How to know if I am Reported in Datacredito: Steps, Reports and MORE

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Sometimes people do not have any knowledge of economic issues, but in Colombia there are some of the companies that help you with your data credit, but you may be wondering How do I know if I am Reported in Datacrédito?

The answer is simple, below we will explain the details, the steps to follow, the risk centers and much more.

We recommend that you keep reading so that you can take note.

How to Know if I am Reported in Datacredito: Steps to Follow

We will explain the step by step depending on your situation:

  1. First, the citizen must enter the web portal of «My data Credit». You can find the option of free access during the first month of the platform.
  2. When logged in, the user must click on «Sign up».
  3. Next, the citizen will receive a form that must be filled in by placing his identity card number, date of issuance of the document, name, surname, email, cell phone, enter a password and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Even though you first month is free, You must place your credit card information on the platform. In order to verify and verify your means of payment.
  5. When you have validated your payment method, you will then answer some security questions to verify your identity. The questions can be about personal information, financial information, bank accounts, etc.
  6. In case your registration in DataCrédito has finished it, you can check your credit score.


You can click «Diagnosis» and your summary will appear with graphics about your credit experience, the level of indebtedness, your product files and payment habits.

Full Credit History

In the complete credit history, a breakdown of all financial activity will appear, from your active or closed accounts, highlighting how those accounts are damaging your credit score.

My next credit

In this option the user will be able to simulate different types of products and highlight what are the probabilities that their request will be accepted or declined by the entity, from which you wish to request it.

My debt

The user will be able to observe in detail all the debts registered in the system.

Financial Goals

The applicant will have access to many important tools that help in making a savings plan.

The platform is very easy to use, but if you have any questions, you can attend any Datacrédito office in the country.

Attending you can request a consultation of your file especially your score at no additional cost.

How to know if I am Reported in Datacredito: Reports for Default or Default

To begin with, all reports that are due to default or non-compliance will be registered for a long time within Datacrédito.

If the person is not wearing the delay document, the citizen will be registered with a delinquency or non-compliance report that will last twice as long as it was in arrears once the user has canceled the obligation.

It is important to note that this type of document will be present for less 4 years maximum in the Datacredit system, then it will be removed. For this reason, we recommend that the user cancel as soon as possible.

How to Know if I am Reported in Datacredito: Importance of Consulting

The importance of checking if it is reported in datacredit is divided into three reasons: the first is that user has the right to know their situation before the centrals, knowing the terms of financial health.

The second is to verify that they have not incorrect reports that do not correspond to your situation and finally, the third, because it assures the user that they are not being a victim of fraud that damages the possibilities of entering the different types of credits.

How to know if I am Reported in Datacredito: When can I consult?

The risk centers allow the financial information to be consulted when the person considers it, as long as it adapts to the payment procedures and subreception plans.

  1. First the information is updated from periodically.
  2. It is important to note that if you query in several entities, the records are stored for as long as less 6 months after the consultation and if you have a few.
  3. This considers a risk factor when granting a service.

Other Credit Bureaus in Colombia

In Transunion it allows you check your credit history and your scores on the internet, but it does not grant the free trial period that Datacrédito does.

The Trasunión offers users a basic plan in which you must pay $ 7,800 peso for each consultation, but it also grants other plan options that you can query multiple times with. If you want to make your virtual consultation, you must comply with the following steps:

  1. You must first access the Transunión web portal and must register with your personal information.
  2. You must validate your data by answering the questions about your phone number, address and financial entities. This step guarantees total security to the user so that they are not a victim of impersonations or forgeries.
  3. Next, you must choose a consultation plan you want and make the payment to create your profile.
  4. Having your profile created, you will be able to review your information.

Transunión only allows the user to observe their credit score and corroborate which entities have verified your history in the last 6 months.

In the event that the user wants the details such as negative reports or delays, he must make a right to request where he highlights that he needs said information. This type of procedure is completely free.


Financial information consultation platform, whose owner is Fenalco, which you can access regarding two options: the first must attend the headquarters of the entity at the point of Citizen Service, is located at Calle 50 # 42-54 in Medellín, Antioquia, in Colombia.

The second option is that the user can access the portal Procredit, filling out the form. The consultation will have no cost if it is your first time in the month.

In the Form, the citizen must complete information such as: identity document number, name and surname, email, cell phone and residence address.

What is Datacrédito?

A datacredit provides financial information for all citizens so that entities making loans can investigate whether they may incur debts.

In other words, its purpose is to strengthen knowledge and provide confidence to entities to grant financial credits.

Freemium Plan

With this free Plan, the citizen can obtain:

  1. An history about detailed credit
  2. You can complain to the entities if there is any inconvenience.
  3. Check if the entities reviewed your file for grant you credit.
  4. It has alerts in the financial systems in the event that you were impersonated, you have lost your identity card and if you live abroad.

Credit Profile Plan

If you want to obtain this type of credit, the citizen must cancel $ 17,500 obtaining the following benefits:

  1. Your score in Datacrédito.
  2. They communicate with people for when the entities consult you.
  3. They have anti-fraud alerts for changes in your credit file.
  4. Success calculator when applying for credits.
  5. They can choose a virtual financial advisor to help you with your score and have access to credit.
  6. It has personalized telephone attention.

Protect Plan

This is the most popular one that people access the most, it has a cost of $ 21,500 monthlyl and the benefits are:

  1. Tea they monitor your email and password on the Internet.
  2. Presentation of all personal documentation.
  3. Notices before judicial processes.
  4. You have access to a calculator for credit applications.
  5. They give you tips to avoid fraud.
  6. Discounts and unique promotions with great allies.

Premium plan

People who wish to obtain this plan, should take into account that it has a value of $ 23,500 per month having the following benefits:

  1. You have an anti-fraud insurance against identity theft.
  2. Sure if your credit cards were stolen.
  3. The citizen can choose to have personalized legal advice.

To conclude, Datacrédito is one of the most important companies in the financial market, given its leading role with many entities.

Already with this article it has helped you to have more knowledge on this subject, we hope we have helped you.


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