How to know if I have RUT: Consultation, Update and MORE

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The RUT is a document that allows keeping track of Colombian taxpayers. In many cases, after processing it, it is necessary to know its status.
The consultation is something very required and necessary and luckily, there are many options for this. How to know if I have RUT, is the question that most people ask themselves. Here we will talk about what the RUT is, how to consult it and more. If you want to know all this, Join us!.

How to know if I have RUT?

To find out if a person has RUT, there are two options that can be used to answer that question. One of the options is to go to the contact points with advisers and another, the simplest, is to make the query through the official website of the DIAN with the ID.

The last option is a fairly easy and safe process, unlike the consultation with NIT, because for the consultation with a certificate it is necessary to have a user and password.

The check RUT Through the internet it can be done in different ways, either through the website of the DIAN, the application or in person. Later, we will expand the information.

How to know if I have RUT: Consult

The RUT consultation on the Internet is done through the DIAN page, as previously mentioned. It is a platform where the data provided allows identify, classify and locate the RUT belonging to the appropriate person.

Motivated that the How to know if I have RUT It is the most common question, we are going to extend the information to answer the question and many others that are generated with this procedure.

The statuses that can be obtained on the platform when consulting the RUT are:

  • NIT not registered in MUISCA.
  • Record active.
  • Record cancelled. .

Step by Step

Inquiry via the Home Page

  1. Enter the website of the DIAN.
  2. Select option «Transactional Portal».
  3. In «Customs Services», Click on «Check RUT Status».
  4. Automatically, the page will open the platform of MUISCA.
  5. To proceed you will need NIT (Tax identification number).
  6. Finally, the requested information can be viewed.

Another alternative is, in the context menu «Other services» from the page of the DIAN, access to «Check RUT Status». In the same way, it will go to the platform MUISCA, from which the required information can be obtained.

Consult as a registered user

  1. Enter the website of the DIAN and select «Web Portal».
  2. Click on the option «Transactions» and then in «Services at your fingertips».
  3. Automatically, the system opens another tab where the option must be selected «Registered user».
  4. On the next page that opens, the requested data must be provided. If the registration was made with the citizenship card or immigration card, it must be entered in your own name.
  5. Enter document number, password and click «Get into».

Obtaining a Copy of the RUT

The copy of RUT It is obtained by accessing the official page of the DIAN filling out the online form. This would be the fastest way to get the copy.

To start the process, you need identify and for that, it is requested to know what type of person is making the query, whether a natural person or a legal person.

The natural person is the same as the natural person.

After providing the basic identification data, you must add username and password to access. Once done, select «Download and / or print».

Now you can save The document in PDF format on your device or computer. Also, it could be printed immediately. It all depends on what the user wants. And voila, that’s how the process concludes.

Data update

The data update can be done quickly and easily, through the official website of the DIAN. After having entered, it is necessary to be registered in the system to proceed to access the RUT section with username and password.

The option must be selected «Our services at your fingertips». Once on the new page that opens, select the option «New User» if the person is not registered in the system and «Registered user» If that’s the case.

New users will see the citizenship or immigration card number, the civil registry, the passport, identity card, diplomatic card or another type of identity document that corresponds to theirs, entering the date of issuance of the document and then, selecting «Enable account».

In the RUT section, you must enter in the spaces provided to be filled in some data such as: ID, NIT, among others. Another tab will open from which you can see the Actual state of Single Tax Registry.

The option will appear on the screen «New Password», select to enter the new password using the virtual keyboard. OR «Change Password» if that is what you are looking for.

Finally, once registered, the person must choose the username and the identity number document, in addition to the password already determined. And so you can enter and start the update process by selecting «RUT update».


The alternative would be to make use of the application of the DIAN which is available to anyone who needs it. Just baby download on a mobile device and basically follow the same steps detailed above to update the data that is required.

Another option is to resort to direct contact with the DIAN, who have a telephone line authorized for customer service: (571) 3556922. Through this number you can consult the RUT.

Not all the data of the Single Tax Registry can be changed through the web platform of the DIAN. These data are mentioned below: form number, sectional address, concept boxes, NIT, DV, neither type of taxpayer nor company name. If it is necessary to change any of these data, you must go personally to the DIAN office to request the changes.

The RUT (Single Tax Registry) does not lose validity so its durability and therefore usefulness is assured.

How to get the RUT?

  1. Enter the website of the DIAN.
  2. At the bottom of the menu, select the option that says «RUT».
  3. There is a gray menu with the option «Registration in the RUT».
  4. Depending on the legal conditions that the organization has, select the type of registration.
  5. Complete the web form that will appear. Once completed, click «Send».
  6. Go to the selected office with the required documents, the form and the proof of the appointment.
RECOMMENDATION: Read carefully the options that are presented and frequently, click on «Save draft» to take care of content that has already been completed.

What is the RUT?

The RUT is he Single Tax Registry, is considered very useful for identify, locate and classify to the citizens and to the different organizations that are within Colombian territory.

It is very important to make this registration because supports financial and commercial activities vis-à-vis the Colombian state. So the DIAN, encourages tax obligations that are in charge of individuals and organizations.

The distribution and classification of the persons and entities that are legal taxpayers is done as follows:

  • Responsible for the simplified regime.
  • Withholding agents.
  • Responsible for the common system.
  • Importers

The RUT number is awarded by the DIAN to have a record of the people who carry out economic movements within Colombia.

In the same way, it is a tool that identifies people in front of the supervisory and control authorities. All persons who possess this document must pay the taxes required by the government.

Benefits of the Single Tax Registry

Have the Single Tax Registry It is something that is very advantageous and offers many benefits to the population.

The most remarkable thing is that it forces you to be up to date with the Colombian laws And although the word «obliges» reduces the positive to the process a little, the results obtained with this are good because people are committed to carrying out the procedure and with this, many problems with government organizations are avoided.

People would save fines for non-compliance with the law and with their contributions they would contribute a portion that would represent an increase in the country’s economic growth figure.

Additional information: What is the MUISCA?

The MUISCA is a Unique Model of Income, Service and Automated Control. According to DIAN It is a management model that allows the fulfillment of the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the institution and leads to the improvement of their management, collection and positioning.


It is based on four strategic principles: integrity, feasibility, significance and unity. In addition, it is characterized by maintaining corporate consistency, flexibility, modulation, simplicity, parameters, sustainability, interconnection, collaboration, security and availability in each of the processes it carries out and the services it offers to the population.

Finally, it is essential for them to keep data related to the entities to which it belongs protected, the information accessible to all authorized users, immediate and extensive updates, and a physically and logically distributed database. It has a system of restoration and protection, as well as a quality and safety control.


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