How to know if I have an EPEC Social Rate: Procedure, Documents and MORE

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How to know if I have an EPEC Social Rate, discover all the possibilities that this Argentine company offers you, in order to enjoy the best benefits and services they currently enjoy a good reputation.

In this article we explain all the procedures and necessary steps referring to this topic, eliminating some frequent doubts that will help you understand this process in a simple way.

How do I know if I have an EPEC Social Rate?

To fully understand the world of social rates, you need to first understand what kind of fees they are. This way you will know exactly what product you will be consuming and the relevance that it entails.

In the case of EPEC, refers to the fees related to the electricity and gas, two essential services for the quality of human life.

Without electricity we would not be able to use the different electronic devices, that help us to carry our day to day with great comfort.

The natural gas you cannot make use of every kitchen found in every home, thus resulting in a great blow to society.

Regarding gas, its distribution arises from December 2015, date in the public administration approved the update on the normalization of the natural gas market thus improving distribution coverage.

Finally, the corresponding subsidies were regulated thanks to the established standardization.

Regarding electricity, an agreement had previously been established to define the rates according to the current situation, without ruling out that there may be changes depending on the future.

Once you know the products that EPEC offers you and their importance, it is mandatory to be aware that the gas and electricity, are services that are assigned automatically.

In the case of not knowing if the EPEC Social Rate, do not worry. There is an effective method that will help you solve these unknowns in the shortest possible time.

The method to use is not complicated, you just have to faithfully follow the Next steps:

  • To have rresidence in Córdoba.
  • Have all personal data available (ID and residence address) This in order to speed up the process of registration and assignment.
  • To call to the: 0-800-333-2182 (Call Center): Here they will attend you and ask the reason for your call, you just have to present the case calmly.
  • Follow all the steps that inform the company.

It is not a very complicated process, it is important to bear in mind that the client must have all the documents prepared in advance. If not, there is a possibility of suffering delays and setbacks.

Who can Access the Service and who cannot?

For access services of social rates offered EPEC, the following specifications and conditions must be met:

  • To those who belong and own any social program.
  • Those people who have a disability condition and have a certification to confirm your condition.
  • The persons registered in the pension system that generate gross monthly income that does not exceed 2 times the minimum wage.
  • To the group of citizens who receive some unemployment insurance.
  • To the war veterans associated with the South Atlantic, holders of the Life penssion.
  • The individuals who are out of service or retired, also, the employees who are in relation dependency and can receive a remuneration that is less than or equal to 2 minimum wages.
  • Wage earners that are incorporated as regards the special social security regime for those who are employees of domestic services.
  • The individuals who are listed in the corresponding regime of the monotax social.
  • All the monotax workers that are listed, in agreement, category in which their annual income generation does not exceed 2 minimum wages.

While the specifications to access the social rate services They are extensive, there are also exceptions that will prevent the use of it, among them are:

  • Owners of more than one real estate.
  • Owner of a vehicle of 10 years old or more.
  • Holder of luxury boats.

In case of doubts, consult for more information in the following link:

How to know if I have an EPEC Social Rate: Procedure and Documents.

For the realization of procedures and documentation, if there is the alternative of not owning a direct subsidy from EPEC, to resolve the situation, it is necessary to have two important documents:

  • Personal identification (DNI).
  • Last invoice as of the service payments (This must be under your name to avoid legal problems).

Before continuing to explain what to do with the assigned documents, it must be emphasized that everything has to be of personal way, without having the need to arrange a shift.

Once you have the requested documentation, you have to go to an office of the ANSES to get the subsidy.

ANSES, includes a lot of offices distributed throughout the National territoryTo find out which of these is located closer to your home, consult the following link: Customer service offices | anses.

How to know if I have a Social Rate EPEC: New Scheme.

The new scheme was born thanks to the decrees of the Secretary of Energy, where he explains that they will no longer be subsidized by 100% electricity rates before the first 150 kilowatts that are consumed per hour on a monthly basis.

Only the fifty% for those who add 150 kWh / m more to the above, for all the people who were beneficiaries of the nation rate. And lastly, just a 25% to which they even add 150 kWh / m.

In summary, it means that the subsidy of electricity rates will be affected according to the amount of consumption per hour monthly.

It is important to be aware and put the system to good use. electric power, waste or overuse of it can cause significant damage to the people’s pocket.

For example, people who have belongings such as: electric ovens and air conditioners they only have to use them whenever strictly necesary.

Common lower-consumption appliances also make this list, including:

  • Televisions: it is commonly left on when it is not being used.
  • Washing machines: you should wash the less time possible.
  • Computers: It should always be ensured that once it is finished using it, turn it off properly.

What is EPEC?

EPEC (Provincial Energy Company of Córdoba) is a company focused directly on the development of public services. Its main objective is to accompany Córdoba to its growth as a province.

As a company, it has many fundamental values ​​that complement each other as a mission, these are:

  • Satisfy basic needs that life can possess daily life of the citizens of the province.
  • Provision of the public services that are in charge of being able to improve the quality of life of those who belong to each of the sectors.
  • Find the way to power provide quality, either in the service through the products it offers.
  • Innovation of curious technologies to anticipate the needs that customers may have.
  • Offer the more concise answers and fast, thus facing critical emergency situations, always respecting and taking care of any damage to the environment in the variable aspects of its activity.
  • Seek the conditions for the correct development of the agro-industry, and also trade, making sure that energy can reach each home.

One of the outstanding features of EPEC is its extensive vision to the future, planning and highlighting action plans to further improve the quality of its services.

Their vision is based on being a national benchmark and example, since in their ranks they have enough trained staff to face any eventuality, thus demonstrating maximum technical quality and efficiency.

Knowing all this process we realize that EPEC is a company that guarantees you many possibilities and contingency plans. In order for them to offer you a service tailored to your needs, it is important that electricity is put to good use.

As long as you meet the conditions that are required of you, you can enjoy all the services available, without forgetting that you must always be punctual with the payment of the invoice.

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