How to know if I have a Tax Refund: Details, Documents and MORE

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How do I know if I have a Tax Refund? Now that we are preparing to pay the tax, we must be aware that we do not have to collect a tax refund from previous years. Next, we will indicate how to carry out the process and the dates to receive the returns.

Keep in mind that the tax refund is for natural, natural and legal persons. For this reason, it is important to have previously filed the tax return and keep all the payments made in the year that will be part of this process on file. Keep reading and you will know more about the process!

How do I know if I have a Tax Refund in Chile?

After submitting the income statement, you can confirm and search the tax refund on the SII website and check the status of the tax return to see if it has been approved.

If you have already returned the merchandise and you can get a tax refund, or worse, you have not received any notification, you can do the following verification:

  • Check if there are any pending situations in the IBS.
  • The affidavit filed by your withholding agent remains inconsistent.
  • When declaring the credit for educational expenses, one of the requirements must be taken into account, that the parents’ income does not exceed 792 UF.

Similarly, if you have not submitted the income tax return for the current year, you can enter the SII portal and file the statement online on the website, and you will automatically receive the maximum sentence and fines associated with the return. after the deadline.

However, if you have a pending return, and you file the return before the deadline, you can collect it within the year that you are carrying out the process. Take into account all these data to avoid problems with the law.

How to know if I have a Tax Refund: Details to Consider

The following are some details to consider when requesting a tax refund:

  • Pending the tax refund, we must bear in mind that the SII is responsible for approving the tax refund, but the Department of the Treasury is responsible for verifying the information and paying.
  • If you do not provide information on the refund of the deposit and the authorized tax refund is less than or equal to USD 3,000,000, the service will be available at the BancoEstado or ServiEstado branches as of May 30.
  • Also, if you want to deposit the remaining tax refunded on line 66 of Form 22 in your checking, cash or savings account, bank or RUT, you must enter the required data correctly.
  • If you do not have a bank account, you can request to open a RUT account at the time of filing your return.
  • You must record the checking or savings account number, including zero numbers.
  • Consider whether there is any inconsistency between the taxpayer’s data on the method recorded on Form 22 and the data on checking, savings, or cash accounts.
  • Taxpayers who require the delivery of a check to the address listed on Income Statement 22 should know that the postal service will take approximately 5 days from the date of return.
  • If you requested a refund of the remaining credit and did not receive a check at the address, or did not deposit funds in a specific bank account, you can visit the SII website in the first ten days of June.

How to know if I have a Tax Refund: How does the Refund Happen?

The SII tax refund allows the payment of income tax returns when there is an amount in favor. This process is carried out after the compensation of tax debts or other forms of withholdings, which have been formalized.

The payment of the income statement is made by bank deposit or check payable to the taxpayer at the bank (the check has been sent to the address defined in the corresponding income statement). If the bank receiving the check cannot deposit the money, it will be sent to the registered address.

If the person is not found, the document will be returned 10 days after its shipment to the corresponding region or Ministry of Finance. In this case, the relevant party must go to collect your check.

For income withholding and payment claims, taxpayers must first log into the department of public service reporting the withholding and payment.

Documents to Request

Citizens who need to start the process, must follow the following steps:

  1. Collect the required background information.
  2. Go to the Office of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic (TGR).
  3. When you are in the office, explain the reason for the visit: request for payment of tax return.
  4. Provide the required background information.
  5. As a result of this process, you will be asked to pay a refund and the money will be deposited into your bank account or sent by check to your home address.

Documentation necessary to request a tax refund for the declared year

The documentation that the SII needs to start the charge discount measure is the following:

Natural people:

  • Present the current character card.

If the interested party cannot carry out the procedure, he / she may authorize a third party, who must provide the following information:

  • Consign the current identity card of the taxpayer and the agent.
  • Notarized or simple letter of authorization (the maximum term is five days), and the designated agent is authorized by the corresponding party to carry out the process.

Legal persons:

If the procedure is carried out by the legal representative:

  • Present the taxpayer’s RUT card.
  • E-RUT of the company.
  • Valid identity card of the legal representative.
  • Authorized copy of the public deed of the organization.
    • It must include the trade name of the organization, the distinctive proof and RUT of the legitimate delegate.
    • Indicate that you are approved to complete this process, the place where the deed was delivered, the date it was executed, the mark and seal of the legal official who approved the public deed.
  • Endorsement of legitimacy of public deed.
  • Will of legitimacy of force of the business registry.

In the event that the process is carried out by a natural person other than the legal agent:

  • RUT of the taxpayer.
  • Valid identity card of the legal representative and the agent.
  • Legalized photocopy of the public deed, in order to verify that the legal representative is empowered to delegate to one or more agents the execution of this procedure.
  • Certificate of original validity of the public deed.
  • Endorsement of legitimacy of the business force.
  • Authenticated attorney’s certificate, as indicated:
    • The information and the RUT of the legitimate delegate.
    • The information and the RUT of the specialist, in addition to demonstrating that it is approved to complete the methodology.
    • Signature of the legitimate delegate (owner).
    • Center where the power of attorney was delivered to the lawyer, date on which the process was carried out, signature and stamp of the public accountant.

How to know if I have a Tax Refund: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions about tax refunds:

Can we request a refund of the income tax on the bank credit card?

No, we cannot request a refund of our taxes with a credit card because the Ministry of Finance of the Republic does not accept this procedure.

Can we put the bank account of another owner to deposit the return of the tribute?

Nor is it possible to deposit the tax refund in the bank account of another holder, because this payment can only be deposited in the bank account of the taxpayer.

Who must declare the income tax of the deceased?

The heir must declare the deceased’s income tax. They can continue to use the same RUT as the deceased (deceased) for a maximum of three years. For this reason, calculate the first year of death.

If I am a foreigner who has domicile or reside in Chile… what tax obligations should I have?

If you are a foreigner and have a Chilean domicile or residence, you will have the same tax obligations as anyone who lives in that country. You will need to pay taxes on income generated from sources of income located at home or abroad.

With one exception, foreigners stay in Chile for the first three years after entering Chile because they only need to pay taxes related to national income.

Chilean Internal Revenue Service (SII)

The Chilean Internal Revenue Service (SII) is an organization responsible for the tax administration of internal taxes and plays a role as a contributor of resources to the country to finance social investments for the well-being of the community.

It also plays an important role in the country’s economy and social activities. This means that, as a direct result of fulfilling the tasks entrusted and on this basis, the SII can carry out active participation in government initiatives through direct management of the tax system.

Similarly, it seeks to promote the economic development of the country, and create national economic activities in sight. In a wide range of initiatives, the SII revolves around the focus of action on two main strategic axes:

  • Promote maximum voluntary compliance with taxpayers’ tax obligations.
  • And through tax evasion or fraud minimize tax offenses.

These two objectives are an important part of the SII’s operations. Including the following methods to ensure tax compliance for all taxpayers:

  • Get an increase in the total amount of the collection.
  • Finally, gradually decrease tax evasion.


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