How to Know if I Collect the ANSES Bonus: Amounts, Methods and MORE

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A very frequent question is that of How to know if I collect the ANSES Bonus. This voucher is a transfer of monetary funds, so that the beneficiaries can make use of it as they see fit. It is sent to people who meet certain socioeconomic conditions, as a state support.

If you are interested in finding out if you are one of those people, keep reading! Today we will be explaining the steps you must follow to see if you charge the bonus, what the amounts are, the payment methods, and who can and cannot receive it. Basically everything you need to know about the bonus and much, much more.

How do I know if I collect the ANSES Bonus?

Let’s start by answering the main question of today. We refer to How to Consult the Collection of the Anses Bonus. We will indicate step by step what you must do to know if you will be receiving this benefit, as well as the date and place of collection. It is an extremely simple procedure, for which you only need a good internet connection.

Next, let’s see what you have to do:

  • To begin, you must enter the web portal of the ANSES. Specifically, in the section of the Family Emergency Income (IFE).
  • Once there, enter your CUIL number and the Social Security Code. Then click Get into.
  • You can see if you were confirmed or confirmed to receive the bonus. Also, you will be able to see the place and the date of payment.
  • On the other hand, you can also check Date and Time of Payment from other programs by entering that link. Once there, enter your CUIL or benefit and make the query.
  • As a result of the process, you will be able to know if you will carry out the Collection of the Anses Bonus. If you do not appear in the registry, it is because the answer is negative.

The entire process should not take more than 5 minutes. You will be able to do the consultation for three months, month by month. You just have to follow these steps. The advantage is that you can do it from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. Not only that, but the service works 23 hours a day, which does not limit you in time.

Forget about having to go somewhere, stand in line and then wait to be served. In fact, as a recommendation, you can always clear your cache so that the internet goes faster and the process is more efficient.

How to know if I collect the ANSES Bonus: Amounts

Another very important aspect is the Amounts Receivable for the ANSES Bonus. These are not predetermined or set from the start. Rather, it is determined by the beneficiary’s income level and the months you worked in the last 36 months.

The fees are six months, although workers who are over 45 years of age charge another extra. For the month of August 2020, the third batch was paid for $ 10,000. The others for a smaller amount, although close to $ 8,500 to $ 10,000.

The beneficiary families they receive this transfer. They can use it to meet basic needs. For example, there is the demand for food, health products, clothing, among others. It is an aid of an economic nature.

The ANSES payments they are multiple. It has programs like:

  • Pensions and retirements.
  • By pregnancy.
  • Unemployment.
  • Prenatal and maternity allowance.
  • Universal Allowance for Child and Family for Child.
  • Birth, adoption or marriage (single payment).
  • Non-contributory pensions.
  • Family Allowances for Non-Contributory Pensions.

The payments of all these for the year 2021 you can see them in the Payment calendar. This is supplied by ANSES itself and allows you to visually guide you. Payment is determined by the last number of the identity document.

How to Know if I Collect the ANSES Bonus: Collection Methods

On the other hand, another very important aspect to take into account are the ANSES Bonus Collection Methods. These vary depending on the person, but there are many that are already established. In this sense, if you have already collected any of these, then most likely you will continue to use this payment method.

  • Savings Bank of the Social Security. This was generated by ANSES and is perfect for collecting the bonus.
  • Collection by Uniform Banking Code (CBU).
  • Using the ATM, specifically in the Link-BNA Network and the Banelco network.
  • Through email. The collection is made in cash.
  • BAPRO ID. Payment can be made through this account.

To program the collection method, you just have to follow the steps that we will indicate below:

  • First, enter the ANSES web portal. Specifically to the IFE section.
  • Enter with your Social Security code and indicate that you want to modify the contact information. You can change either your email or your phone number.
  • You will receive a message with a code. With this you can access the choice of Payment methods.
  • Select the one of your preference. Enter the information requested below or follow the instructions that will be given later. If you don’t receive any, as happens when you choose Banco Provincia and Banelco, don’t worry. This happens like this.

It’s that easy to program the payment method that interests you. In the same way you will be able to see how to pay entering the link that we have left you.

How to know if I collect the ANSES Bonus: Who collects it?

Who collects the ANSES Bonus it is also a question that users frequently ask themselves. As we told you before, there are several paid programs that this entity has, and that range from pregnancy, retirement, unemployment and family allowances.

People who have already collected two installments from the Family Emergency Income (IFE), then it is likely that they will receive the third. The truth is that the following people enter this program:

  • All individuals whose head of the family, In other words, whoever bears the financial burden does not receive income for:
    • Unemployment benefit.
    • Belonging to the regime of independent workers or being in a monotax category higher than B.
    • Appear as a dependent worker. It does not matter if it is in the private or public sector.
    • Social programs. Either Empower Trabo, complementary social salary or any other. It does not matter if it has a national, municipal or provincial scope.
    • Finally, for national withdrawals (regardless of your contribution), retirements or pensions. Again, its scope does not matter.
  • Individuals who maintain an age between 18 and 65 years of age.
  • People who work as informal workers and / or from third party houses.
  • Monotributistas. They can be categorical or social. The first are those that fall within A and B.
  • Nationals, residents or naturalized persons. In the case of being residents, this must be legal and greater than 24 months.

These are the ones that you can collect the Anses INFE Bonus, which for 2020 stood at $ 10,000, as we indicated above. However, the requirements for other programs are totally different.

Who cannot collect it?

Who Cannot Collect the ANSES Bonus. The people that we will list below cannot be considered to enter this program, since they do not have the established conditions. Let’s see!

  • Applicants with a age less than 25 yearss. Not only this, but he is still legally living with his parents, according to the National Social Security Administration database. This is so because it would constitute as part of said family group.
  • People who have a socioeconomic condition that does not merit obtaining this benefit. This is determined by the AFIP, together with a patrimonial examination.
  • Finally, those individuals cannot be beneficiaries deprived of liberty.

These are the people who do not fall within the group that can request the bonus. Likewise, there are those people who would not be as well suited here as in another. For example, a unemployed person would enjoy the program aimed precisely at this group of people.

This does apply to any ANSES program for which you are going to participate. Perhaps with some adjustments, but at the end of the day there are limiting conditions when participating in a program.

What is ANSES?

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) It is an entity founded in 1991. This is born from the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, although it stands as a decentralized one. This is in charge of providing different social programs, such as family contributions, unemployment contributions, retirement, and so on.

It also has specific programs for the family: maternity, adoption, marriage. From its virtual page you can carry out multiple procedures and queries, as well as a source for news and available offers. Even the beneficiaries can see the payment date, contribution history, and so on.

One of the best known programs is that of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH). This is given as a support for families, with the maintenance of their children. With the pandemic came the Family Emergency Income (IFE), for families who would find it difficult with quarantine.

We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for. Now you know everything there is to know about the bond.

Until next time!

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