How to Know if I Have Subpoenas: Steps, Claims and MORE

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You ask yourself How Do I Know If I Have Comparisons? then we invite you to read this interesting article and get rid of your doubts about it.

The Appearance is a formal notification order for the alleged offender or implicated person to appear before the headquarters of the corresponding transit authority for the payment of an infraction.

How to Know if I Have Comparisons with the Identification Card

Now, without having to leave your home or work, you can easily and quickly search through a query on the SIMIT through your ID card.

With the access to the Internet, you will have access to the platform SIMIT, where you can request any information about traffic tickets.

And it is that many drivers are unaware of the fines they have received, which is why the online comparison system SIMIT provides detailed information on traffic offenses in Colombia.

Steps to follow

You can compare us check nationwide by ID, through the official Simit website and by performing the following steps:

  • Access the page of SIMIT.
  • Select the section where it says «Consultation of Infractions».
  • In the form, you must choose the identification card in document type.
  • Enter the identification number or identity card.
  • Mark the Captcha box «I am not a robot» and click on the button «Consult».
  • The page will indicate the results of the query to simit by identification card, and all the fines you owe.

How To Know If I Have Comparisons: How To Eliminate And Claim Them?

  • Once the content sent by means of the identity certificate or badge has been verified, or the notification has been received, the user has the 5 business days to be formally presented to the competent authority.
  • If the person does not attend, you must explain why they did not participate in the citation, since his absence will be considered as evidence against him.
  • If the person does not attend, they must justify the reasons why you did not attend the summons, since your absence will be considered as evidence against you.

  • Subsequently, the sanctions will be notified to SIMIT, where the information of the case, its solutions and the management news generated will be registered and updated.
  • Once the fine has been determined, a agreement payment, so users must use their identification number on the SIMIT page, to verify their account and cancel their debts or make online payments at authorized and designated locations in each region of the country.
  • The traffic management department will carry out inquiries SIMIT through RUNT, to find out if the user is safe within the specified fine range.
  • RUNT is a system that will allow citizens to carry out any Procedure related to the Colombian transit once the SIMIT information has been verified.

How to Know if I Have Appearances: Expiration

  • According to «Traffic Law», the collection activity takes a certain time to start and is established in 6 months.
  • This period begins from when the citizen receives the summons and ends with the public hearing.
  • Three years after the fine was committed, the citation expired.
  • If no notice of sanction is received and there is a fine payment order after that time, you can go to the traffic office, where you must present a request for the respective cancellation and the fine to appear in the registry.
  • If the law allows the payment of fines, payment agreements, outstanding balances or because the vehicle is still in the yard within 30 days, the citation will enter mandatory collection status, allowing authorities keep seizing bank accounts, vehicles and even real estate.
  • Generally speaking, the offender can cancel the 50% fine within 5 business days after the citation notice is issued.
  • You must comply with the normative of traffic laws and road safety courses, that is, you must go to the instruction course within that time to be able to enjoy the discount, it is only mandatory if you want to get a 50% discount, however you can pay without attending the course, but the discount will be reduced.
  • It should be remembered that SIMIT You do not have the right to request a discount, as this is only handled by the transit organization.

How to Know if I Have an Appearance: Difference from a Fine

The summons and the fine are not the same definitions for legal purposes, although it is common for these terms to be confused. The subpoenas are citations, in which the offenders are accused of violating the traffic rules.

These charges in the subpoenas SIMIT, are divided into two according to their nature:

  1. Comparing simple: When the offender violates only one rule
  2. Comparing complex: When the offender causes property damage in addition to the rules.

Fines are monetary penalties against violators.

Payment Agreements with SIMIT

The payment agreement SIMIT, is executed when one or more traffic fines are imposed on the offender without cancellation.

The offender must submit a request in agreement with the organization, where he is responsible for paying the price of his debt in a specific time, associating himself as a responsible entity, or he can also be another subject (a third party) in case of default.

The payment agreement of the SIMIT You can obtain the right to payment of fines and the right to use the institution, which benefits the offender because he now has a guarantee to guarantee the payment of the debt.

The payment agreement is a document that represents a specific guarantee of the debt for traffic violations, giving Colombian citizens more time to settle their payment before the traffic agencies.

What is needed to be able to make a payment agreement before the SIMIT?

To show the payment agreement SIMIT, must have debts in the system, and if necessary, there must be a joint and several co-debtor, if the offender defaults, the debtor is liable for the debt.

After choosing a co-signer, the following documents must present themselves at the nearest border crossing:

  • Identification card identity in original and photocopy.
  • Coming up on debt.
  • Documents that prove the possession of material goods by both parties (debtor and co-debtor).
  • Labor letter of the debtor and co-debtor.
  • Document of agreement signed by debtor and co-debtor.

Already with all these documents, the debtor must go, accompanied by his co-debtor, to the transit office in his locality. There the terms and dates will be established, to make the payment in parts or the total of the debt.

The delivery of this SIMIT payment agreement will be evaluated by the pertinent authority, which will have several days to report whether or not it approves the documentation provided, and will make the response known by the means indicated by the debtor in the following 7 business days.

The Web service Transit offers an online generator, which streamlines all these steps by issuing a PDF file with the application and the letter to be signed by the co-signer.

Where can I find the SIMIT payment agreement request?

Although the PDF generator is very useful in providing the documents required and can guide each citizen to know what to write and the content that accompanies it in each case, it is not necessary to show anything that can form a payment agreement before SIMIT.

Depending on the place or city where the debtor is located, each of them has some requirements special requirements to make this agreement, although the requested documentation that has been cited above does not usually change much.

Between these documentsIf the co-debtor is needed, the model letter of granting of powers can be downloaded so that the signature of the attorney-in-fact responsible for facing the debt of the fine is in writing, in the event that the debtor does not comply with his / her duty to pay . You can download in this link.

Check the installments in the payment agreement simulator

It is recommended that the debtor visit the simulator online payment agreement before submitting the payment agreement document, because this allows a more realistic understanding of how the transferor will proceed. Citizens will be able to see the amount of installment payments, the number of payments and the interval between each cancellation.

Knowing the cost, violators can honestly make their request and understand the situation by submitting a SIMIT payment agreement.

To know the status of a SIMIT payment agreement, you must do the following:

  • Go to the form shown on the official website of the SIMIT.
  • Choose the identity document and indicate the number of this document.
  • Click on the button Consult Delinquent Comparisons.

What to do if I receive an unfair fine?

In case you find any disagreement When verifying the infractions on the SIMIT platform, you can go to the Ministry of Mobility, which is the entity in charge of verifying the fines and identifying if there is any error.

To do this, you must write a letter expressing your point of view and why you believe the system provides false or incorrect information. In addition to providing the necessary evidence to prove your argument.

The Ministry of Transport will carry out the related investigations, and if it believes that an error has occurred, it will send a notification to SIMIT, requesting that it modify the comparison in the database to correct the error.


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