How to know if I have a Voucher at Banco Santander: Collection, Services and MORE

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Citizens should bear in mind that one of the most comfortable ways to make a payment in cash without having that money on top is the modality of the Voucher at sight or Voucher Vista. You will be wondering How to consult a Voucher at sight at Banco Santander? The answer is simple, first the citizen must access the website of the Santander Bank.

If you want to know what this topic consists of, stay with us, we will provide you with all the relevant information.

How do I know if I have a Voucher at Banco Santander?

When the citizen has entered the account of the Santander Bank, then locate the menu and click on «customer service». 4 options will appear and you will opt for the one of «Query Vale Vista».

The screen will prompt you to verify online if it contains any Vouchers. You will need to add your RUT, click on the reCaptch and you will enter.

With these simple steps you can check if you have any Vale Vista in said institution.

You may also be wondering How do I know if I have Vale Vista in Banco Santander through a phone call?

It is very easy, the user must call the 600 201 0000, it does not matter whether or not you are a client of Banco Santander. That is, just by having the RUT you can enter directly and they will tell you if you have a Ok view.

How and Where to Charge the Voucher Vista?

In the case that you are the beneficiary of the Vale Vista, in order to collect it, you must comply with the following steps to withdraw your money:

  • If you are a customer, you must charge face-to-face way, presenting your personal identification with any original document such as identity card or, if applicable, the passport.
  • In this case, you are a customer and you want to collect it from online way by paying the deposit of your personal accountYou will have to go to your private site and access the Vale Vista consolidated balances option.
  • If you are not a user, you must charge in person, presenting your identification of any official document.

In the event that he is not the beneficiary, but is a person for whom he represents him, he must collect from face-to-face, complying with the following steps:

  • Customers who have a power of attorneyThey must have sufficient powers by means of a public deed or in that case a private instrument.
  • Non-client with power representing a natural person: in this case you must present a signed letter before a notary.
  • Non-client who has a power of attorney representing a person but legal: You must present a mandate reduced to a public deed or the documentation of the community it represents.

After the citizen has verified if he has a voucher view, he can collect it directly at the agencies of the banking companies where the deposit is located.

You can also collect it online only if you are a registered customer in the issuing bank of the Ok View.

How to know if I have a Voucher at Banco Santander: Deadlines for Payment

Users should note that the Ok view you can charge up to 3 years after being issued, in which case the money is not collected within that period and is transferred to the physical.

In general, if it is not charged within that certain time, there is a probability of charging it at least two more years.

Banco Santander Chile: Products and Services

The Banco Santander Chile, is one of the largest banks in Chilean territory in terms of total assets, loans and deposits.

This important company offers each of its clients a wide range of commercial and retail banking.

Regarding services, the following can be mentioned:

Digital Credit Card

Having this credit card, the user can have one for free Digital Credit card, you can enjoy the best apps and favorite stores.

With this card, the customer can buy online, both in national and international establishments and in applications.

Citizens can rest easy, because it is 100% safe. That is, the assigned card number is different from your Physical Credit card.

In the event that the card has been lost or damaged, you can continue to use your Digital Credit card so you can make your purchases online.

Online Payment Portal

You can cancel your service account, online, as you can save on queues. They have at their disposal several basic services and are next:

  • Andean waters
  • CGE
  • Metrogas
  • At
  • Smapa

In the case of telecommunications companies that you can cancel through the Banco Santander web portal, the following may be mentioned:

  • Of course
  • Entel
  • Gtd Manquehue
  • Movistar
  • Vtr
  • Wom

About highway companies the following are mentioned:

  • Drive
  • North Coast
  • Vespucci North
  • South Vespucci

You can also cancel other services such as: Directv, Ripley and General Treasury of the Republic (TGR).

Digital Debit Card

Having this card Santander University Debit or Credential, they offer you to have this card for free so that you can enjoy your favorite applications and stores.

With it you can welcome your series and movies that you like the most , your music list, enter video game stores and delivery applications.

It fulfills the same functions as with the credit card. That is, you can buy online, it is 100% safe and in case of loss or damage you can continue using it.

Chip Santander Bracelet

It is available for all your cards debit and credit, you can get it from just $ 4.990. With this device you can pay from face-to-face way in all establishments, national and international.

You can do it easily, quickly and safely, pay without contact in your acquisitions of up to $ 20,000.

You should keep in mind that you can take it anywhere you want, as it is made of a waterproof material and for outdoor sports.

Santander App

You can download this fabulous application, you can carry out all kinds of transactions, anywhere you are, without the need to go to a branch. With it you can do the following:

  • Can do transactions to third parties and between your products.
  • Cancel all the accounts you have such as: water, electricity, gas, etc.
  • The user can pay the respective monthly payments of the Consumer Credit and Mortgage.
  • Check your account statements as many times as you want and pay all credit cards.
  • You can enter from the application to access the Secure App to execute claims claims and know the policies contracted.
  • You can check your latest movements for each of your accounts and cards.
  • The user can contract time deposits and mutual funds.
  • Finally, you can verify the international and national accounts.


This is a security system by which the user can carry out transactions via internet and telephone.

Superkey It is a coordinate card that has millions of combinations, the citizen requests a unique combination to carry out the procedures over the Internet.

Super spin

With the superdraft service you can send your money to whoever you want and the citizen can receive it with a card at any country teller.

In this case, the client is part of the Santander Lanpass Plan or Santander LATAM Pass Limited PlanWith each of this, you can earn at least 20 miles.

Other services offered to users are: cell phone recharge, automatic payment of PAC Account, mobile website, Digital News, Santander Wallet and Santander Pass.


Regarding the products offered to users of the Santander Bank, are: credit cards, checking account, insurance, mortgage loans, consumer credit and savings and investments.

Credit cards

You can use any card and meet the goal and win up to 5,000 LATAM Pass miles. Users can also verify which are those establishments that they can buy in installments without interest.

What more rewarding than canceling your Credit cards from the comfort of your home, without queuing.

Current account

The only checking account that does not ask for a balance is the Santander Bank of Chile. It is an ideal account for everything as for those who are 18 and 24 years old, an account with a cost of monthly maintenance of ($ 1,000).

If you have between 25 and 69 years old can have an account with a monthly maintenance cost ($ 2,300).

They cannot be left out, if you are 70 or older, it is a checking account designed for you for free.


Users can get auto, travel, life, health, home and personal protection services. If we talk about automobile insurance, it has coverage for accidents, theft, theft or unauthorized use, it also covers damages and injuries to third parties, among more.

If you want to obtain insurance on this, you can enter the official page and there you will find all information in this case.

Mortgage credit

Santander bank offers citizens a mortgage credit, whereby the stages of said credit are as follows:

  • Business evaluation and collection of background information.
  • Title analysis and writing writing.
  • The signature.
  • Client documents and completion of the procedure.

Finally, they can also obtain a consumer credit as well as savings and investments.

How to know if I have Vale Vista in Banco Santander: What is Vale Vista?

The Ok view It is a document that represents the cash that is delivered by a citizen. This is remitted when the recipient who wishes to withdraw a specific amount, which is available to the checking account.

Finally, citizens can trust this bank, because offer great products and services, to meet the needs of customers.


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