How to know if I have a Catch Ballot: Steps, Reasons and MORE

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In order to verify your behavior within society, you need to investigate How to know if I have a Capture Ballot. This point is very important, since it can mark your reputation both positively and negatively. We invite you to continue reading.

Here we have for you, the steps to enter the DINARDAP platform, what are the reasons for having a Capture Ballot. Also, what should be done in case of having a Capture Ballot, what is DINARDAP and what are its functions, and what is a Capture Ballot.

How do I know if I have a Capture Ballot in Ecuador?

These Ballots refer to a written mandate, carried out by the different corresponding authorities, and thus be able to execute a judicial procedure. The judiciary is responsible for administering justice to the entire society.

Said power is one of the three (3) fundamental powers executed in a nation. These powers are the following: The Executive Power, the Legislative Power and the Judicial Power. The latter is used as a body in charge of executing different activities in the State.

This power in Ecuadorian territory is formed by various courts of the Republic of Ecuador. Also, the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador in its Article 167 set the following:

«The power to administer justice comes from the people and is applied through the entities of the Judicial Branch, and other bodies stipulated in the Constitution.»

In such a way that, this power applies all its power throughout Ecuador, and has as main office which is located in its capital Quito. The people of Ecuador must have available knowledge about their penalty situation, such as penalties, pending alimony, etc.

DINARDAP (National Public Data Registry Office) is a body in charge of formulating and organizing the National Public Data Registry System. In addition, it provides an online consultation tool, where you can find out whether or not you have a court order.

What makes this procedure much easier and more agile, using a computer with internet access 24 hours a day. The guidelines that you must follow to make the necessary inquiries are applied within the public databases platform.

This information is provided by the National Police of Ecuador, knowing about the issuance of the judges, taking into account the latest sentences of the stipulated orders.

How to Know if I Have a Capture Ballot: Steps to Access the System

So that you can enter the system, we leave you the steps you must follow:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the DINARDAP official website.
  • The second step is to open an account, with the username and a personal password.
  • While you are registering, you have to enter your personal information, including your personal email, and through it you will receive a validation email.
  • Already having the account open, you have the possibility to access directly.
  • When you enter the platform, on the initial page you must select where it says «National Police».
  • Then all the data corresponding to the orders known as Capture Tickets, which the individual has, will appear on the screen.

How is the query made through the Secure Data System?

The DINARDAP (National Directorate of Public Data Registry), reflects in the same system the verification of the Capture Ballot in Ecuador. This is through immigration alerts, criminal records, etc.

The Secure Data platform applies the same information to access. The guidelines to follow within this system, we leave them below:

  1. The first step is that you must enter the official website of DINARDAP.
  2. Then, you have to enter the identification number as an Ecuadorian citizen, if you still do not have an account, enter the create account field and follow the indicated instructions.
  3. It is very important that you enter your personal email address. Right there you will receive an email with the confirmation and validation.
  4. As soon as the account is activated, you can start with the session.
  5. Finally, the data that is needed will be reflected on the screen, once you click on the option where it says «National Police», where you will see the Capture Ballot.

Reasons for having a Capture Ballot

The first thing you should know is that a Capture it is considered as the physical arrest of an individual. The process to materialize it is done in writing, directly by a Guarantee Control Judge.

The captured individual is restricted from his freedom and at the same time enjoys certain rights, which the process grants him and thus be able to prevent his sensitivity, while the procedure lasts. Now, there are several reasons to have a Capture Ballot, and these are:

  • The violence in the family nucleus.
  • Crimes
  • Appropriation of property of others.
  • Delay in the cancellation of alimony.
  • The accumulated fines.
  • Delays in taxes.
  • Riots on the public highway.
  • Failure to comply with payment agreements.

These Ballots, are not directly related to the deprivation of liberty of the accused individual. It can be a legal filing, or the cancellation of a specific amount. This according to the seriousness of the imputation or the amount of captures that one has.

On certain occasions, a total personal injunction may be entered for each individual. At this time, the person must appear in court. as well as in judicial declarations, including restrictions on exit from Ecuadorian territory.

Generally, this type of penalty is used for individuals who, have failed in food matters. This occurs when the person in question is minors. Through the code of childhood and adolescence, coverage must be carried out in its entirety in the food field.

How to know if I have a Capture Ballot: What to do if I have it?

When you are in the DINARDAP system (National Directorate of Public Data Registry), you have to enter your information to be able to access, and consequently the documentation on the Capture Ballot will appear on the screen.

It is important that you know that several Capture Tickets may appear, and this will depend on the individual that is being verified.

How to know if I have a Capture Ballot: National Directorate of Public Data Registry

The DINARDAP (National Directorate of Public Data Registry), has as an elementary function, admit obtaining public registry data. It also evaluates different technological processes that ensure legal protection, within what the constitution and current laws dictate.

There are different communication tools that are in charge of carrying out the public registration procedure. Also, it carries out a consolidated database, where the data record of any natural person is made, taking into account their criminal and legal functions.

In such a way that, the DINARDAP (National Directorate of Public Data Registry), is concerned about provide a system at your disposal for the income of all citizens. It should be noted that the use of data as a meaningful medium is very important.

Fundamentally, for all individuals and thus know their legal legal status, throughout the Ecuadorian territory. This through the stipulation of data exchange instruments, with the corresponding entities that have the public registry.

Likewise, it is in charge of strengthen the central database, with all the information included on natural persons. On the other hand, it directs, organizes, and administers the National Public Data Registry System.

This can be done through the corporations that are in charge of forming a platform, both at home and abroad.

Functions of DINARDAP (National Directorate of Public Data Registry)

The Functions refer to the different tasks that can be performed by an individual or a specific body. In addition, they are exposed in different environments, covering several fields which have an influence on each individual.

So, in this case the legal functions are applied through the different expressions of power that an organism may have, about state provisions. What is taken into account as a public service, to obey certain functions.

Therefore, this is used as different rights, and thus be able to fulfill the goals of the State. Regularly, legal tasks resolve the different discrepancies or manifestations of rights regarding an individual.

Among the most outstanding functions of DINARDAP, are the following:

  1. Design different instruments, with the aim that natural persons have the opportunity to enter the police system.
  2. It is responsible for applying new outstanding strategies, for the use of technological tools, advances in the internet in conjunction with legal information.
  3. Also, he is in charge of organize DINARDAP information.
  4. Authorizes users to access the information system, through their personal record.
  5. Symbolizes the clarity in the information process of the judicial registry.

What is a Capture Ballot?

A Capture Ballot, It is a written mandate by the pertinent authorities, which are in charge of carrying out the processes in the Judicial Power. This, too, is known as the Urgent Order in Ecuador, and they are admitted by the National Police.

Then, it is the authorities who are responsible for apprehending any individual who has any pending account with the Law. Each judicial procedure of capture or sanction cannot be carried out without the respective Capture Ballot.

Through the Capture Tickets, protect the rights of all individuals, and in the same way the judicial process is streamlined. That is, it is a documentation that ensures the arrest of an individual, on which you have reasons for his arrest.

How do I know if I have a Capture Ballot? It is very easy to know, you just have to enter the system of the National Public Data Registry (DINARDAP) with your data, and follow the steps that the platform indicates.

It is of great importance to know your status at the judicial level in Ecuador, this with the aim of preventing some situations that may influence the different facets of your daily life.


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