How to know if I have Ballots: SAT, Prescription and MORE

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How do I know if I have Ballots? In Peru it is normal for most users to get ballots in their transit vehicles; You should be aware that some of the new digital systems and automatic cameras are no longer active to determine the infractions placed on it.

Consequently, if you have committed some type of infraction, but you are not sure about it, avoid complications and get rid of doubts. You just have to follow the recommendations that we will give you in this article!

How do I know if I have Ballots in Peru?

In fact, nowadays it is extremely easy to know if you have traffic fines for an infraction, you only have to enter the computerized connection or website of the Autonomous Tax System (SAT) of Lima.

Just by entering the license plate number of the vehicle or the National identity document (DNI) of the driver or driving license in the connection of the fines appears your record and you will know your infractions and the amounts to pay for them.

The Autonomous Tax System (SAT) of Lima, has also made the program available to you SmartSAT, name given to the versatile application that has been designed for your mobile phone or Tablet and consequently make inquiries about whether there are upcoming deliveries of fines for criminal offenses and Vehicle Tax.

How to know if I have Ballots: SAT Website

The page or web link where you can check if you have official ballots or infractions is the following Connection.

Through this page or web link, you will be able to make your inquiries about fines or ballots in a fast, secure, timely manner and without any payment for the inquiry.

How to know if I have Ballots: Preventive Whistle

Currently there is another method to check the status of your vehicle, and it is through the free framework that sends you notifications through virtual means, which is known as the “Preventive whistle«.

This framework is responsible for sending messages to your email or instant messages to your cell phone, when your vehicle is enlisted in the framework, this will happen every time your vehicle causes a deficiency or in the event that you have arrest warrants.

Enlisting in this assistance is extremely easy, simply go to the SAT site page, and add your email or email address, otherwise your PDA number and the tag number of the vehicle you need to enlist, the help is completely free.

This help has a few advantages, for example, it advises you in a comfortable way in the event that you have caused an incident or infraction, you can add some PDAs or get in touch, you can refresh the information in the event that you change vehicles.

How to know if I have Ballots: Prescription of the Fines

Traffic tickets, although they are not common, are a common issue to which every driver is exposed. It is obviously prudent to take responsibility for the infringement.

In any case, it may also happen that a time passes and the fine is not maintained, the legal term prescribes and you do not have to pay it.

Here it is essential to explain two ideas, the Action and the Application of the Sanction, since this will decide as far as possible the solution of the fine.

For this reason, we have spoken with the transportation expert Lino de La Barrera, who has clarified that the legal term will be two years when the fine is applied, and four years when the fine is forced.

  1. Action. It is the possibility that the organization establishes the presence of an infraction through a strategy of endorsement of the authority.
  2. Execution of authorization. It is the force of the organization to execute the approval or discipline that has been resolved in the method against the individual responsible for the infraction presented.

Correction of traffic fines: functional cases.

  • Case 1:

In the event that I have a traffic ticket from April 2016, does it mean that the ticket has just been endorsed?

Answer: If after the fine the assent objective has not been given and informed, you are in the ACTION phase, and the legal term is four years, so the authority can in any case endorse you ex officio until June 2021.

  • Case 2:

In the event that I have a control representing a usurpation of April 2016 and they notify me of the assent goal in March 2018, has the legal term previously prescribed?

Answer: The expression for the application of the assent is two years, and its computation begins in March 2018; which implies that it could be prosecuted until March 2021.

How is the measure of the legal term?

“The main thing that the offender must do, once informed of the fine, is to document a discharge within the next seven days, which drives a goal. That goal is an endorsement or it may in the long run absolve him of the obligation ”.

With which, at the end of the term, the legal term can be mentioned before the police division of the neighborhood that applied the fine, and then the goal must be entered at the Service tax administration (SAT) of Lima so that the explanation is available.

This correspondence must be introduced by the individual invested in the main office of the SAT, at Jr. Camaná 370, Cercado de Lima, introducing an approved duplicate of the goal.

How to Cancel the Ballots?

To challenge a fine it is necessary to go to the SAT work centers, within the initial 7 days, and request the accompanying certificate: Report of Violations of the Traffic Code and the Regulations of the Public Passenger Transport Service, which you can find in the image.

It is a sheet in which it is mentioned that the driver must fill in all of his own data. You must indicate in thing No. 7 in the event that you are the owner of the vehicle or in the event that you rent it to work. Any mistake will refute the case and you should wait to be fined.

In boxes N ° 11 to N ° 16 enter your current location, regardless of whether it is not equivalent to the one that appears on your identity document.

All notifications arising from the strategy will be sent there. In item No. 18 put the name of the legal delegate, who can act naturally.

Be clear about current realities. Try not to be excessive, as the space is not huge. Use capital letters. This report is in the nature of an affidavit, so you should capture current realities as honestly as possible.

When the minutes are presented, the SAT has 30 days to determine your case. If you do not get a reaction, it will be considered authoritarian silence and you can go to the Judiciary.

Remember that if your request is not recognized, You have 5 days to move forward again. It is a subject that can be tedious, much more if we have not presented any fault.

Nevertheless, we must guarantee our privileges and not allow them to trample us. In the event that you pay the obligation and your protest is recognized, the money will be returned to you.

What are Ballots?

In Peru, the organizations of each zone supervise and control the infractions presented within their localities.. Larger urban communities, for example Lima, have their own SAT.

While in other districts, for example, Callao, the corresponding Municipality has control. In case you want to carry out the fines related to a label, you can access the different sites of the SAT and the districts.

What are the discounts for paying on time

In the event that you withdraw your fines or infractions on time, you could get up to 87% discount depending on the time it takes to withdraw them.

However, it must be emphasized again that the Lima Tax Administration Service (SAT) is the body in charge of collecting fines or vehicular infractions, obliged by the authorities approved to do so, or through the computerized recognition frameworks.

Now, before revealing to you how you can get limits on your roles, it is important that you know that estimating these It will depend on the seriousness of the infringement, for example, in the event that they are intense, the fine will be 100% of the ITU, genuine 8% of the ITU and less than 5%.

In fact, in the event that you pay within the initial five days after receiving the notice of having a fine or infraction, you will pay only 17% of the fine and you will have a reduction of 83% of it.

In case you choose to do it after the 6th day of receiving the violation notice Until the last day before the notice of the labor penalty, you will pay 33% of the fine, that is, you will have a reduction of 67% of the fine.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that there are events in which these limits will not apply to infractions for the attached reasons:

  1. At the moment when the culprit is affected by the liquor or has the presence of other psychedelic substances in the blood.
  2. Individuals who drive without a permit,
  3. People who are interested in speed rivalries with vehicles in illegal places.
  4. Individuals who allow minors to drive.


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