How to know if I have Traffic Tickets: Consultation, Payment and MORE

One of the aspects that we must take into account, when we have our own vehicle, are traffic offenses; since, if we do not pay them on time, we could face a greater penalty. So, to help you with this problem, we have written this article about How do I know if I have Traffic Tickets?

Knowing that a traffic violation has been placed on you, you can react quickly and effectively to cancel the fine and eliminate the sanction as soon as possible. Therefore, we wanted to help you with this article, so you know how to check or pay for these infractions.

How do I know if I have traffic tickets in Mexico?

The first topic that we will discuss in this article will help you to know if you have a traffic ticket in Mexico, so that you can take the necessary actions later.

Traffic violations are lifted, when a person has broken an established traffic law; Therefore, to know if you have any, you should first think about whether, recently, you have broken any road traffic regulations.

Therefore, if you have violated any traffic law, surely you have a violation in the Mexican transportation system.

Now, to help you a little to know what the offenses that warrant a fine, we have prepared the following lists for you:

Serious Infractions
  • Driving with excess speed.
  • Driving recklessly.
  • Driving lowers the effects of alcohol.
  • Driving under the influence of narcotic substances.
Minor offenses
  • Using distracting elements when driving, such as cell phones.
  • Not wearing a seat belt when driving.
  • Invading the lanes of the Metrobús or cyclists, when you drive.
  • Not respecting the colors of the traffic lights.
  • Driving with children in the front seat of the vehicle.
  • Driving in counter flow lanes.
  • Make forbidden turns in the lanes of opposite direction.

So if you have committed any of these mentioned infractions, You may already have a traffic ticket on your record.

But, to make sure of it, you can check your traffic record through the Secretary of Mobility of Mexico.

How to know if I have Traffic Tickets: Consult

In addition to knowing if you have fines or not, you should also know how to consult them, so that you are aware of how much you have to pay and until what deadline you have to do it.

The process to consult your traffic record is very simple to carry out and can be done in a few steps, so you will not need more than five minutes to know your infractions.

The Internet has become a great ally of public services and procedures, and the consultation of traffic violations is no exception; as You can carry out this process through the web portal of the Mobility secretary.

So, to check your traffic violations, you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Access the web portal of the Secretary of Mobility of Mexico.
  2. Login to your account in the online system.
  3. Fill out the form corresponding to the consultation process.
  4. Enter the license plate number of your vehicle, in the information field of the screen.
  5. The system will do a search and will show the infractions placed.

Attention! In order to access the consultation system, you must have an account in the CDMX Key System.

How to know if I have traffic tickets: pay them

Once we are aware of our traffic violations, it is time to make the respective payment of the fines to avoid penalties of greater weight by the law.

In this case, the authority in charge of this process is the Finance Secretary and not the Mobility secretary.

Now, this secretariat makes available to the citizens of the countrys different alternatives so that they can make payments of your traffic offenses; so you have no excuses to pay your fines and be a responsible person.

The first options you have to pay your fines respond to the face-to-face method, for which you have several offices authorized to make payments.

The sites enabled by the Finance Secretary, are the following:

  • Any bank in the country.
  • Department stores.
  • Convenience stores.
  • The Treasury Kiosks that are located in the different shopping malls in Mexico.

Likewise also accounts with electronic options to make these payments and offer you a more comfortable alternative without the need for transfers.

So if you want pay your traffic tickets electronically, you can use the following options:

  • Download the mobile app «CDMX Treasury» to cancel your fines.
  • Enter the web portal of the Finance Secretary to pay for your traffic tickets.

As you have seen, there are no excuses why you cannot cancel your traffic tickets, since you have several options to pay each one of them.

What happens if I don’t pay for it?

According to him Article 62, in its second paragraph, of the Basic Regulations for Transit of Mexico City, if you receive a traffic ticket, you have a term of thirty (30) calendar days, from the day the sanction ticket is lifted, to pay the value of the infraction.

In addition, if you make your payment within said period, you also have the right to receive a discount of 50% of the fine amountas long as you can support your case.

Similarly, in accordance with the provisions of the General Resolution too the total payment of the established fine can be partially absolved; although, again, you must support the request of your case.

On the other hand, if you cancel during the first ten (10) calendar days, after receiving your sanction ticket, you can qualify for a discount of 80% of the value of your fine.

Now, if you fail to cancel the sanction of your infraction, You will not be able to carry out any procedure that involves your car or you.

Some of these procedures that you would not have access to are the following:

  • Unregister your vehicle from the vehicle registry.
  • Register your vehicle in the vehicle registry.
  • Do the due vehicle verification.
  • Update the data in the vehicle registry.
  • Make the renewal or re-issuance of the license.
  • Change the owner of the vehicle, in cases of sale or transfers.

How long does it take to pay a fine?

After you have made the payment of your fines, you must wait a short time for the transaction to take effect and the imposed fine can be eliminated.

The waiting time between payment of the fine and its elimination is forty-eight (48) hours. Once this period has passed, the system will reflect that you have canceled your debt for the violation.

Now, you can also monitor this process through the web portal of the Administration and Finance Secretariat.

How to Know if I Have Traffic Tickets: Frequently Asked Questions

Very well, to finish with this article on how to know if you have traffic tickets, we are going to close with a section on Frequent questions, those doubts that usually arise, when we think about traffic offenses and their penalties.

With this last section, we hope to be able to answer all those doubts on the subject that we have not been able to touch, in a more detailed way, throughout the article.

Without more to say, here we leave you the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of the fine?

The main function of the fines is that of punish non-compliance with traffic regulations established by the authorities.

Likewise, by way of clarification, the fines do not necessarily seek to remedy or compensate the third parties involved in the infractions, but rather seek to punish and sanction the violators of the rules.

Data necessary to consult the fines

If you want to consult the information of your fines, you need present the following data on any of the search sites you use:

  • Vehicle license plate number.
  • Number of the sanction ticket.
  • The number of the document issued, when the traffic violation was incurred.
Who can fine you?

According to Secretariat of Public Security of Mexico, only the officials uniformed with the insignia «Authorized to infringe» in the arm, they can carry out fines or raise infractions to the citizens of the country.

Finally, you already know all the important aspects to know about traffic fines; so, now you can get down to work to check your traffic record and pay all the penalties you have, If that’s the case.

Likewise, we also invite you to become aware of driving road, so that you respect all the established rules and, thus, you can increase your safety when driving and, above all, the safety of all the people around you.


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