How to know if I have a Light Subsidy: How to obtain it, what it is and MORE

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If you are in a difficult economic situation, and you have no way to reduce expenses, you can start by consulting How do I know if I have a Light Subsidy? In such a way that, we invite you to read all the information that we select for you.

We detail the steps to find out if you have the subsidy, how to acquire it, who are the people who can obtain this subsidy. Also, what are the users who do not apply for the subsidy, what are the services that provide this benefit, what is the social rate for electricity and other information of interest.

How do I know if I have a Light Subsidy?

As of January 1, 2019, the Fiscal Consensus agreed on September 13, 2018, authorized through Law No. 27,469, that the amount of the electricity service will be determined according to the economic situation of the residential areas in Argentina.

That is, it can be set according to the place where you reside, a fixed amount is paid according to the area where the beneficiary of the electricity service lives. By law, the popular areas of the country have the right to receive an economic subsidy for light, only for residing in a popular place.

Although these data are known, there is a way to know if an individual is a beneficiary of financing with respect to electricity service. This will be detailed through a few steps that are named below.

Steps to find out if you have a Luz subsidy

The guidelines to follow are very easy to do, which can be done by anyone by following the following:

  • The first thing is to access the official web portal of Consultation and Requests from the Argentine Government.
  • Then click on the alternative that says «Check if you are a Beneficiary».
  • To continue two (2) questions appear on the screen, which you must answer to make the query, these are:
    • Choose the company that provides you with electricity service.
    • Enter the customer number if it is Edesur, if it is Edenorte write the account number.
  • To finish, press the option «Make Consultation».

If for any reason the consultation cannot be made, you have the opportunity to obtain the social rate for the area where you reside. Likewise, there is a receipt for the service that is received each month.

How to know if I have a Light Subsidy: How to obtain it?

To obtain the electricity subsidy, you must know the company where you are known as the customer of the electricity service. This is because in the country there are two (2) companies that provide this service throughout Argentina, these are: Edesur and Edenorte.

Each company has its way of granting the electricity subsidy, however, users have to obey certain requirements. However, not everyone can have this advantage, as it is only for the most needy individuals.

In reference to Edenorte, they offer the subsidy when they create the helpless user. That is, according to the information they have about it, they study whether or not the benefit is granted. It is relevant that Edenor be aware about the economic situation currently.

On the other hand, Edesur is more closely related to the Decree published on January 1, 2019, about the rates according to the residential areas that exist in the country. It should only be consulted as explained in the previous point How do I know if I have a Light Subsidy?

How to know if I have a Light Subsidy: Who can be a Beneficiary?

The individuals who can enjoy the benefit of light are all those who obey the following requirements:

  1. All pensioners and retirees who receive a income less than or equal to two (2) pensions minimal.
  2. People who will benefit from social projects.
  3. All people who own jobs where they receive minimum wage.
  4. Monotributistas who receive an income of less than two (2) minimum salaries.
  5. People who are registered in the social monotax.
  6. All those individuals who are paying off an unemployment loan.
  7. Distinguished people for possessing a Certificate of Disability.
  8. All individuals who receive a pension for their war veterans.
  9. Employees in the domestic sphere, and employees of private homes.

If the user does not reside in a popular sector of the country, he has to go to some of the agencies customer service closest to your home address. You must bring the documentation that proves your current economic condition.

What are the Users who do not receive the Beneficiary?

All that has been said so far is that the subsidy applies to those users where their economic condition is limited. Therefore, this shows those who cannot enjoy this benefit. In short, the people who cannot obtain this subsidy are the following:

  • The who own real estate.
  • Owning a vehicle for more than ten (10) years, (this condition does not include people with some type of Disability).
  • Citizens that do not reside in popular sectors Argentina, and do not obey the previously mentioned requirements.

All these conditions would be the restrictions, so that an individual does not enjoy the subsidy of the electricity service. This is because, this benefit is an economic support for all those people who do not have an average income.

How to know if I have a Subsidy for Electricity: Other Subsidized Services

There are other basic services that grant subsidiesIn this way, users feel more relieved with the cancellation of their consumption month by month. In other words, this type of subsidy applies to those people who are in vulnerable economic conditions.

It should be noted that a citizen must know what is required or what he must do, to obtain the benefit of the subsidy in some basic services. These services are the following:

Gas Service

As of 2015, the company in charge of providing this service, constantly creates projects to provide an effective service and prevent some subsidies. This service, it is not a fixed benefit neither for the company nor for the user.

However, this project is still active for all users who consider themselves in need. Now, the following is a detail of what a client must do to receive the subsidy:

  1. Call the call center to the telephone number 0800-333-2182.
  2. There is another alternative and access the official website of the ANSES.
  3. Regarding the requested requirements, are the same as for acquiring the subsidy of the electricity service. By being part of this profile, you have the possibility to carry out the management to acquire the subsidy.

Water and Sewer Service

For this type of services, citizens residing in CABA and in the periphery have the possibility of requesting the subsidy. In such a way that they can request the so-called solidarity rate, through the AySa website.

Likewise, they can call this phone number 0800-321-2482, and make the request. You can also request the subsidy for white water and wastewater by contacting the AySa offices. It is very important to present the documentation on the economic condition you have at the time.

The SUBE Electronic Card Service

This is the electronic card that is used to cancel the cost of public transportation. Likewise, it has a subsidy for all people who are in a state of precariousness. To obtain it, you must visit one of the customer service offices, record your ID and make the request.

People with disabilities do not have this card, as they can travel for free on public transport. It is a relief to have financial support, in times of need. Therefore, when you find yourself like this, you can count on this subsidy.

Frequent questions

Here are some common questions users ask:

Is there a possibility that a student can acquire the subsidy in the public transport?

If you have the opportunity, presenting a proof of studies in front of the corresponding authorities and requesting said subsidy.

Does the subsidy apply to everyone in general?

This applies to all those individuals, who are in difficult economic conditions, or who have low income. The subsidy is valid for people with disabilities, retirees and pensioners.

How are the social rates obtained?

According to the latest reform, the rates will be used according to the province where the person is living. The rates are calculated through invoices issued by the relevant body.

How can you request the subsidy?

This can be requested through the web portal and the telephone number that were already mentioned. It is suggested check your previous social rate at the beginning of the procedure.

What is the Social Rate of Light?

It is an aid granted by the companies that provide electricity service. This with the intention that, the users who pay the consumption of the electricity service, only cancel this at a convenient cost for them.

This benefit tries to offer support to all those people who do not receive the necessary income to enjoy comfort. In other words, in their daily lives they must reduce their consumption, because they do not have the ideal economic income to cover all their needs.

The positive thing about this benefit is that, the citizens who obtain it, no longer have to worry about canceling a large amount of money by the consumption of electricity, which helps to reduce costs.

How do I know if I have a Light Subsidy? We have clarified this question throughout the article, so that interested people know if they qualify for the subsidy or not.

It is important that there are plans of this type in the country, which helps low-income people have support that allows them to cover the costs of their basic services.

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