How to know if I am affiliated with Nueva EPS: Services, Certificate and MORE

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Colombian citizens want to know about the health administrator, to know well where to go in case of emergency and even more so in times of a Coronavirus pandemic. That is why this article deals with How to know if I am affiliated with Nueva EPS.

Know all the affiliation details. Services, certificate and benefits is what you can read here. Read the information carefully and know what decision to make in case it is necessary to use the services provided by the New EPS.

How do I know if I am affiliated with Nueva EPS?

In Colombia, the Ministry of Health has the Administrator of the resources of the General Security System (ADRES) program, with which citizens can consult the status of their affiliation to the EPS to which they are registered.

The steps to perform the query are as follows:

  • You must enter the query system of the Unique Affiliate Database (BDUA) in the link.
  • Then, to enter you must select the type of document and the identity number of the person, either contributor or beneficiary.
  • You must complete the field of image code.
  • Then, click on where it indicates «Consult».
  • A new window is displayed with an image and personal data and a box with the following information:
    • Condition
    • Entity
    • Regime
    • Membership date effective
    • Membership end date
    • He too Affiliate type where the data of the EPS to which the consultant belongs must be detailed.

It is suggested to use the Google Chrome browser and disable the blocking of pop-up windows in the browser, without doing this the information you are looking for does not appear.

How to know if I am Affiliated with Nueva EPS: How to Affiliate?

Being able to use health services at any time that is necessary is a great advantage and benefit and more in these complex times at the health level. This is how you are surely wondering how to go about joining.

Follow the steps indicated below, in this way you can enjoy well-being and safety in the health area:

  • Enter the New EPS web platform.
  • You must select the menu that is in the upper right part of the page where the section of New EPS Transactions Online.
  • You must select the alternative that says New User.
  • Then, the New EPS page is displayed.
  • Proceed to read the terms of use, so please read carefully.
  • You must also select the type of user.
  • Also, you must complete the form that unfolds.
  • Then, you must click on accept and continue.
  • Finally, it will receive an email with the username and the assigned password.

Any Colombian citizen can join the Nueva EPS in order to benefit from and enjoy the care with the appropriate specialists.

Those who are part of groups of independent employees, retirees, dependent employees, independent employees with low income, housewives, employees and employees of domestic services can be affiliated.

How to know if I am affiliated with Nueva EPS: Services

Belonging or being affiliated with the Nueva EPS, Colombian health system allows its affiliates to enjoy health benefits. Without a doubt, this is a great advantage, below are the services available:

  • Customer service with Alternative medicine like homeopathy, neural therapy, acupuncture and many other specialties.
  • They provide the service of telephone service 24 hours a day.
  • They offer excellent service to the member, the beneficiaries and the companion
  • In cases of hospitalization they offer single rooms with a companion in the recovery stage.
  • Also, they offer the maternal service and neonatal.
  • Likewise, there is the service of 17 different specialties to which you can go directly.
  • Unlimited duration of medical service of the affiliates and beneficiaries.
  • It also offers additions to the service without age limit.
  • It offers a preferential network of specialists, laboratories and health institutions.
  • Also, they have services of greater coverage.
  • Likewise, it offers the high cost coverage.
  • Similarly, it offers reconstructive plastic surgery.

How to know if I am Affiliated with Nueva EPS: Certified

Obtaining the Certificate of affiliation of an EPS is a super important instrument. Some of the health promoting companies have the tool so that the user can access it online.

Through the portal of the different EPS you can download the certificate from the comfort of your home. Below you can see how to apply for the certificate for several EPS throughout the Colombian territory:

EPS Sanitas

To request the certificate you must be registered, follow the steps to access the certificate:

  • Go to the Sanitas website.
  • You must locate where it says: «Membership Certificates».
  • Now, go on to place the type and number of the document.
  • Also, you must enter the virtual office password.
  • Download the certificate of affiliation in pdf format.

