How to know if I am in the Disability Registry: Procedure, Cost and MORE

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In all countries there is a percentage of the population with some type of disability. In such a way that here we explain How do I know if I am on the Disability Registry? Since in the case of vulnerable people, it is good that they obtain some benefits granted by the State. Keep reading what we have for you.

Here you will know how is the procedure to enter the Registry, who can register and what is the cost of the procedure, how to obtain the Certificate of Disability. Likewise, what is the National Disability Registry and other information that will be useful to you and your family members at any given time.

How do I know if I am on the Disability Registry?

In the entire Chilean territory, the number of people with some type of disability reaches approximately 2.5 million. For this reason, it has been required to form a registry, in order that these people have access to certain advantages, and thus establish rules that can be adapted.

In order to register, you have to go to the Civil Registry with all the documentation, enter your address and once your request is processed, the credential that certifies that you are already incorporated in the National Registry of Disability.

This disability credential is a public domain documentation which contains the respective holders, which can protect the Disability Law, and we refer to Law 20.422. Possessing the Certificate grants many benefits, such as aid in the National Disability Service (SENADIS), as well as in the tax service.

What are the benefits granted by the Disability Credential?

  1. Use of parking lots and exclusive public areas for people with disabilities.
  2. The personalized card to use the BIOTREN for free.
  3. Apply to Technical Assistance Programs of SENADIS.
  4. The opportunity to apply for SENADIS Competitive Funds.
  5. Possibility of applying for university scholarships.
  6. Apply to financing for obtaining housing and other social benefits, linked to the situation of disability.
  7. Tariff discounts in the case of importation of technical aids and cars.
  8. Access to both caregivers and parents of people with disabilities, to special authorizations to be absent from the work site, if a situation arises that requires it.
  9. Accessibility to grants for people with mental disabilities and who are under 18 years of age.
  10. To have access to the SENADIS Rights Defender, if at any time their rights have been violated or they have been discriminated against because of their condition.
  11. The opportunity to access some benefits that are specific for people with disabilities, which are granted by SENADIS, or other public bodies that request to certify the disability status.

How to know if I am in the Disability Registry: Procedure to enter

To carry out this procedure there are two (2) ways. These are mentioned below:

Via Online:

  • The first thing is to select the option that says «Online procedures», and then press where it says «Obtain Certificate». This is located on the right side of the form.
  • In the second step, you have to enter the Unique Key and the RUN, then press the alternative of «Authenticate». If you are not registered, you must enter this link ClaveUnica.
  • The third step is «Download», and immediately you have to enter your email address.
  • In the fourth step, you are told that the management is about to be completed, and as a consequence of this, your request is the Certificate which can be downloaded very easily. Likewise, it will be sent to the email address you provided.

In person:

If you decide to do the procedure using this form, you have to follow the following guidelines:

  1. The first step is collect each of the preceding that are necessary.
  2. The second is to enter the official website of the SRCeI (Civil Registry and Identification Service).
  3. In the third step, you have to explain in detail the reason why you go: Request for the Certificate of Registration in the National Disability Registry.
  4. The fourth step is the consignment of the requirements that were asked of you, likewise, pay the amount of the Certificate and that’s it.

Who can enroll and what is the cost?

They have the opportunity to register, legal persons and natural persons with some disability. Also rehabilitation, training or charitable institutions, productive, educational, trade union entities, unions. Likewise, those people related to and who carry out activities with people with disabilities, and who obey the following requirements:

Legal Persons: Where its legal purposes, are based on the area of ​​disability and aspects wanted for the proper functioning of its objectives. Likewise, for the use or benefits of people with disabilities that they provide care to.

Natural people: Those who have been diagnosed with disability, directly by the COMPIN (Commission for Preventive Medicine and Disability).

It should be noted that, for doing this procedure, you do not have to pay anything when doing it through the ChileAtiende Modules, or online. However, when doing it in person at the office, it has a cost of $ 540 pesos.

How to know if I am in the Disability Registry: Certificate of Enrollment

The Registration Certificate is a documentation that allows authenticating that a person is registered in the RND (National Registry of Disability). This document is also known as a Certificate of Disability. Through it some data is reflected.

The data that appear in the Certificate are: Full name of the person, the RUN number, the date of birth, the type of disability, the degree and number of the opinion of the COMPIN (Commission for Preventive Medicine and Disability).

As we told you before, this management can be carried out throughout the year through the offices and the website of the Civil Registry. As well as, through the ChileAtiende Modules. Now, the requirements that must be consigned are listed below:

ChileAtiende and Via Online modules

All people must have a Unique Code, granted by the SRCeI (Civil Registry and Identification Service).

In-Person for Natural Persons

  • The identity card in good condition and in force.
  • The Certificate issued by the Commission for Preventive Medicine and Disability (COMPIN), which confirms that they are people with disabilities.
  • When the request is made by a third person, you have to submit the following:
    • The identity card of the person making the request.
    • Identity card of the person being represented.
    • The petition.
    • A simple power.

In a Face-to-Face Way for Legal Entities

  1. A copy of the authorization of the public document of incorporation of the company or true documentation. There your business activity should appear, and where it certifies its functions related to people with disabilities.
  2. The simple copy of the RUT of the organization.
  3. Copy of the RUN of the legal representative correspondent.

NOTE: This Certificate is valid for sixty (60) days.

What is the National Disability Registry in Chile?

The RND is a documentation that manages to certify the people who register in the National Disability Registry. It is also known as a Certificate of Disability. Regarding the time that this process takes, we tell you that must be done within a period of twenty (20) business days.

Said time begins to count from the petition and the Certificate of Disability, the which is achieved after five (5) business days from the accreditation date. If you wish to consult the address of the COMPIN closest to your place of residence, you can enter the official website of Infocompin-Red de Offices.

How do I know if I am on the Disability Registry? A question asked by people who have a disability, or a family member or close friend has it. Take advantage of the guide that we leave you in this article, so that you can carry out your training process successfully.

It is important to be aware of all the benefits that we can obtain in the case of having a disability, since this allows you to develop and advance within society, in this case in Chile but it applies to any country worldwide.


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