How to know if I have the BAES: Process it, Validity and MORE

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How do I know if I have the BAES? it is very easy and simple to opt for this benefit. It was created to help economically the most outstanding students. Therefore, the importance of having excellent grades. If you are an exemplary student, don’t wait any longer and request this resource.

For Chilean students the BAES It is a scholarship with excellent resources that allows you to face the multiple commitments that may arise. Next, you will learn about the highlights of this student benefit, as well as the essential requirements for your application and the steps to obtain it.

How do I know if I have the BAES?

The results of each request for BAES They can be made public through general publications, but it should be noted that students applying for this huge benefit for the first time must approve their acceptance of credits.

More clearly, once all students have gone through this process first, they will receive a scholarship.

How to know if I have the BAES: How to process it?

Citizens who need to participate in the process, it is important that they enter the official website of the entity and carry out the following procedures:


As we mentioned earlier, this BAES scholarship is open to all first-year higher education students with limited resources. Now, we will mention the necessary requirements to carry out this process:

  • You can opt for the Bicentennial Scholarship
  • Juan Gómez Scholarship
  • Also, PSU Score Scholarship
  • If you prefer, for the Scholarship for children of professionals in education.
  • University credit solidarity fund
  • New millennium scholarship
  • He also has the Technical Excellence Scholarship
  • Vocation of teachers scholarship
  • Or also, the Articulation Scholarship
  • Finally, the State Endorsed Scholarship.

How can do to get this card. Take into account that, it is necessary to have a series of previous credits and scholarships.

Steps to follow

As mentioned above, students who have received scholarships can automatically earn BAES. But just as they must meet this condition, their income must be equal to or less than 203.77 pesos. This is very important because this is the first step to reap the benefits of BAES.

  1. First, you must enter the official platform of the entity and go to the virtual office, where you must enter the data to be able to apply for said scholarship.
  2. Subsequently, for this to work in the correct way, you must declare the income of the family nucleus and in the same way separately.
  3. These income will be added and divided by each member at the same time, thus obtaining the personal income that each of the people who live with the student have.
  4. In the event that the amount is less than 357,556 pesos, the student may be a beneficiary of the credit scholarship.

However, if this is higher than 203,733 pesos, you may be awarded the BAES.

How to know if I have the BAES: Who is it aimed at?

The card is used in stores that specialize in selling food. The card has an amount of 30,000 pesos per month. This is for freshmen of higher education. Which must meet a series of requirements.

To improve the benefits, we will mention below the foods that can be received with this card:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • Nonperishable food
  • Packaged products
  • Cereals
  • Bread

BAES supermarkets often have some strict policies for products that cannot be shipped. The following are the products we will mention:

  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Cigarette.
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • Fried foods (cooked food, Doritos, snacks, etc.)

How to know if I have the BAES: Validity and Renewal

The results of the BAES application will be announced in a general publication. However, you should keep in mind that students applying for this benefit for the first time must confirm the acceptance of their credits.

In other words, once these students complete this process, they will automatically receive a scholarship. But suppose it is not selected. Under this assumption, you must appeal the requested credit granting for “difference in family income”.

Can it be renewed?

To activate the renewal process, it is necessary to enroll the students in question in their respective higher education institutions, which then authorizes the JUNAEB to issue payments.

Frequently Asked Questions about BAES

How can I move forward if I have not obtained a BAES scholarship?

BAES does not have an appeal procedure because the benefit is in addition to the allocation of scholarships and credits granted by the Ministry of Education. Therefore, if you are not a BAES beneficiary, you must use the reason «family income difference»To request the Mineduc for the rate or credit grant you have requested for 2020.

What are the requirements to update BAES and what is the payment date?

To update BAES, students must be registered with their respective Higher Education Institutions (IES) by 2021. Therefore, IES must confirm the alternate prior to JUNAEB and request payment of the BAES grant as per the attached dates:

In turn, IES must confirm the student before JUNAEB and request payment of the BAES scholarship according to the following dates:

  • First Payment Date: Renewal students who enrolled through IES before March 4 and passed IES verification will receive the BAES scholarship payment on March 9. (Pay the March fee, valid until May 5).
  • Second payment date: Renewal students who have registered and passed IES verification before March 26 will receive the BAES scholarship payment on April 1. (The payment of the March and April fees is valid until May 5).
  • Third payment: Renewal students who have registered and approved the IES before April 24 will receive the BAES scholarship payment on May 1.

If I lose the benefit, payment scholarships or FSCU / CAE credits, will I lose BAES?

For the renewal and payment of BAES, students can only participate in the 2021 course. Students who have not renewed or lost tips, tuition scholarships or credits with recognition and / or solidarity funds can continue to choose BAES during this period.

As of the current year, throughout their careers, it is not necessary to renew the scholarship to maintain the scholarship.

How do I know the company that manages my card?

On the back of your card, you will find the name of the company that manages your card and a free consultation hotline.

How to activate the card and use the benefit?

EDENRED: For the first card, the student must register on the website through the «My account» module in the «My account» option: at the end of the registration, the student will receive an email. You must enter the verification code to verify account creation.

After activating the account, you must access the «Activate» menu to assign a 4-digit password for the products purchased with the card.

SODEXO: For the first card, students must download the SODEXO APP or enter the official website and register. To do this, you must complete the registration form, enter the email and the Rut. Also, put the last 6 digits of the card and create a secure password.

After that, students need to verify their details through the email that will be sent to the registered account. Students should ensure that the email they entered is correct so that they can perform the verification.

What happens if my balance expires?

The balance is valid for 35 days. If the balance is not in use, it will be automatically withdrawn and cannot be used or stored again.

Where can I use my card?

BAES cards must be used in subsidiary organizations in any region of the country. To see the summary of merchants, you need to go to the site of the entity that deals with the card.

What is the BAES?

BAES, the well-known higher education food subsidy, includes the delivery of an electronic card, and its main objective is to support the entry and permanent residence of students in situations of need and lack of resources.

Likewise, it is an inapplicable food subsidy, through which the beneficiary can obtain an electronic redemption card, which can be used in a network of stores and supermarkets (Edenred store network, store network) that specialize in the food sales, Sodexo and Amipass stores network).


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