How to know if I am affiliated with the IESS: Steps, Severance and MORE

In any country in the world there is the Social Security system, which works to administer a part of the capital of each country. This is why Ecuadorian citizens will be wondering How do I know if I am affiliated with the IESS?

The answer is simple, thanks to IESS web portal, the citizen can check if he is affiliated and obtain the great benefits that touch him.

For more information, you can continue reading this article, so that you can take notes on the matter.

How do I know if I am affiliated with the IESS?

Citizens should bear in mind that the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security, provides to all affiliates. They are registered with Social Security in that country. They can make and obtain the Certificate of affiliation to the IESS.

This certificate of affiliation or non-affiliation of the IESS, is requested by colleges and universities to enroll; For medical units it is an important requirement to provide assistance to citizens who have an illness or in maternity. As well as in the consulates for the procedure to obtain the visa.

Citizens who wish to find out if they are affiliated with the IESS, having their citizenship or identity card number. You just have to enter the IESS web portal and enter with your access code and follow the steps to follow.

How to Know if I am Affiliated with the IESS: Steps to Follow

Citizens who want to verify if they are affiliated with the IESS, must then comply with the following steps:

  • As we highlighted in the previous point, the person needs to have their identity card, the password to access the IESS portal. A special requirement that they can ask you is the identification code for foreigners.
  • If the citizen is affiliated, they must first enter the official IESS portal, then they must go to the affiliate section and click on Online services. There you must choose the link of the affiliation certificate.
  • Then you will have to enter your number from your ID and password. Afterwards, you can print the Certificate of Affiliation to the IESS in PDF format.

If the citizen was never affiliated

In this situation in which the citizen has never joined the IESS portal, they must comply with the following steps:

  • The citizen must enter the IESS web portal, you should see the option «Online services», then click on the option «Insured».
  • Next, you will click on the button «Affiliates». You will have to access the «affiliation certificate» and click on the affiliation certificate option to «General insurance».
  • The person will then place their ID number and date of birth.
  • Finally, you can print the document that is in PDF format that is the Certificate of Affiliation to the IESS.

It is important to note that the issuance of this document began to implement from the year 2013, with the aim of helping and providing ease to all citizens in Ecuadorian territory. This works so that from the tranquility of your home, office or any other place, you can request and obtain the certificate. Avoiding, moving to any IESS office.

This document has a code that works to validate the data. For this reason, the device from which you are making the query must have a QR software.

In addition, citizens who are affiliated with the IES and have a password, can consult the years of contribution, the date of entry, the work history, among many other things.

How to know if I am Affiliated to the IESS: Who can Affiliate?

Citizens must take into account that they can join voluntarily, people who have income without dependency relationship or in case of independence, who are residing in Ecuadorian territory. That is why those who can join can highlight the following:

  • A self-employed worker.
  • That it be a professional who is in Free exercise.
  • An administrator or, if applicable, an employer of a business.
  • That the citizen owns a sole proprietorship.
  • Minor independent worker and other citizens who are obliged to join the Mandatory General Insurance scheme in accordance with the laws and special decrees.

How to know if I am Affiliated to the IESS: Severance and its Calculation

It is important to note that the unemployment insurance benefit is intended to deliver the sum of money of the citizen who is affiliated who is unemployed.

By this it is meant that the amount of unemployment was financed with the 3% of the worker’s monthly contribution, that was until February 2016. But, as of March of that same year, it is financed with the 2% of the worker’s monthly contribution. This is why the funds are evidenced in the individual severance accounts.

To perform the calculation, it is calculated according to the accumulated fund in the individual account of the citizen who is affiliated equivalent to the percentage of the monthly contribution.

Requirements and Documents for Severance from the IESS

The requirements that citizens must meet regarding the issue of IESS Severance, must collect the following:

  • The citizen must have accumulated twenty four non-simultaneous contributions in his individual unemployment account.
  • The person who is affiliated must wait at least 2 months which is 60 days, from the date of termination.
  • You must maintain an active bank account in the national financial system, which is affiliated with the IESS.
  • Dismissed and retired members who aspire to obtain severance funds. They must previously have their personal password.
  • Under no circumstances can he have current unsecured loans.
  • Not having employer obligations that are pending regarding payment.

With having collected with these requirements, then you must have the following documents:

  • It is very important that the citizen has his / her affiliation code that is sent by the IESS portal.
  • Have a bank account that is approved by IESS.
  • Have your identity card at hand.

In case they have more questions, the citizen can enter the IESS portal or can approach the offices.

What is the IESS?

The Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security is an entity that is in charge of the organization and the operation that is determined in the principles of solidarity, universality, unity, effectiveness, etc. Which are responsible for applying in the Mandatory General Insurance System, which is integrated through the national social security system.

Right of Retirees pensioners

Citizens have the right to withdraw the accumulated amount of unemployment, without the need to comply with the waiting period which is 60 days. People who are affiliated who are unemployed can access retirement or improvement for old age, disability pensions, among others.

Painful unemployment

It is when the person who is affiliated, requests a benefit and continues working during the 60-day waiting period so that you have the right to obtain unemployment. The IESS retains the value of the severance pay as a fine.

Frequent questions

Citizens may have doubts and concerns regarding whether the citizen is find affiliated with the IESS. That is why we will explain to you below with questions and answers about this important issue in Ecuadorian territory.

Question 1: Who is an affiliate?

Citizens must take into account that any person who has a registration of contributions and that they are administered through the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security.

Question 2: How can the citizen generate a certificate of affiliation or non-affiliation?

Citizens who wish to obtain this affiliation certificate or not, must first enter the IESS web portal. Then it will give you insured, affiliates, then a certificate of affiliation. He will click on Certificate of Affiliation to General Insurance.

You will have to enter your ID and password to access and print your document. But depending on their situation, it can reflect two situations: if the citizen contains contributions, they must enter their password and press the enter button and the second must enter the date of birth and press the enter button.

Question 3: How to create my personal password to enter the IESS page?

To generate their password, the citizen must enter the official page of the IESS, in the section of insured, they will click on affiliates. Next, you must click on generate / retrieve password, then you will have to enter and validate all your information that you have placed in the IESS system. When the process has finished, through your registered email you will receive a link so that you can generate your affiliation code and be able to carry out the procedure you want.

Question 4: How does the citizen recover his password to access the IESS portal?

The citizen can recover his access code, entering the IESS, locate the section of insured, then affiliates. You will click on generate / recover password, you must validate your information provided at the time of creating your password for the first time.

If the system validates your information at least three times, the procedure will be blocked. In this situation, the citizen must go with his original ID, to the IESS universal service center so that you can unlock it and use your personal password.

To conclude, this entity is concerned so that all citizens obtain what corresponds to them. If you still do not understand about this topic, through the IESS website, you will be able to find all information about the benefits and much more.


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