How to know if I am Enrolled in the RUNT: Steps, Enrollment and MORE

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Surely you wonderHow to know if I am enrolled in the RUNT? Well, you arrived at the indicated website, where in addition to knowing this, you will also know other information of interest about your behavior as a driver, that of your vehicle and its legality in front of the corresponding authorities.

Here you will find the steps to follow to enroll in the RUNT, updating the data if you require it. Also, how to make inquiries by identity card, what happens when you are not registered in the RUNT, what it is, its functions and the benefits of being registered.

How to know if I am enrolled in the RUNT: Steps to follow

To find out if you are registered in the RUNT, you have the opportunity to go to one of the Transit offices found throughout Colombia. This procedure is carried out only once in the system. The office in Bogotá is at the following address: Avenida Calle 26 N ° 59-41 / 65. The customer service telephone number is: 01 8000 930 06

Register for the first time to RUNT

At the moment you need to register in the RUNT you can do it, you just have to obey the following steps:

  • Visit the Traffic office closest to your home address with your identity card.
  • The corresponding value for carrying out this management is 13,700 pesos.
  • Consign the identity card at the customer service window.
  • Place the index finger of the right hand, and embody the signature in the space indicated by the employee.
  • You will then receive the registration number.
  • If a minor is to be registered, he can be registered with the identity card.
  • Foreign citizens have the opportunity to use the passport or the immigration card to register.

In the event that the fingerprints are poorly legible or the person involved has lost the index finger of the right hand or the phalanx, they must present themselves at the Traffic Directorate and in this way, fill out the National Civil Status Credential that details their condition.

At the end of the previous management, the RUNT registration must be consulted through this link, either with the license plate number or the identification number.

How to know if I am registered in the RUNT: Registration

Being registered in the RUNT (Unique Traffic Registry), generates several benefits, this is because this body is linked with other entities. In such a way that, within the benefits offered by the RUNT are the following:

  1. People registered on the platform, have traffic insurance to cover costs in case of accidents or other conditions.
  2. If there is a traffic accident with the vehicle, the relevant bodies have the opportunity to study it and carry out the respective technical inspection.
  3. Gives your vehicle legality through the RUNT, which is valid throughout Colombia.
  4. If you have lost the legal documentation related to vehicle registration, or also the driver’s license, it can be requested at one of the RUNT agencies.

Via this link You will find the offices of the Unique National Traffic Registry (RUNT), which exist nationwide, and in this way choose the one closest to your home address.

How to know if I am enrolled in the RUNT: Update

Now, with respect to updating the RUNT (Unique National Traffic Registry), the guidelines that are named below must be followed:

Step N ° 1

The first thing is to enter the official RUNT website, and choose the alternative that says «Citizens». Go to the option «Update Natural Person Data», or go directly to where it says «RUNT Data Update», then click on «Update».

El Paso N ° 2

Choose the alternative «Update Data», and then «Update Natural Person Data». Before continuing, you must read the information provided in this field and click the option «Data Update in RUNT», this is seen at the bottom right of the screen.

It is important to point out that, when placing the type of document and the identity card number of the person concerned, the system proceeds to update their information. Also, check if the person has previously registered in the RUNT and also if it is active.

In the event that it has a previous registration, the platform will carry out a verification with your name and surname, and thus know if the information provided matches with the data that appear in the system.

Step 3

Write all the data required by the system, and choose the Check Boxes that say «I accept Terms and Conditions»Also, the one that says «I accept the RUNT SA Concession Data Treatment Policies», then click on the alternative «Consult»

At the same time, the platform is in charge of carrying out the respective checks, and in the event that an error appears, you will receive a message. If no errors appear, the platform will reflect some questions, which will allow to continue with the verification of the identity of the individual.

El Paso N ° 4

Choose the correct answers and when you finish answering, click where it says «Send». In the event that some of the answers are incorrect, the system will send a message. If the answers provided are correct, the platform provides a Form.

If you want to know what is the email address, cell phone number and other data registered in the system, these are reflected in said Form.

Step 5

Enter your personal information and fill in the spaces in the notification address. When the data is registered, choose the alternative «Add» and it will be sent to «Address List», which is at the top. There is a list that can be edited or deleted if you want.

If you wish, you can write more than one address and then click where it says «OK». The system will generate a dialog box that says: Once the information has been read, and you are sure to make the modifications, click on the «Accept» option.

On the other hand, the platform is in charge of carrying out the pertinent checks and if any failure, this message will appear: Mr. Citizen, verify your information from previous addresses before continuing with the process, which includes a payment Are you sure to make the changes?

Otherwise, the platform displays a message so that the person is sure that the request was created and through the «Accept» alternative, it will direct them to the option where they have to cancel PSE services. Likewise, the platform will notify you that your request was created to the email address you provided.

El Paso N ° 6

If you chose the alternative that says «Accept» or you enter the link sent to your email, the system will reflect the Payment for Services-RUNT screen. To continue, you must click where it says «Type of Payment» and then » Data Update in the RUNT ».

Now, where it says «Payment detail», you must write the data with the type of document and also the number of the person who is updating the information. When all the data is registered, click on the option «Consult.

Step 7

It should be noted that the last request that was made to update data is replaced by the platform, as well as the type of document and number of documentation provided and pending payment. At this time, press the «PSE» option, and thus you will make the Data Update payment in the RUNT.

El Paso N ° 8

As soon as the platform is able to determine that the data update request is paid, a notification will be sent through the email provided by the user.

How to know if I am registered in the RUNT: Queries by ID

As with any query, the first thing to do is enter the official RUNT web portal and find the field that says «Our Actors», then select «Citizens». When accessing, you must choose the menu that appears on the left:

  • Look for the Query by Identity Document window.
  • Enter the option that says «Query Type of Document».
  • Choose the alternative «Enter the Module». To continue, a page will appear that says «Consult People.» Proceed to fill out the Form, place the type of document and the number, then complete the captcha and check the data.

Next, all the data requested and related to the driver’s information, the requests, the infractions committed, the traffic fines, the driver’s license, the driving aptitude and the medical certificates will appear.

What Happens when you are not in the RUNT?

By not registering with the RUNT or another transit entity, what happens is that when you go to carry out an errand you have difficulties. That is, if your information does not appear in the system, the vehicle is non-existent for the authorities. therefore, it is not possible to transfer or register the new engine number or the color change.

In such a way that, this eventuality was already established in the National Traffic Code in its Article 8, which activates the RUNT. Likewise, in its fifth paragraph, it sets out a monetary penalty to people who have not legally registered their vehicle.

What is the RUNT?

The RUNT is an entity that operates as a large-scale database. In other words, it contains the drivers of all vehicles, the traffic offenses in which they have incurred, also their insurance, accidents in which they have been involved, public transport companies, etc.

The information provided by the Unique National Transit Registry is used and registered in the various offices of the Ministerial Cabinet of National Transportation.

What are the Functions of the Unique National Traffic Registry (RUNT)?

This body is responsible for the following:

  1. Check all research that is linked to the records at the transit offices.
  2. Accept the autonomy to carry out proceedings of members of a transit association.
  3. Distinguish and list the pertinent updates after doing a transit service.
  4. Review the legal status of the transit documentation in the country.
  5. Inspect how police officers act in the transit field.
  6. Give information about the RUNT Certificate.

Through this article we provide you with everything related to How to know if I am enrolled in the RUNT. The objective is that, when carrying out the procedure, you have clarity about it and thus do not have obstacles or delays.

It is very important that you take into account that, if you are not registered, you must do so promptly, since you must give your vehicle legality, in addition to having other information of interest available. We hope you are lucky with your procedure.


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