How to Know if I Have Traffic Tickets: Causes, Payment and MORE

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If you have driven a car, you will know that there is always that little fear of breaking any law, such as going over the speed limit, carrying more passengers than the allowed capacity and any other minimum law that we may forget. And, precisely, in those moments is that we need how to know if I have traffic tickets.

Having a traffic ticket means that we must put out of our pocket to pay the penalty and this is something that we really do not want; but, if we don’t pay on time, we can have a much worse punishment. Therefore, it is very important to know whether or not we have traffic penalties in the system.

How do I know if I have traffic fines in Spain?

It is not bad that, from time to time, you check if you have a traffic ticket; since, you may forget one day that they have placed one or they can upload it directly to the system to give you a physical notification.

As for this procedure, the processes are simple and have the help of digitization to carry out all the steps in a better way.

Because of this, you have several methods to consult If you have a traffic fine in Spain, you just have to choose the one that is easiest and most effective for you.

An alternative that never fails is go to your local traffic offices and consult your data, to find out if you have any open file or not.

Although, on the other hand, the simplest way and that does not deserve so much time of dedication is that of web portals, that is, the Internet.

In Spain, the portal that is most used to check whether or not you have traffic fines is How to Know if I Have Traffic Fines (TESTRA). This is the most reliable and secure system to review your road information.

Consult with TESTRA

The Testra portal is the easiest and fastest way to check if you have an active traffic sanction. You can use from anywhere and anytime, making it the ideal tool to find out the information you need.

Now, to help you with the search experience in TESTRA, we have prepared the following list with some tips:

  1. The Testra Web Portal is a totally free tool.
  2. You should have a registered account in the system, to be able to be aware of the fines that are placed on you.
  3. To make inquiries you don’t need the DNI at hand, but you can enter the number of your National Identity Document or the license plate number of your vehicle.
  4. In Testra, you can check fines or debts that have been loaded until the day you verify.
  5. Likewise, you can also carry out other formalities such as: digital certificates, inquiries, identity documents, among other procedures.

Steps to Consult with TESTRA

Very well, you already know some basic tips that you should handle when looking for your fines with Testra, so it is time to know the steps you must follow to use this tool:

  1. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection, as this will determine how quickly and efficiently you do the procedure.
  2. Enter the search browser of your choice.
  3. Search and access the website of the General direction of traffic.
  4. Find the tab «Procedures and fines | Electronic Office » from the menu bar.
  5. Select the option «Featured Services» and click on the tab «Edictal Board of Traffic Sanctions.
  6. Once you are in the Testra, you have the opportunity to access with a digital certificate or without one.
  7. Then, you just have to select the search criteria you want.
  8. Finally, if there is an active act, you can review all the information about the event in question.

How to Know if I Have Traffic Tickets: Causes

Now, we must always avoid falling into breach of the law, as this will cause us to have to pay a penalty.

So, precisely to give you an idea about those things that you should not do, we have prepared the following list with Actions that may merit a traffic ticket:

  • Parking / Parking incorrectly in public places or for disabled people. Likewise, it is also taken into account if you station in places that are not enabled for this.
  • A sanction may be lifted, if you enter restricted urban areas or if you have missed a traffic signal.
  • Likewise yeah you drive under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances, you can receive a sanction from the traffic police.
  • Driving in prohibited areas circulation is also a merit of sanction.
  • Yes you do not have the necessary documentation to circulate, you can get a traffic ticket.
  • Violate any traffic regulations of the country or town in which you live.
  • Driving at high speed and breaking the speed limit in established zones, such as the case of highways.
  • Too, if you drive talking on the cell phone or with the person you have as co-pilot, you can get a traffic ticket for it.

These are just one of the few causes that cause you to have a traffic ticket, the ideal is that you always drive in compliance with all the established road safety regulations and respect the signs, lanes and traffic lights of the roads.

How to Know if I Have Traffic Tickets: Payment

Very well, once we know that we have a traffic fine in the system, one more concern is generated that would be the payment. Exactly, How do we pay a traffic ticket?

Well, the procedure is very simple and, again, involves the Testra. For these cases, you have to enter the web portal of this board, register in the online system and check your fines or debts on the platform.

Once you have checked your fines, You will be shown the amount that you must pay for the sanction and the deadline established to make the respective payment; If you do not cancel the fine on time, you could face more severe penalties.

Now, to pay you can do it through the Testra page itself, you just have to log in with your account and have your account and card details at hand.

However, you can also use the most traditional and simple method: the offices. Can attend in person to any of the facilities of the Directorate General of Traffic of Spain Y pay directly there. In this way, you make sure to make the payment yourself and without having to involve current digital processes.

How am I notified of a Traffic Ticket?

To know that you have a traffic ticket, they must inform you about it; that is, the officer who lifts the sanction must notify you about the law that you have broken and give you a paper that validates the entire process.

By the laws of Spain, you have two ways you should be notified about your traffic ticket:

  1. The officer delivers the record of the sanction at the time of committing it.
  2. The official does not deliver the sanction certificate at the moment committing it, so the notification will arrive by email or at your home address.

Important! If your sanction certificate is not delivered to you at the time, the Administration of Spain only has a certain period of time to let you know, before the fine prescribes.

On the other hand, the process that the DGT has to notify you about traffic sanctions is efficient and simple. First, the fine notification is created and, then, the Administration must send it to the contact address that you have entered.

This notification has the facility that anyone in your household (partner, family, friends or acquaintances) can receive and sign the document. However, if during this process no one attends to the messenger, another delivery will be attempted on other days.

How to Know if I Have Traffic Tickets: Important Facts

The issue of fines is an issue of great importance, since it reflects in one way or another, the behavior that a person has when driving. In addition, it presents data that helps us to solve the established sanctions.

Therefore, from Manage it, we wanted to share a series of important data that can help you to better understand the subject of traffic fines and penalties:

  • The fines are used to know the reckless behavior of certain people when driving.
  • It allows to know the state of the roads, streets or highways; Therefore, it also allows the development of inspection measures for these places.
  • Fines allow law enforcement agencies to keep track of penalties and accidents that occur at a location; in addition to keeping a count of the causes of the fines.

What is the DGT?

Finally, we are going to talk briefly about what is the DGT or also known as the General Directorate of Traffic of Spain.

This entity of the country is the one in charge of all aspects of road safety in the country; that is, it takes care of develop and manage measures that ensure and promote good driving by citizens.


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