How to know if I collect the Family Protection Bonus: Steps, Application and MORE

Some bonuses from the state for economically vulnerable groups are a great help. That is why here we will tell you about the latest in this matter: How to know if I have received a Family Protection Bonus?

Keep reading so that you know everything related to this topic. Let’s start!

How do I know if I collect the Family Protection Bonus?

There are moments in life where things get complicated for the common citizen. Such is the case worldwide with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For this reason, the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, announced since his government is going to implement a new bonus that will be welcomed to more than 480,000 families who are in precarious conditions. The aid will have an amount of 120 dollars for each one.

The aid is part of the Family Protection program, which is why it is called Family Protection Bonus. It is very likely that you wonder How to know if I have received a Family Protection Bonus? Well then we will tell you in detail the steps you must follow.

How to know if I collect the Family Protection Bonus: Steps

The first thing you should do is fill out the form of the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Economy (MIES), to be able to opt for the discount and of course, to find out if you are on the list of the more than 480,000 families. The steps are the following:

  • Have your identity document or card at hand.
  • Access the next web portal.
  • Write your identification number or that of the person you want to know if you will get the benefit.
  • Check the box that says «I am not a robot.»
  • Click on the button that says: Find out if you are a beneficiary of the Family Emergency Protection Bonus.
  • If you meet the requirements and benefit from the bonus, the system will show you your personal data and the places closest to your home where you can collect.
  • Otherwise, that is, if you are not a beneficiary, it will show you the following message: «The beneficiary does not exist or does not collect the Human Development Bonus.»

Ready, that’s how easy you can know if you or a close family member can access the family protection bond for the emergency.

How to know if I collect the Family Protection Bonus: Apply for it

The Family Protection voucher has a procedure to request it, basically, they would be the steps in the previous section. However, we can delve into this issue thanks to the way in which the collection will be notified.

For example, the Minister of Economic and Social Inclusion, Iván Granda, reported that the process will be carried out in a similar way to the payment of the Human Development Bonus.

What do the statements of the Ecuadorian minister mean? Well, if the beneficiary’s identity card number ends in 1, you can collect it on April 1, 11 or 21. But, if it ends on April 2, April 12 or 22. The same applies for the following month: May.

All beneficiaries who can opt for the voucher, will be able to charge for their last identification number in any position. However, via SMS or text message, The State will be sending suggestions to everyone to go to the closest place to their home.

Thus, moving to more distant places is avoided, something positive taking into account the context of the pandemic. All of the above were some of the statements that the Minister gave.

Also, you should know that more than 7000 points were enabled from the financial sector, which are ready for people to collect the voucher throughout the Ecuadorian territory.

The most important thing of all is to know that when you are going to request the Family Protection Bonus, you must carry your valid identification card or identity document, since through it is the only way in which you can collect the benefit.

How to know if I collect the Family Protection Bonus: Parameters to be a Beneficiary

Since you know the answer to: How to know if I collect the Family Protection BonusNow you are probably wondering who can access the benefit? Or failing that, what are the parameters to be a beneficiary? Well, do not worry, below we will list what are the key points that the Government takes into account to deliver the money.

Generally, those who access these benefits are those families and individuals that are registered in the base of the Social Registry. This means that they are in conditions of vulnerability or risk. Likewise, the levels of poverty or extreme poverty are usually normal in this database.

There is nothing wrong with it, on the contrary, it is good that it is known, so that then the State can provide help to those who need it most. In turn, Executive Decree No. 1235, published on January 28, 2021, establishes that it is a totally normal situation due to the continuous development of economic activities.

The MIES, or Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion reported that the parameters to qualify for this benefit are:

  1. Not be a beneficiary of other MIES bonuses and pensions.
  2. Not being a beneficiary of other temporary aids such as the Nutritional Support Bonus.
  3. Not having received in 2020 the Family Protection Bonus Phase 1, Phase 2, and coverage to the families of the Galapagos Islands.
  4. Not be affiliated with the insurance of the IESS, ISSFA, ISSPOL.

How much is the bonus and how to collect it?

The Ministry in charge of Social Economic Inclusion establishes a series of bonuses. Each of them is charged for particular reasons and of course, they vary in amount. Here is a short list of them:

    • Human Development Bonus: USD 50
    • Human Development Voucher with Variable Component, up to USD 150.
    • For older adults: Pension My Best Years: USD 100
    • Pension for Seniors: USD 50

How and where to collect the bonus?

How to collect the bonus? Well, this question is a very good one, since we have reiterated it throughout the article. The first thing to do is verify if you are a beneficiary, then go to the strategic points designated by the Government. Or, wait for the text message where they tell you which one to go to.

Since May 2020, to avoid the crowds when leaving home to receive the Family Protection Bonus, they have been activated 10,200 payment points -approximately-, distributed in the country, through the national financial network.

They include Banco del Barrio, Tu Banco Banco, Mi Vecino and Banco Aqui. In addition, you can also go to stores, pharmacies and small supermarkets.

Frequent questions

Frequently asked questions are always important as they help people to clarify relevant doubts about the topic they are researching. Here we are not different from other sites, so we also have our question section. Look at them:

How old do I have to be to receive the emergency bonus?

The voucher is given to all those persons who are of legal age and who are in charge of a family group.

Do youWhere to download the registration form to receive the emergency voucher?

The form to request your emergency voucher is not downloaded. Instead, you should know that it will be delivered directly to you as a registration sheet in the civil registry office closest to your locality. Or failing that, where you are going to receive the benefit.

How long will I receive the emergency bonus?

This economic aid will be given while the country stabilizes from the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, it will be taken into account that all people can carry out their work activities normally.


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