How to know if I have SIS: Steps, Insurance Plans and MORE

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How do I know if I have SIS? At present it is an issue for Peruvians of great importance, because health is a concern for many people. If you need to have access to an insurance policy that has extensive coverage, then read on and you will learn more about how to obtain it.

There are many people who do not enjoy private medical assistance and access to public is quite restricted, therefore, the importance of acquiring a medical service that provides quality assistance to citizens throughout the national territory.

How do I know if I have SIS?

All Peruvian citizens are often concerned about having health benefits. Nowadays it is essential to have a policy that is advantageous and easy to acquire. The truth of the case is that for many people it is very difficult to enjoy this resource.

In the same way, having the family group insured is practically impossible. The SIS in coordination with the Ministry of Health of Peru They seek to provide all citizens with quality medical assistance to all inhabitants who are in a situation of extreme poverty.

That is the reason why we will reveal How do I know if I have SIS? working. Keep in mind, request attention to the inclusion of the insurance that corresponds to you.

How to know if I have SIS: Steps to follow

Next, we will describe the means to follow in the most competent method to know if you have active health care coverage, you only need to do the following:

  • Enter the site for complete health coverage.
  • Look for the tab that will take you to the “Consultation of the Insured«.
  • There, you must enter the personality report number (either DNI or migration card), as well as the security confirmation.
  • Whenever you are logged into the registry, you should look for the option named “State«. In it you will be informed of the status of the health coverage you have, and in the same way if it is active or expired.
  • Within a similar area you are given the possibility to fully know the status of your inclusion. You can check the SIS entering and entering personal information or type of report.
  • After supplying the information, you will experience the validation code requested by the platform. Subsequently, you must press the option «Query»And you can view the total data.

How to know if I have SIS: Insurance Plans

Health care, as we have mentioned, ranges from drugs to clinical methods. However, it must be perceived that the benefits of protection will change each time, depending on the type of coverage to which it is incorporated.

The current and accessible SIS types are shown below:

  • The SIS at no cost. This type of protection targets residents in dire need, youth, breastfeeding mothers, firefighters, and other groups.
  • Also the SIS for Independents. For this situation, care is provided through the payment of 39 soles of protection to all residents under 60 years of age.
  • The SIS for Micro-enterprises. As its name suggests, it is designed to provide protection to employers who wish to recruit their representatives.
  • SIS for Entrepreneurs. This last aid is intended for freelance specialists, who do not have more workers in their system.


It is imperative to understand that, just as there are types of SIS, there are also two unique types of Health System affiliations. These are:

  • Enrollment by funded systemor. This is described by not setting an age limit. To achieve this, it will be important to pass the economic evaluation, in which it must be decided that the candidate enters a situation of need or indigence.
    • The method performed is completed by the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS).
  • Or by the association by semi-contributory plan. For this case, there are the other three types of SIS. For this situation the conditions are:
    • Have your migration card or Personal Document Report.
    • Not be associated with any other health coverage administration.

How to Know if I Have SIS: Requirements to Keep It Active

Anyone who needs to join SIS must agree to the following:

  • Have no other health coverage including PEAS.
  • Have a place with one of these people gatherings:
    • Individual in a circumstance of indigence or need as indicated by the General Registry of the family unit.
    • Breasts during the pregnancy period up to 42 days after conceiving a child.
    • Minors between 0 and 5 years old.
    • Students accessing Qali Warma.
    • Victims of the violence of the armed conflict.
    • Detained (Held in prisons).
    • Person in a Youth Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Center.
    • Boys, Girls and Adolescents in Public or Private Non-profit Shelters (Not valid for temporary shelters).
    • Populated centers determined by MIDIS.
    • Individuals living on the streets, according to the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations.
    • Firefighters.
    • Justices of the Peace.
    • Executive members registered in the National Registry of Executing Nuclei.
    • Former Workers Irregularly Dismissed (they must be registered in the National Registry of Irregularly Dismissed Workers).

Note that

If you are an Ecuadorian resident and you are in Peru. And if you do not have a DNI or migration card, you can also register for the SIS at no cost, but the registration will be for the last 45 days (direct-transitory participation).

Online Consultations and SIS States

In the event that it is associated and you need to know if the SIS is active, you can check it online by following these means:

  • Enter the official platform, following this link.
  • Click on Insured Consultation to enter the online consultation page
  • Enter the personal document number and complete the security step
  • Check if the SIS is active in the “Status” column.

With these basic advances, you will have the option of knowing if the SIS is current and if you can use it in case you need clinical assistance. The SIS covers:

Preventive health care

  • incorporates youth and adult vaccines, high regard for children, conceptual wellness, prenatal care, early recognition of malignancy, iron, and nutritional enhancements for children and infants.

Also, outpatient care

  • Discussion on general and concentrated drugs, prescription costs, laboratory, X-rays, other ancillary tests.

Emergency clinical care

  • Clinical care that incorporates clinical consideration, medications, supplies, research facility testing, X-rays, ancillary tests, exceptional systems, demonstrative imaging, and clinic stay.

Surgical care

  • Surgical care that includes medical and surgical care, prescriptions, laboratory tests, X-rays, subordinate tests, unique techniques, analytical images, work room, recovery room and stay in the emergency clinic.

Emergency care

  • It incorporates careful clinical crisis analysis and therapy until appropriate. It incorporates clinical consideration, medications, research facility testing, X-rays, subordinate testing, exceptional strategies, and indicative imaging.

Also, care for maternity and infants

  • It incorporates pre and post natal costs, ordinary transportation, miscellaneous transportation, confusing transportation, cesarean section, natural inconveniences of pregnancy, and unjustifiable removal of the fetus, as a complete consideration for the baby.
    • It also incorporates careful clinical consideration, prescriptions, research facility testing, X-rays, assistive tests, unique techniques, symptomatic imaging, and an emergency clinic stay.

Transportation by evacuation

  • It covers the exchange of crisis by referrals and counter referrals, by air and / or land according to the breaking point established in the intercessions centered on the wellness summary.


  • It covers burial, coffin, consumer sanctuary and different costs according to the breaking point established in the centered in the summary of the clean mediations.
  • The SIS also takes care of the costs of rehabilitation, cracks or injuries in the main degree of care.

Finally, it is also imperative to know where the active SIS is to be served. To consult it, you can audit the list found on the official website of the National Superintendency of Health.

There, you will find a detail with all the health centers where the population with comprehensive health coverage can obtain care under their coverage. You can channel your search by division, region, name, administration, class, organization, etc., to recognize the wellness place you can go to with your SIS.

What is the SIS and what does it cover when it is active?

Health coverage or SIS is an activity carried out by the Peruvian Welfare Service. Its main objective is to provide assistance for the well-being of Peruvian residents who live in circumstances of indigence or extreme need.

Health coverage has the duty to attend free to Peruvians who do not have current health coverage. The undertaking guarantees a clinical consideration free of geological or social obstructions, which in other circumstances could make it difficult to access these organizations.

In Peru we find numerous people in poverty circumstances, who cannot hire medical assistance through conventional positions or go to clinics when outpatient care is required.

Thus, in 2009 the State chose to join the Free School Protection and Maternal and Child Protection projects to provide comprehensive health coverage. The Health System is dedicated to covering, in addition to other things:

  • Procedures or operations.
  • Medicines.
  • Outpatient supplies.
  • Transfers.
  • Burial bonds.
  • Treatment for more than 1,400 diseases, including different types of cancer.


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