How to know if I am insured CCSS: Steps, Card and MORE

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) provides excellent benefits regarding medical care in Costa Rica. For this reason it is important that you inform yourself about How do I know if I am CCSS Insured?

Here you will find the steps to follow to know if you are insured to the CCSS, about the card, the fees that must be paid. Also, about the attention through the virtual office, what is the CCSS, its functions and much more information.

How do I know if I am CCSS Insured?

To know if you are CCSS insured, you must find out by reviewing an individual, that is, it is possible to get it through an employer report in front of the Caja del Seguro through the website without having to go in person.

Previously, when there were no technological tools, there was a way to do this, and it was to go in person to the different entities that depended on the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.

Through it, the user requests a consignment appointment for the day of confirmation of their human rights management. It is there where the employer mandates must be detailed, and the documentation whose investigation is inside the Municipal Fund.

With new institutional grants, documents may be shortened in some confirmation areas. Likewise, the invoices that authorize the most frequent checks produced by each insured.

In other words, all the investigations that can be observed, in some of the calculation instruments, is of a public nature. This does not need to have power, nor does it need to assign shortcuts.

NI passwords for the verification of the information. However, it is useful to make the procedure possible, in such a way that it puts the reference at the hand of different guests. Being able to improve the labor instruments available.

Steps to follow

Before following the guidelines of How to know if I am CCSS Insured, First, the required requirements must be gathered, and all the documents submitted to the CCSS, to justify the request and then follow the steps that are named below:

  1. Begin the procedure, finding out about the topic on the CCSS web portal (Costa Rican social security box).
  2. Being in the system, you have to choose where it says «Available Services». In the lower area you can see the reports and queries, data visits, transfers and records.
  3. Continue the process by clicking the «Query» option.
  4. After conducting the review and finding out correctly on the website, you will get your security proof on the CCSS platform.

There are different situations, where the process is not reflected to the applicant, that is, the diligence has not finished because documentation or information is missing, which the person provided and does not agree with the corroboration.

In such a way, the applicant must go to the CCSS (Costa Rican Social Security Fund) office, and in this way, clarify any doubts that may be had about the situation.

How to know if I am insured CCSS: Carnet

Now, the insured card is essential and unique documentation, which must be used in some health services, for people affiliated with the CCSS. Being in the vanguard, before any type of structure of the CCSS.

Prior to the 21st century, it is a documentation which you had to upload rigorously and obligatorily. This to have the opportunity to enjoy each of the health benefits provided by the State.

Since 2017, the CCSS determined some executive-type provisions. Then, excluded the insured card, since they could not realize that the verification process is cumbersome, and it took a long time in the matter of medical services.

For this reason, they decided to speed up the process and agreed to incorporate as many insured as possible. This allowed great access to the CCSS, increasing the number of insured in the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.

How to Know if I’m CCSS Insured: Fees

To enjoy the benefits granted by the CCSS, you must deduct a percentage from your own capital. This with the aim of receiving quality public medical assistance and also in the case of retirements.

The amounts or fees are reflected through month-to-month discounts, the salary of retirees or those made to employees. That is, the amount contributed is part of the employee and another part of the employer. The intention is to have a clear definition of the contributions to the CCSS.

Actually, a fee refers to a month’s discount. Therefore, an active employee, annually, must pay twelve (12) mandatory installments. If you are self-employed, you have the opportunity to pay voluntarily.

In the case of retirement, all employees must have, by decree of Law, at least 240 contributions. Ladies can ask for retirement when they turn 57, and gentlemen can ask for it when they are 62 years old.

How to know if I am insured CCSS: Virtual Office

There are many policyholders and defenders throughout Costa Rica, who have the possibility of request some services online. In such a way that, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund provides care through its virtual office.

Taking into account that the CCSS system has only been operating for a short time, it has had the opportunity to enroll a considerable number of people.

This with the aim that, can do different errands through this route. Likewise, from the place where you are at a certain time (home, university or your workplace), where it is easier through the website.

In 2018, 77,852 new people were incorporated into the CCSS virtual office system. The intention was that employees who wanted to go to the office, could obtain the necessary data for private use.

Likewise, the mandates by the employers via digital or the background of the contributions provided. Of course, from there you can get information on How to know if I am CCSS Insured.

This office is in charge of managing the normal procedures, billings, and forms, which are easy to download online. In the same way, secure basic services online, etc.

What is the CCSS?

The CCSS (Costa Rican Social Security Fund) is the body in charge of inform through the Technology Management. In not too long a time, you will have billing for services for all uninsured individuals.

In this way they provide new instruments. Through these instruments, it provides the pertinent services and supporting itself to authorize entry. In addition to other essential objectives that the Costa Rican Social Security Fund may have.

Also, you can organize and run some prevention forms such as: Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc.. Likewise, others that are related to the health prevention of the Costa Rican territory.

Functions carried out by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS)

  • Guarantee services for pensioners, and health for all regions from the country.
  • Enable some help to the regions of emigrants, who are based in populations of Costa Rica.
  • Stipulate the fundamentals on campaigns based, for the vaccination of the population. Is allows the protection of the organism against diseases. Likewise, medicines and everything related to the health of the population.
  • It is in charge of advertising for create bonds of reliability throughout the national territory, with respect to pensions.
  • It grants aid, so that no contributions are needed, for its future concession.
  • They offer great security and guarantee regarding the health of the inhabitants of Costa Rica. The purpose is to protect them from various pathologies.
  • It supports hospital institutes, equips them with everything you need and that do not require any cost.

What are the documents that must be presented to be attended at the CCSS?

To receive attention in the CCSS, some documents must be consigned that are within reach, and can be presented by both nationalized persons and foreigners. These are as follows:

  1. The identification document in original and copy.
  2. Have a legitimate type of insurance such as: Family benefit, self-employed or freelance, job or family insurance or pension.
  3. Be insured voluntary (this if you do not have some type of insurance).
  4. Letter or proof of residence.
  5. A receipt for any basic service: Water, gas or electricity.
  6. In the case of being a foreign citizen, you have to be residence card and passport.

After checking that you have all the required documentation available, you can go to one of the offices empowered to cover the services of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, and thus deliver the corresponding documents.

What information must be updated before the CCSS?

Updating our personal information with the CCSS is essential, as it allows us to stay within the current registration radius. The information that must be renewed is basic and in the time indicated by the CCSS, These data are:

  • The phone number, which it can be fixed or cellular.
  • The email address, provided on the platform (preferably Gmail).
  • Your marital status (if you are married, single, widowed or divorced).
  • Place a personal reference, which will be used as a reference in some specific situation.
  • The full names and surnames of all members of the family group who are affiliated with the CCSS.

To take into account: The documents required to carry out the update can be changed by the corresponding officials, or they can also request additional documentation if they consider it.

It is of great importance for anyone, to be registered in some insurance that guarantees medical service. Therefore, in this article you have everything you need about How do I know if I am CCSS Insured?

The CCSS in Costa Rica has made an effort to provide the population with a service that allows them to satisfy their needs, in addition to advancing at a technological level.


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