How to know if I am on the Eighth list of Fonavi: Consultation, What it is and MORE

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How do I know if I am on the Eighth List of Fonavi? The first thing you should know about it is that, to be on this list, you must be registered as a worker, and therefore, make the required contributions, so that in the future you can receive the refund that corresponds to you.

Through this article you will find, what are the options to make the consultation, what can be done when the contributor has passed away. Also, why couldn’t you appear on the Fonavi list, what the Fonavi lists are about, and other information that you should know, to be clear about what you should do.

How do I know if I’m on the Eighth Fonavi list?

We will begin by answering this question, through some steps that you must follow. These are the following:

  1. The first step is that you must enter the Fonavi official website. This space must be used by the owner, and thus verify the list.
  2. Being inside the portal, you must choose the type of document What are you going to use?
  3. To continue, you have to write the identification number in the next field.
  4. Then, you must write the characters that are observed in the image that appears in the third space.
  5. To finish, you have to press the option that says «Consult». You must wait for the platform to examine the data provided, in order to know if you are on the list or not.

How to know if I am on the Eighth list of Fonavi: Other Alternatives to Consult

If for some reason you do not have an internet connection, you have the possibility of carrying out the consular service through other methods. These can be: Through a phone call and the other in person. In this way, you will have no difficulty verifying what you are looking for.

By Telephone

Just by making a phone call, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, to the following number: (511) 317-8888. Have your identity document at hand, because at some point they will ask you for the information.

In the event that the operator says that you appear in the list, of which the money must be reimbursed; You have to go to the Bank of the nation, bring your identity document, so that they give you the money through the box office.

In person

The first thing you should do is approach a Office of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, which serves customer service hours. Point out that you want to know if you are one of the people, to whom the money invested in the Fonavi will be returned.

The official will ask you for the information of the individual you want to consult, and if it is waiting for the return of the money. If the person is on the list, they must go to the Banco de la Nación with the identity document so that you can collect the money.

It is very positive to have different alternatives to find out How do I know if I am on the Eighth List of Fonavi? This with the objective of recovering the investment that was made during a certain time for the acquisition of a home.

What to do if the contributor has already passed away?

When an employee is making contributions to Fonavi, and suddenly dies, his family members they have the right to receive the money that the employee has quoted. At the time of carrying out this procedure, you must present some requirements, since if you do not do so, you cannot continue with it.

For this reason, below we will tell you what documentation you must have on hand to consign it:

  • The birth certificate. It can also be another document that legally guarantees that there is a link between the employee who has died, and the person who is requesting the management.
  • When the applicant is a descendant of the deceased person, he or she is required to present the applicant’s birth certificate.
  • Likewise, a copy of the birth certificate and employee’s death certificate.
  • Any documentation that can ensure that the employee who has died has been listed on Fonavi.

Having met the above-mentioned requirements, you can go to the branch of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, with the complete documents, and in this way begin the process so that all the money invested by the employee in the Fonavi is reimbursed.

How to Know if I’m on the Eighth List of Fonavi: Why Could I Not Come Out on Fonavi?

There are two (2) reasons why it does not appear on the Fonavi list. One is that the worker has never registered with Fonavi. These are the employees who began their work activities after the year 1998.

However, it may also be the case that previously registered individuals they already used the benefit. For this reason, they are not entitled to reimbursement, as they do not have the opportunity to be one of the employees.

If you do not obey some of these terms, you must visit one of the branches of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations.

How to know if I am on the Eighth list of Fonavi: Lists

At present, it is not required to verify the list in physical format, since we have a platform. This is used with information about the person to be searched, to find out if they are on the list or not, in order to receive the benefit granted by Fonavi.

If you want to view the lists, you have the opportunity to find those that were published in previous years, prior to the new platform. You can perform the search online, providing the list number you want to find out.

What is Fonavi?

The National Housing Fund (Fonavi), was founded in accordance with Law Decree No. 22591, which was published on June 30, 1979. Its main objective is to have a fund that supports employees, and in this way they can have additional income to be able to obtain a home.

Fonavi was in force as of July 1, 1979, and until August 31, 1998. At this time, it only serves as a registry for employees.

Frequent questions

What does the Ad Hoc Commission refer to and how is it formed?

According to Law No. 29625, You have to make the reimbursement that belongs to the employees, this as a consequence of having made contributions to a fund, which is not current today. This Commission is in charge of managing and recovering the funds.

In the case of the elderly, they can investigate if they are on the Fonavi list, through the official website of the Fonavi Technical Secretariat, which offers the DIPAM (Directorate for Older Adults).

The necessary requirements to complete this procedure are the following:

  1. Being of the third age. In the respective lists, the Commission takes into account people over 50 years of age.
  2. Have made contributions to Fonavi.
  3. If the owner has died, you must provide your marriage certificate or birth certificate, as appropriate.

However, said Commission is composed of the following:

  • Two (2) members of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).
  • A member of the Ministry of the Presidency.
  • Two (2) members of the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT).
  • Two (2) members of the Social Security Normalization Office (ONP).
  • Three (3) members of the ANFPP (National Association of the Fonavista of the Peoples of Peru).

What must be done to receive the contributions?

As an employee who was making the respective contributions to Fonavi, regardless of whether it was a dependent or self-employed employee, the most convenient thing is consign Form N ° 1, through the authorized agents of the Technical Secretariat.

How much is the return amount of the Fonavi?

According to the study made by some economists in Peru, the reimbursement amount for each person, with respect to the contributions made to Fonavi is Come in 500 2,500 soles. In addition, the formula that had been used has been re-adapted.

These professionals have commented that its use has been difficult, since it is an act that originated for a long time, in times of economic instability, where inflation has made it difficult for the money produced to be equitable.

They have also pointed out that there is a group of new Fonavistas, where the amount of the balance to be paid, comes to represent a return of 0.1% of the Gross Domestic Product, which in its entirety it will reach 0.5% of the Gross Domestic Product total payments.

They also indicated that the balance will depend on the number of years that the person has contributed and has accumulated, where those who first appeared are those who have received the most.

The difficulty is in the clarity of the rule, in the event that the owner has died and an intestate succession is presented, and there are three children, a contingency must be applied there.

Currently, it is very easy to do research on How do I know if I am on the Eighth List of Fonavi?, since we have different alternatives, which help us when searching for this information through the web.

Keep in mind that as a worker, you must be registered in this system so that the contributions you make can be used as a future reserve fund.


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