How to know if I am in the ONP: Steps, Contributions and MORE

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How do I know if I am in the ONP? this Office of Provisional Nationalization aimed at providing social pension services to public employees in Peru.

As a worker you will have doubts about this issue and you will want to know the steps, where your contributions go and what benefits the ONP offers you, here we provide you with the information you require.

How do I know if I am in the ONP?

Above all, it should be noted who can join the National Pension System:

  • Individuals who enter the place of occupation only because they are not linked to the Private Pension System – SPP, controlled by AFP.
  • Self-employed specialists, not linked to the Complementary Pension System – SPP (AFP).

Faced with this issue, what if we understand how to know if it is linked to the National Social Security System?

Enter the online interface of the Pension Standardization Office (ONP). For example, enter your personality type and registration number and your virtual password in the Check withdrawn or Account statement area.

If you do not have your virtual secret word, you can request it in any of the ONP Care Centers throughout the country during business hours: Monday, 8 am. at 7pm. and from Tuesday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

In this sense, you will have the option of knowing if it is a subsidiary of the National System of Complementary Pensions.

How to know if I am in the ONP: Steps to follow

Membership of the SNP – Dependent workers

Depending on the neighborhood workers, the main need to join the SNP should not be related to the private pension system (SPP).

The link of the dependent specialist with the execution of the business at the beginning of the employment relationship, provided that this new worker does not break in any pension scheme.

SNP Membership – Dependent Employees

Because self-employed workers who enter the national pension system and wish to be involved in a discretionary manner, they can also do so. After that, they have to contribute 13% of the RMV or more if they want to depend on the salary they assign.

The alliance of the self-employed with the SNP applies to those who participate in the two follow-up meetings:

  • People who carry out an autonomous action of money.
  • Persons controlled by Law No. 2. 4. 705 (housewives).

The individual can do this in any way, virtual or in person:

  • Virtual: The autonomous specialist must enter the page Web. Select the area «I need to connect to the ONP», at this point go to the class «I am an independent employee» and select the administration «Set discretion» Connection to the SNP «The worker will log in immediately; send only your ID and an email.
  • Face-to-face: If the online mapping is not confirmed, a message will appear highlighting the barriers to complete the process. They can be useful in the ONP service centers, inserting the relevant documents and your ID (the foreigner must provide basic information). Duplicate of the movement or identity card).

Knowing if you are is a subsidiary of the National Pension System is essential and only requires that you obtain your access code from one of the ONP service centers throughout the country and then go to the page of ONP with your personality report number and that key. If you are not an employee, check the system as soon as possible to ensure your future benefits.

How to know if I am in the ONP: How do I know if I am Contributing?

Currently, Peru has two social security frameworks, one open (Sistema Nacional de Pensiones – SNP) and the other (Sistema Privado de Pensiones – SPP), both include annuities.

For people to benefit from these retirement benefits, they must meet the following terms previous:

  • Have 65 years of experience or more.
  • Have finished your professional life.
  • Have contributed 13% of your monthly payment to the SNP for at least 20 years.

The element responsible for the organization of the national pension system (SNP) referred to in Legislative Decree No. 19990 is the Office for the Normalization of Pensions (ONP). In case you choose to add to ONP, through this data you can know how much money you have saved so far

How many years of contribution do I need to retire?

The main capacity of a structure of annuities is to produce mutual benefit funds with the goal that people have money-related help in retirement.

In Peru there are two structures in which workers can contribute with a certain level of remuneration during their professional life: the National Pension System (SNP), controlled by the ONP, and the Private Pension System (SPP), integrated to AFP.

On the other hand, in the SPP it is not important to comply with a specific commitment period for the AFP to obtain Benefits upon retirement.

In any case, keep in mind that the benefits you get are the result, not just the gain generated by AFP, but also from the amount of commitments that the affiliate has contracted during their work stage.

