How to know if I have Photomultas: With the RUNT, the ID and MORE

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Photomults are well-known security methods around the world. In Colombia, specifically, they are a fairly recurring and efficient national security method. Motivated to this the How to know if I have a photo ticket It is a question that many citizens ask themselves.

Therefore, in this section we will talk about what photo fines are, how to know when there are fines with the RUNT and much more. If the topic is of interest to you, keep reading!

How to Know if I Have Photomultas Using the RUNT

Fines are sanctions imposed by the authorities on the population that violates traffic laws.

Through SIMIT, with the name and the corresponding identity information, people will be able to check if they have fines or not.

In the following way the query is made:

  1. Entering the SIMIT page.
  2. Selecting the option Check traffic violations.
  3. Indicating the identity document number, be it citizenship, immigration, NIT, passport or other.
  4. For security reasons, you will have to decipher the code of an image and once that is done, click on Consult.

Per Plate

What Information Do You Provide Me?

Photomultas operate through image captures that manage to take cameras located at strategic points in cities.

These cameras are configured to automatically detect infractions and issue the images to the Ministry of Public Security.

Once there, the specialized personnel in the transit area receive, review, validate and electronically sign for the issuance of the fine.

How to Know if I Have Photo Fills Using the ID

Through the SIMIT page You can consult your fines online using your identification number.

You will need to have a bank account authorized to make online transactions.

Additionally, you can check payments over the Internet and comply with them in the same way. This would avoid problems with the law.


SIMIT submissions can be reviewed on the organization’s website with a form that is frequently updated with information on fines and citizen records. For this, the full name and identification of the user are provided.

The comparendos can be viewed with an ID from anywhere in Colombian territory.

You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the SIMIT page.
  2. Click on Consultation of Infractions.
  3. Select the type of identity document, in this case ID.
  4. Enter the identity card or identity card number.
  5. After passing the recaptcha through security measures. Click on Consult.
  6. A tab will open with the results of the query to SIMIT by identity card and the fines that are in the name of the offender.

The Colombian Federation of Municipalities and the National Directorate of Simit has provided citizens with an automatic notification system so that people with a traffic offense can receive them via email.

However, conventionally received e-mail messages are not considered a notification.

What is SIMIT?

SIMIT is a Integrated Information System on Fines and Penalties for Traffic Violations created by law 769 of 2002 that offers information regarding fines committed or sanctions related to traffic and that stores reports made by the authorities at the local and national level.

The payment of fines online can be done through the SIMIT system easily, from anywhere in the country.

It represents a benefit for citizens because it avoids long procedures regardless of the place where the subpoena was made.

Providing the identification number, passport, NIT or identity card to consult fines or traffic violations, is a requirement.

Its purpose is to help improve income in municipalities with the authorization of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities, which is responsible for managing information and keeping this system updated at the national level.

How to Know if I Have Photomultas: Frequently Asked Questions

People generally ask the following questions regarding the subject of Photomultas. Do not worry if you are one of them, here we answer them:

What are the causes of traffic tickets?

The infractions that are committed are several and for this reason fines are used to prevent them from continuing to take place. Next, the list that mentions them:

  1. Parking vehicles in prohibited places.
  2. Transit through certain places at restricted hours (breach of the peak and plate).
  3. Failure to comply with the technical-mechanical check of the vehicle in the time legally established for it.
  4. Using the mobile phone without hands-free while driving.
  5. Failure to comply with requests and signals from traffic officers.
  6. Being without a seat belt when driving, whether the driver and / or passengers.
  7. Driving without having a license to do so.
  8. Skipping stop signs or a red light.
  9. Drive in the opposite direction, that is, the wrong way.

Can I receive a discount on the amount to be paid in any of the fines?

Yes. As long as the driver complies with the payment in the first five business days after the sanction is made. If the driver does this, he can have a 50% discount on the amount of the fine.

Likewise, they must take a road safety course at a Comprehensive Offender Service Center in the city where they live and this represents 25% of the debt.

If you make the payment on the sixth day, the amount to be canceled would correspond to 75% of the fine, taking into account that you must also take the course.

If the payment is made on the 20th or after, the amount to be canceled of the fine would be full, in addition to the course already mentioned.

If an offender refuses to comply with the fine, they must appear for a public hearing in the next business days after having been fined to prove that they are innocent. If found guilty, you must pay the amount in full no matter what.

If a repeat offense occurs, what can happen?

If the driver commits one or more traffic offenses in less than six months, his license will be suspended and the amount of the fine to be paid will be doubled.

How do you get the discounts of 25% or 50% of the fines?

By taking the road safety course you can get discounts on your fines.

As established in the Resolution No. 3204 Issued by the Ministry of Transportation, the road safety course is an option available to obtain discounts of 25% or 50% in the payment of fines for non-compliance with traffic regulations.

You can check the amounts of each of the traffic fines in Colombia through the link.

What are photomultas?

Photomultas in Colombia are popularly known as photocomparendos or electronic comparendos.

They are court orders that make use of technology as a means of support to comply with the call for attention of the offenders.

How is the functioning of the fotomultas or fotocomparendos in Colombia?

This system works by taking photographs with cameras that are strategically located in key sectors for traffic in urban areas.
A group of public officials is in charge of receiving infringement notifications and determining the sanction.
If indeed a fault was committed, a photo is sent to the registered address of the driver, together with the payment dates, a barcode and two photographs of the captures made by the technological devices.

Do photo tickets and traffic tickets have an expiration date?

Yes, the photomults have an expiration date. According to the Police Code, the photo fines expire after three years if the authorized entity does not collect the fine in that time.

If the fine has been collected, the process has an active period of 5 years.


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