EPS Sura

  • You must enter the web portal.
  • Find the section on «Certificates and Queries».
  • Press «Certificate of affiliation to the Health Benefits Plan».
  • Then, you must put the document type, document number and password.
  • Click on «Generate».
  • Indicate if the certificate is with the employer’s information.
  • Then press «Generate Certificate».
  • Now go on to download the document in pdf format.

Total Health

  • You must enter the Total Health website.
  • Now, you must click on the «Virtual Office» section.
  • Also, you must indicate the type of user, identification and password to enter the system.
  • Afterwards, it redirects you to another portal where you can download the membership certificate.

EPS Compensate

  • Enter the official website of Compensar.
  • You must click on «Online Transactions» located in the upper right part of the screen.
  • You must put the document and the number.
  • Also, place the password if you do not have it, click on: «Request Password».
  • Once on the page you must click on «Online Transactions».
  • Then press where it says: «Certifications».
  • Also, you must select the type of certificate you want to download.
  • Enter the name of the recipient and press «View».
  • Finally, proceed to download the certificate.


  • Enter the New EPS platform.
  • Indicate in the people section «Enter».
  • Go ahead and press the «Online Procedures» button at the top of the screen.
  • Then, you must click on Transactional Zone at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Then enter the username and password.
  • Now, go to “Online Services”.
  • Then select “affiliate pos”.
  • Also, you must press where it says: «Customer Service» and «Certifications».
  • Select the type of certificate you want and download it.

New EPS benefits

The New EPS is the largest existing in the country dedicated to the health sector. It currently has more than 2,800,000 members. It is dedicated to the promotion of health protection and prevention of possible diseases.

The benefits of the New EPS are the ones mentioned below:

  • You are in front of the best strategic allies in the health area.
  • No need to record brackets and documents.
  • It has all the information related to the status of the affiliation, the health history, the family group and the respective contributions.
  • Is a occupational risk manager.
  • Similarly, the pension fund.

What is Nueva EPS?

The Nueva EPS is a Public Limited Company which was created in 2007, is in charge of health promotion and the contribution scheme. Legally established in Colombia in 2008 under Resolution No. 371.

Subsequently, in 2008 the New EPS started with the Social Security Institute (ISS), over the years it became one of the largest EPS in Colombia.

This New EPS provides all its affiliates a new system online With which it provides facilities and makes the management of procedures easier, since previously they could only be done in person.

The New EPS Virtual is an instrument to facilitate the transactions that an affiliate must make without having to physically go to the customer service office.

With the online system you can carry out operations and have access to information 24 hours a day, the seven days of the week. The operations that the affiliate can carry out in a remote manner are the following:

  • Application medical appointments expeditiously.
  • Likewise, the cancellation of appointments.
  • Also, their affiliations.
  • May print membership certificates.
  • You can also do the data update./su_list]

In the same way, you can do the following in the web portal of the New EPS:

  • Make the request for disability certificates.
  • Perform the complaints, requests and suggestions if applicable.
  • Also, request a duplicate of the card.
  • Order the annexes pending documents.
  • Likewise, you can affiliate family groups.

The New EPS has different non-face-to-face service channels and they are the following:

  • Enter through web portal of the New EPS in the Transactional Zone.
  • The Mobile App, you can access from the smartphone and thus use the various services provided by the EPS through this mobile application.
  • Also, it has the phone lines, for communication at the national level and advisers willing to give help to carry out any procedure.

The phone lines so that you can communicate and resolve doubts. If you are a Contributory Regime and you are in Bogotá, you can contact (1) 3077022 or 018000954400.

Also, if it is from Subsidized Regime, you can do it for free to the national line 018000952000.

In the case of request for medical appointments in the New EPS, you can do it by entering the link, then you must fill in the form with the username and password.

The Health Promoting Entities are entities in charge of the citizen affiliation and registration process. Additionally, the provision of the Mandatory Health Plan of the subsidized regime.

Citizens who join an EPS can be treated at the different health centers in each city, with which they have an agreement, throughout Colombia.

After reading this very interesting article on How to Know if I am Affiliated with Nueva EPS, you are clear about the opportunity of the good service you can receive through the different health centers.


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