In this way, it is prudent contribute from the beginning so that the reserve can be worked with a greater number of commitments and has a longer development time for profit.

How to know if I am in the ONP: National Pension System

When choosing a benefits framework, there are two frameworks, the SNP and the SPP. In this article we offer you everything that is identified with the National Pension System (SNP) and then we know the advantages and disadvantages of this framework of benefits.

The SNP is one of the two frameworks that exist in Peru, for this situation it is directed by the Office for the Normalization of Pensions (ONP), designed since May 1, 1973 and implemented by Decree Law No. 19990.

What are the characteristics of the SNP?

The commitments acquired by the worker go to a periodic solidarity and intangible reserve. The specialist has the guaranteed figure below and most likely contributed at least 20 years to get closer to retirement benefits.

The basic age to resign and apply for a pension in the national pension system is 65 years. In both cases, there is the possibility of obtaining an early retirement pension; for the ladies, it is from 50 years; and for men, from 55 years.

To be able to resign earlier, women must be at least 25 years old and men 30 years of service.

The system also covers the possibility of obtaining benefits of disability, widowhood, orphanhood and inheritance, and the disappearance of capital, being the most extreme measure of the retirement pension S /. 857.36; the base, from S /. 415.

Main benefits of the SNP

In addition to the meaning of the National Pension System (SNP), they must also understand what are the fundamental qualities that the SNP offers them in terms of focal points and advantage, for instance:

  • The fund is normal, it is not close to your house, so a certain degree of profit is guaranteed with little attention to your degree of compromises.
  • As a specialist in operation and later retired, they can reach the social security administrations (ESSALUD).
  • The Maximum Pension is a claim, and its amount is 100% of the compensation reference, hereinafter up to a higher S /. 857.36; Getting there depends on the base number of long commitment periods.
  • They can reach the minimum pension from 65 years and, in any case, only contribute 20 years; Therefore, they obtain 14 plots at a time from S /. 415.
  • The mandatory discount on remuneration is 13% of the monthly remuneration. In SPP it is 10%.
  • The compromises deliberate are not accessible, unlike the SPP, which allows them.
  • The Disability pension receives half of the referral compensation.
  • The survivor’s pension is determined based on the level of reference compensation (partner, accomplice or courtesan, healthy children under 18, young people with disabilities and guardians).
  • The base commitment time for retirement is 20 years of commitment, does not exist in SPP.
  • The legal retirement age is 65 for individuals. Withdrawal of your fund is not allowed.
  • The annuity it cannot be increased if the party postponed its withdrawal to extend the commitment time.

What is the ONP and what happens if I stop contributing?

The Social Security Standardization Office (ONP) is a state agency of public pension security in Peru.

Its role is to manage the National Pension System, to which Decree-Law No. 1990 refers and depends on the sector

It was created by Decree Law No. 25967 of December 7, 1992 by the Government of Emergency and National Reconstruction of Alberto Fujimori.

On June 1, 1996, he assumed the administration of the national pension system.

The contribution to the national pension system is 13%. To receive a pension, you must contribute for 20 years. The pension will be received until death.

The ONP is the first entity that manages to incorporate personnel under the regime of Law No. 30057, Civil Service Law, marking an important step for this reform whose objective is to completely modernize the administration public in Peru.


  • Administration of the national pension system under Law No. 1990.
  • Calculation, Issuance, Review and Issuance of Recognition Obligations Law No. 25897.
  • Payment of Pensions from Other Regime through the Express Legal Regime Law No. 18846.
  • Insurance against occupational accidents and complementary professional diseases, Law No. 26790.

When an employee logs out, he no longer belongs to the SPP and returns to the SNP. The money accumulated in the individual account it ceases to be the property of the worker and is irreversibly transferred to the common fund of the ONP. With the exception of voluntary contributions without social security purposes, which are returned to the employee.

In short, if you change ONP to AFP, you will not lose your contributions, as long as you meet the conditions to receive the recognition bonus.


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