How to know if I passed the PAES: Consultation, MINED and MORE

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How to know if I passed the PAES? The academic training of the students of a country is of great importance. Which contributes to a country moving forward, thanks to the competence of its citizens. We invite you to read the information that we select for you.

In this article you will find how to carry out the consultation via the internet, what the PAES is for, what the MINED is and what it does, what the PAES is, how it is calculated and other important data.

How do I know if I passed the PAES?

As an educational resource to stimulate high school students in El Salvador, a knowledge test known as PAES is applied to them. Through this, each student’s aptitude is analyzed in the country.

This exam is very relevant for both students and educational centers nationwide. Therefore, at the required time each of the students must apply to the exam, and then wait for the respective results.

Now, to be able to review the test results, the first thing you should do is, present it formally. After taking the exam, you can look up the results, this diligence can be done by any individual, which could be a friend or a family member.

Before completing the review, you have to provide the certificates that prove that the student is registered in the database and that they took the exam. This request must be submitted to the Ministry of Education of El Salvador to send the results through the web system.

Keep in mind that, to know if you passed the exam, you had to get the highest or equal grade to the qualification required to exceed it. On the other hand, the Ministry of Education has stipulated that the minimum qualification to pass the PAES is 6, to comply with this fiscal obligation.

Another aspect that you should take into account is that, to know the result of the PAES exam, you have to wait a period of time. During that period, tests are reviewed and scored based on the answers provided, and then students will be notified when the results will be posted.

How to know if I passed the PAES: Consultation online

In the event that you want to know the results of the exam, through the official website of the Ministry of Education, you have to comply with another process. The fact that a large part of these institutions are digitized, it is much easier to make inquiries, since they are public in nature.

To have the opportunity to review the results of the PAES evaluation, you have to access the official website of the Ministry of Education. Then find the option that says «Tests PAES», this portal is accessed through a user and the previously stipulated password.

At each access as superuser, the results of the PAES exam for each of the students are provided, along with their data. In such a way that, you can do your review very easily and quickly, through this system.

How to know if I passed the PAES: What is it for?

One of the functions of this test focuses on, the obligation to enable a system to check what you have learned, each one of the students of secondary education, within the faculty of apprenticeships.

In the faculty is where, the data provided to the students are gathered and evaluated, with the aim of verifying the knowledge obtained in the educational center. For this reason, this exam is administered every year, around the end of the current school year.

This evaluation has been applied since 1997 for the socioeconomic, psychological and academic test of each student. One benefit of this is that approximately 320 branches are currently available for the execution of this exam.

It should be noted that, to pass this evaluation, you must have at least 75% passed in the institutional exam, which is equivalent to a grade of 6 as we told you previously.

How to know if I passed the PAES: MINED

The MINED (Ministry of Education of El Salvador) is a state agency of great importance and of a public nature. It is in charge of, process all educational procedures and oversee the proper management of this field, for the benefit of the country’s inhabitants.

Likewise, it administers, processes, and protects both the duties and the rights of students throughout the national territory. This in order to promote upright citizens, educated and with values ​​for the socio-economic development of the nation.

This is one of the most relevant objectives to take into consideration, which helps ensure optimal education through PAES tests. Said evaluations are fully organized and processed by the MINED.

It is important to highlight that this body is obliged to supervise that the training is optimal and with the best educational standards. Therefore, it is in charge of producing different educational action plans, with the intention of imparting the best training.

Then, through its different mechanisms, within which is its web system, in order to fill out some documentation. The issuance of this is awarded through this body, in a totally legal way.

What is the PAES in El Salvador?

In addition to knowing the most relevant elements, regarding the results obtained after presenting the PAES test. Also, it is of great importance to know what the PAES is, and its bases as objectives to be applied in said tests.

That is, the PAES It is an exam that each student has to take, which is in high school and is compulsory, culminating in the period of general or technical studies. This evaluation allows to probe, the cognitive abilities of the students.

This is one of the evaluations best known by students, which contains one hundred (100) questions. It is made up of different subjects, among which are the following: Natural Sciences, Language, Social Studies and Mathematics.

Each subject consists of 25 questions, which are applied to be developed in the test. Additionally, it provides another 27 questions to study the socio-emotional condition of the students.

This last section is very taken into account, since the socioeconomic possibilities of each student will also be evaluated. Its general application is aimed at students who are studying the second year of high school.

Therefore you should know that the different elements or questions that are stipulated in this evaluation, are determined by means of a program study defined by the MINED (Ministry of Education).

Also, in addition to making this evaluation, the idea is that you pass it. This is because, the test is requested as a fundamental requirement, to certify a qualified student and at the same time receive his bachelor’s degree.

How is the SEAP calculated?

Calculate the grades through the PAES, it is a fairly simple diligence that it is being carried out progressively, and in this way define what will be the final grade that each student obtained, for answering the items that the evaluation contains.

As we mentioned earlier, the procedure is directed by the Ministry of Education. The steps to perform the calculation are as follows:

  1. At the beginning the management is carried out by the educational center to which the student belongs. During the process, all the acquired notes will be joined within 4 periods (in two years). At a minimum, the student must earn a grade of 6, which equates to 75%.
  2. The remainder of the percentage is processed by the Ministry of Education. This is done, according to what the student has acquired during their activities. Therefore, of the 25% that remains, they will give you 25% or all.
  3. To finish, the percentages obtained are added and then the final note. The calculation may appear to be difficult, however it is easy to read carefully. The entire process is based on the work that the student did in the educational center where he studied high school.

Additional Information about the PAES

Now, to finish with the topic, you must take into consideration certain elements that correspond to this procedure, which are:

  • The first thing is to take into account the terms for the execution of the evaluation, both in logistics as in the qualities of the student.
  • Regarding the logistical part, the PAES begins at 7:30 am Therefore, the student has to arrive well in advance to prepare. As well as, you have to verify the corresponding headquarters, to present the evaluation.
  • Also, you have to Go with the Unique Identity Document (DUI), to verify the identity of the student. Also, you must have all the basic tools to carry out the test such as: Sharpener, pencil and eraser.

How to know if I passed the PAES? Each educational institute within El Salvador has the responsibility of providing students with the necessary resources for them to have a quality education. All under the leadership of the Ministry of Education.

Take advantage of all the guidance that we leave you on the PAES, which is a tool that helps to know the competences of each student. Remember that this process is very simple. We hope we have helped you with this process.

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