How to know if I am Eligible in the Ministry of Education: Consultation, What it is and MORE

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How to know if I am Eligible in the Ministry of Education It is a question that is asked more frequently than you think. All those who wish to be teachers must follow a series of parameters to be eligible for this entity, so it is a very common question. As a teacher, you will surely be interested in knowing about it.

For this reason, we have brought this article for you. Today we will be explaining everything about this topic. Specifically, how you can find out, who are the valid candidates, the requirements and the importance. Finally, we will tell you about the ministry and the specific functions it has. If you’re interested, keep reading!

How do I know if I am Eligible in the Ministry of Education in Ecuador?

Let’s start by answering the main question: How do I know if I am Eligible in the Ministry of Education in Ecuador? We refer to the direct way to be sure that you are eligible to be a teacher, an extremely easy and fast process that we will explain to you in a few steps. Do not worry! Nothing we will tell you is more complicated.

Next, we show you the way to find out if you are among the eligible teachers of the last call made:

  • To begin, you must enter the web portal of the Ministry of Education.
  • Once there, you have to go to the section of Services and click Teachers.
  • You will be redirected to a new page, with an options menu on the left. There you must click on I want to be a teacher.
  • Next, you will see different options. These vary depending on whether you want to be a 7, 6, 1-5 or intercultural bilingual teacher.
  • Click on the option that interests you.
  • There you will see all the information you need to know if you are eligible for the process. However, you will realize that to be eligible you basically have to have experience as a teacher, meet the program requirements to be eligible and successfully pass each of the stages that compose them.
  • Do not worry about these requirements, we will tell you later. For now, this is how you know the information regarding each level, exactly what the process is like. This It will let you know if you are eligible in the Ministry of Education.

Right there you will be able to download the list of the chosen candidates once they pass through each of the established tests and pass them. This is a very important step. The truth is that as an interested party you will have to prepare yourself, following the instructions that the Ministry offers you, and following all the instructions that this body gives you.

Of course, all this supported by the quality information that we will give you today. The ideal is to first synthesize the whole process and then understand it according to the degree that you are interested in participating. Thus, we give you the tools so that you understand how this process works and the Ministry guides you through it.


The eligibility recovery process has not been done since 2019, so you have to be on the lookout when it opens again.

How to know if I am Eligible in the Ministry of Education: Valid Candidates

The Valid Candidates are those that meet the requirements established for the process. Keep in mind that eligibility lasts 2 years, which is the time in which the person can take the relevant tests and participate in the calls that are made.

In fact, according to the Ministry of Education itself:

Those eligible will be the applicants who will pass the psychometric tests and standardized tests of specific knowledge, adjusted to the professional performance standards and the teaching profiles.

In the case of process for level 6, the candidates apply and are then chosen through an automatic assignment process, according to the background they present. They must then accept the vacancy. The number of winners is previously determined.

The recovery of eligibility It is done by registering, paying and taking the specific knowledge and reasoning assessment. Finally, the notes are published to see if they approved the process. The same goes for level 7.

Finally, for the intercultural level The application must first be made according to the eligibility instructions. Next, evaluations of reasoning, personality, specific knowledge and command of the ancestral language are presented. At the end, the results are published to evaluate the eligibility of the applicants.

This is the case with all processes. Again, the valid candidate is one who meets all the requirements and can apply to the program.

How to know if I am Eligible in the Ministry of Education: Requirements

Now let’s talk about Requirements to be Eligible in the Ministry of Education. These constitute all the requirements to be able to enter and participate in the program of I want to be a teacher at each of its levels. As a result, you must be very attentive to what we will tell you next.

General requirements

  • Be an Ecuadorian or resident citizen.
  • Have an academic training degree.

Recovery: Level 1-5

In order to enter the eligibility recovery process, the candidate must:

  • Enroll in the INEVAL
  • Pay the corresponding fee, for which the candidate must be attentive to his mail.
  • They carry out the corresponding evaluations. These are knowledge and reasoning.
  • Documentation for evaluation: identity document, payment slip and proof of headquarters (with password and username).

Level 6

  • Make the registration. You must enter the application system.
  • Pass the different evaluations that are carried out.
  • If you are the winner, present the respective documentation:
    • Academic title, which is generated in SENESCYT. E is about a training certificate.
    • Certificate of background of contributions to the IESS.
    • If this is the case, a document that proves a unique condition or capacity (Conadis Card, for example).
    • Training and labor certificates that have been previously entered.

Level 7

  • In the case of the previous process (Tenth General Provision):
    • Enjoy the current eligibility status as a teacher.
    • Documents that prove compliance with this provision of the LOEI.
    • Finally, have a minimum of four consecutive years operating with a contract as established by law.
    • Make the corresponding application request.
    • Present an extract of the employment history (issued by the IESS), as well as legible contracts or appointments in order to prove the four years.
  • For him change of specialty:
    • Make the corresponding request.
    • The qualification or training certificate must be registered in SENESCYT.
    • Current eligibility status obtained from the level 6 and 1-5 process.
  • Pass the tests that are carried out.

These are the two previous processes that must be met in order to make the evaluations and pass the call.


  • Pass the corresponding tests: reasoning, knowledge and personality.
  • Know the ancestral language.
  • Be eligible

You can confirm all this with the information we provide in the first section.


To study for the tests, you can access the corresponding Instructions by clicking HERE.

How to know if I am Eligible in the Ministry of Education: Importance

The IImportance of Being Eligible is that in this process of I Want to Be a Teacher, only the best professionals are taken, which means that it is a great opportunity for growth to be among the best. These professionals occupy teaching vacancies in the National Magisterium, which manages other programs of this type.

To stay there are two phases: enter as eligible and then participate in the merit and opposition contest. Those who undergo this process and they are selected enjoy high reputation.

What is the Ministry of Education of Ecuador?

The Ecuador Ministry of Education It is the entity in charge of managing, guiding and ensuring everything related to initial, basic and secondary education. It is a decentralized body, founded in 2007. It depends on the presidency of the republic.

It is responsible for ensuring that the entire population receives an education, reducing illiteracy to zero percent. Likewise, it is in charge of ensuring the well-being of the teachers who work in the territory, these being the main actors in education.

From its website you will be able to see all the news, institutional information, procedures and documents that you need. You can even have access to information about different programs that the ministry runs for teachers and students.

Its duties?

The Functions of the Ministry of Education they must also be known. The most important are the following:

  • Ensure the fundamental right of access to quality education for all those who live in the country.
  • Administer programs aimed at teachers and students. For example, those of Being a Teacher and I want to be a Teacher.
  • Comply with and enforce all that is established in the legal regulations.
  • Plan, execute and direct educational and training programs for teachers.
  • Finally, establish the guidelines for public education.

Now you have the tools to know everything about the program I want to be a teacher. Since you have an idea of ​​how this whole process is, as extensive as it is, you can proceed to go to the Ministry page by following the steps that we indicated at the beginning. There you will see the dates and the steps you must follow.

Until next time!


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