How to know if I am on DICOM: Steps, How to Exit and MORE

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To inform you about How to know if I am in DICOM, continue reading what we have for you. Having a good credit history is very important, since it depends on whether you are granted credit or not. However, through this system it is reflected if it is negative or positive.

Here you will find out about the steps to follow to know if you are in DICOM, how long you can stay in the system, how you can get out of DICOM. Also, some common questions, what is DICOM and much more.

How do I know if I am in DICOM?

Each procedure that is carried out at the credit level is basically guaranteed by the credit history you have. There are shown all the payment commitments, and those that have not yet been paid. These are added or subtracted, according to a formula that produces the credit history.

Therefore, to know that you are in DICOMThe first thing you need to know is if you have made a contract on some type of loan or credit, in front of a credit or financial institution. Only, having the platform registration at hand, you will find yourself in DICOM.

Faced with the concern of How to know if I am in DICOMWe will tell you that the most effective alternative is through credit companies. Among these are Procrédito, Equifax, Infored, etc., they are the ones that provide information about the credit history of the country’s inhabitants.

So, the DICOM, in the same way as the other three (3) companies, which have information about credits, maintain agreements and associations with different banks. In such a way that each of the banks may be associated with a different credit database company.

How to know if I am in DICOM: Steps to follow

Below, we will tell you the guidelines you must comply with to know if you are in DICOM or not. These are:

  • The first guideline is, remember if you have any obligation referring to a bank credit or with a financial institution.
  • On the other hand, you must take into consideration, all the payment commitments that you have not canceled, if it is the case.
  • If you don’t remember any of the previous options, We suggest you attend the body in charge, to review the data. Among these are: Infored, Equifax, as well as other companies that store the credit history of the citizens of El Salvador.
  • Finally, make the request formally in front of the entity of your choice, and you can get the answer you need on the subject.

As you observed, following the steps mentioned above, you can already get the answer from How to know if I am in DICOM. Complete this procedure as soon as possible, so that you can dispel any doubts you have about it.

How to know if I am in DICOM: How old can I be?

Currently, it is difficult to define the period to remain in DICOM, also in any other company that provides similar services. However, you have to stipulate a minimum and maximum period, so that these data are available to the person as well as the financial entity.

Then, we will name the approximate period, so that the credit history of each citizen remains stored:

  1. Twelve (12) months, as a minimum period, depending on the company that manages it.
  2. Thirty-six (36) months as a maximum period. For financial entities this time is very important, and it will depend on the person and the company.

It should be noted that these periods change, according to what is established in the definitive history. This is because the entities normally endorse the files that are requested in advance. If someone has a negative history, they should have a settlement on their debt if it was paid.

How to know if I am in DICOM: How to exit?

To be able to exit DICOM, it is necessary that the person has paid the debts acquired, in front of the institution that has granted it. In such a way that, if you have already passed it or are in that procedure, there are several ways to do it and remain solvent. Said forms are the following:

Pay the Contracted Debt

Refers in general, to the total payment of each of the debts that the person owns. Likewise, provide the certification or receipt, which proves that the person has paid the corresponding debt, and of course comply with the regulations stipulated in the contract.

Renegotiate Debt

Said procedure is carried out in a tactical way to assist high debts, with the aim of make a partial payment, in a longer period. In other words, when you have a debt that must be paid for an asset with a value of 2,000 Colones, it has to be paid in 15 installments.

The person has the right to agree with the financial institution, to pay 1,000 Colones in 30 installments. This is defined as debt renegotiation, which causes the previous debt to no longer appear in the DICOM, nor the current one, since it is being paid on time.

By Prescription

This has to do with the debts that have been canceled and they reach their expiration date. Also, in situations where everything has been established within a contract.

Frequent questions

For us, it is very important that users are well informed. For this reason, here we leave you some frequently asked questions, which you must take into account, and thus be able to carry out some procedures against DICOM.

It is essential to be clear about the questions that may arise, which are expressed by all those users who are interested in verifying whether or not it is within the DICOM database. Then we leave them to you:

Why is the credit history of users kept on the DICOM platform?

This is because, financial institutions flock to this company. This company has a great platform for save and protect all people’s data affiliated with the banking institution. With the information you provide, the required loan will or will not be received.

Apart from DICOM, are there other companies in charge to save this data?

According to the ordinance of the Superintendency of the Financial System in El Salvador, there are various entities that are in charge of gathering the pertinent data. this in order to provide them to financial institutions that need them, and to grant or not the requested credit.

These companies are the following: Procrédito and Infored. They do the same job of gathering all the data, and then commercializing it with the organizations that need it. This information is useful to define whether or not a specific loan is approved.

What is DICOM?

In the same way as in other countries, in El Salvador there is an organism that, fulfills its functions as the Superintendency of the Financial System. This is in charge of conducting and legally coordinating all financial and banking procedures in the country.

However, in the last ten (10) years, banking institutions have provided their users with different ways to extend the obtaining of goods and their economy. This, through defined credits, pre-limited credit cards and loans, according to tangible capital.

So, to guarantee the financial and banking system against scams, and unpaid credits, several companies have been founded to protect, the credit data of the banking entities, among which DICOM stands out.

At present, DICOM is a private company, as well as other companies of the same nature. They are in charge of supervising and storing the credit history of each of the users, of the banking institutions associated with their services.

The data that is handled there are totally private, however, the people who require them, they can get them by ordering them in advance. In addition, these can be verified through each associated banking entity, to analyze whether or not the requested credit is approved.

On the other hand, the data contained in this system must be kept for a period of no more than 36 months. When complying with this period, the data must be deleted or stored, in accordance to the corresponding stipulated law regulations.

What is Equifax in El Salvador?

It is the company that replaces DICOM, which replaces all the activities that were carried out by the previous one. It should be noted that the two (2) companies have the respective authorization granted by the Superintendency of the Financial System, and thus be able to function in accordance with the Law.

Then, Equifax will provide all credit histories, whether positive or negative, giving credit to the other entities. It is of great importance for companies registered in Equifax, because they depend on it to grant or not a specific credit.

In such a way that, anyone who wants to know if they are in DICOM, has the possibility of attend Equifax offices. Just by presenting the identity document, you can be assisted in an optimal way, and clarify the doubts you have in record time.

Through this article, we leave you all the information you require, about How to know if I am in DICOM. It is a very simple process to do, you just have to make sure you are affiliated with this credit data storage system.

We hope we have helped you with this process, so that you can check your credit history as soon as possible. On the other hand, we suggest you comply with your payment obligations in a timely manner, and thus maintain your credit record.

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