relevant Sanitas Services?

  • The Premium Plan: Through this plan you can obtain special advantages and preferential assistance, all for a value within your reach.
  • Medical Consultations: These can be purchased easily, both for you and for members of the family group.
  • Authorization Request: In order to optimize the sales that Sanitas provides, they implemented the authorization of Online Health Promotion Entity services.
  • The ABC of your Health: Through this service, you can get recommendations to recognize and address the most common symptoms, which are in the centers of Health.
  • Affiliation Certificate: Through sanitas and instantly, you have the opportunity to produce the Certificate of Membership.
  • Laboratory service: There is the possibility of downloading the results of the exams carried out in said health institution.

What is a Health Promotion Entity (EPS)?

An EPS is a company that, is in charge of the provision of medical services through the Colombian health system. All the people who are affiliated with an EPS have the opportunity to have assistance, both in clinics and in hospitals, which offer medical care without having to pay for this service.

It is important to note that EPS in Colombia work subject to two types of regimes agreed upon with the General Social Security System, which are: Contributory, which is made up of private companies, and Subsidized, which are institutions where their income and media are under the administration of the State.

In Colombia, most of the security in terms of health in general, is directed by the private Health Promotion Entities. The capital of these, is made up of private and public media, in such a way that they make it possible for citizens to have access to primary medical services.

The EPS’s fundamental function is to provide each of the affiliates with optimal medical services within the compulsory health program in general. Affiliations can be both by agreements with third parties and individuals, which could be the different companies in which the affiliates work.

On the other hand, the Law in Colombia is that companies have to obey three (3) essential elements, to be formed as an EPS:

  1. You have to have a minimum capital to start of one billion pesos.
  2. The administrative organization must comply with the stipulated regulations.
  3. Have a system available to offer the necessary services.

You already have all the data related to How to know if I am affiliated with EPS Sanitas. The next thing is, access the official website of this EPS and consult the information.

It is important to know all the benefits that being affiliated with this Health Promotion Entity offers. In case of any doubt, here are the channels to get in touch with them. We hope we have helped you with this process.


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