How to know if I was approved the ERTE: Steps, Collection and MORE

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A moment that we do not expect to come during our work in a company is that of an economic crisis, which leads to the application of drastic measures to reduce expenses; that is to say, that they suspend us partially or definitively. But, if that unfortunate occasion comes, we have to move on to thinking about how to know if the ERTE was approved.

This peculiar and particular measure of Spain is a drastic action that companies usually take in times of crisis, since it allows them permanently or partially dispense with its employees, until the problem is solved. If you want to know more about this topic, we invite you to continue with this reading.

How do I know if I was approved for the ERTE?

The first aspect that we want to touch on about this unfortunate action has to do with collection; Well, we want to start by talking about the good you can get out of this situation.

When a company sends its employees to the ERTE, they receive a payment of 70% of the regulatory base of your salary during the first six (6) months of the process. Later, they receive 50% from the seventh (7) month.

It should be noted that, while the company is in ERTE, employees will be unemployed and it is Social Security that takes charge of the aforementioned payments.

Therefore, it is very important that you know if the ERTE has been approved or not, since you could stop receiving the payment from your company or only receive the established reduction due to the institutional crisis.

So, if you want to know if your situation regarding the ERTE was approved, you just have to enter the web portal of the State Public Employment Service.

How to know if the ERTE was approved: Steps to follow

This new measure established by the Government of Spain It has helped many companies reduce their expenses and dispense with some employees permanently or partially; so they handle a lot of requests constantly.

So, taking this into consideration, The Administration of Spain has enabled a query space through the web portal of Public Service of State Employment (SEPE).

So, if you want to know if the ERTE was approved, you can do it over the Internet, with all the available comforts of your home and the availability to do it at any time.

To make this query, you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the website of the Public Service of State Employment.
  2. Search and enter the tab «Procedures and Services».
  3. Click on the option «Persons».
  4. Then click the option again «Check the details and receipt of your benefit.»
  5. Now select «Service inquiries».
  6. Once you pass these steps, two alternatives appear for the process: One with a digital certificate and the other with contrasting data.
  7. Contrast data is a simpler method, so let’s imagine we take this option. This process is the simplest, you just have to enter your ID, IBAN and phone number.
  8. After this process, the SEPE will inform you of the status of your unemployment application. If approved, all details pertinent to the situation are included.

How to know if I was approved the ERTE: How much is charged?

This is one of the doubts that most generates the ERTE issue, because when we are unemployed or stop receiving a part of our salary, we begin to ask ourselves How much is charged to be in this situation?

We already anticipated it a bit at the beginning of the article, but then we will touch the subject in greater depth.

The first thing you should know is that if you go to ERTE, you will have an unemployment condition; so you have a 70% of your base salary during the first six (6) months for the duration of the ERTE application. Also, then it’s your turn receive 50% from the seventh (7) month.

Now, these payments are paid by Social Security. Keep in mind that, if the ERTE has been activated for major causes, you you will not consume your own unemployment, during the period of time that the applied measure lasts.

On the other hand, there are some conditions that you must take into account:

  • If the ERTE does not apply a work suspension but a simple reduction, the company will pay the proportional part of the salary that corresponds to the new established parameters. The rest of the salary that you stop receiving will depend on Social Security.
  • If you are infected by Coronavirus or are in isolation at the time of applying the ERTE, your benefits go up to 75%, since it is understood as a sick leave.

How to know if I was approved for ERTE: Frequently Asked Questions

Being a practically new measure, many doubts arise about the ERTE and its application; therefore, we will use this section of Frequent questions to address the greatest number of concerns in a short and concise manner.

How Many Workers Does ERTE Affect?

According to the law, there is no restriction or limit on the number of people who may be affected by the application of the ERTE. As well as, there is no minimum percentage of affectation on the payroll of workers, to be able to apply this measure.

Only, they should be present and justify the causes that lead to the application of this measure.

Benefits of applying the ERTE?

Its main benefit serving as a labor flexibility measure for moments of crisis, both for the workers and the companies themselves.

Now, both parties involved also obtain a series of benefits of their own, which we will show you below:

Benefits for the Company
  • Reduction of your labor costs considerably, in times of crisis.
  • «Buying time» to be able to solve the crisis and resume activities, once the situation is over.
  • This measure is designed so that companies do not lose competitive advantages or your positioning in the market; since, in theory, it only applies in exceptional situations.
Benefits for the Worker
  • Dismissal is avoided and you have a legal commitment from the company to rejoin.
  • You get the payment of benefits on a percentage of your salary during the crisis, without affecting your chances of claiming unemployment benefits in the future.
  • Likewise, you have the support that you cannot be fired for the next six months to your reinstatement. If this happens, the company must pay the contributions that had been saved during the application of the ERTE.
What are the Causes that motivate an ERTE?

The causes that may allow the application of the ERTE They must be force majeure and determined by Royal Decree-Law.

However, when the reasons presented by the companies do not coincide with those established in the Royal Decree or are not yet approved, the institutions must be justified before the Labor Authority, in order to apply the ERTE.

Similarly, this legislation also allows technical, economic, organizational or production causes are the subject of the application of the ERTE. Of course, in these cases, the duration of the measure must be agreed with the workers.

What is ERTE?

Very well, we have talked a lot about the ERTE and little we have deepened on what this labor measure is about; For this reason, we will develop this topic a little further below.

The ERTE or the Temporary Employment Regulation File is a labor flexibility measure that is applied in exceptional crisis situations in companies, so that they can reduce or suspend employment contracts while they solve the situation.

Likewise, the ERTEs are only applicable during a determined time and agreed with the law. Similarly, when applying this measure, companies are obliged to recover the previous contractual conditions and secure the jobs of their employees.

On the other hand, employees will not be left adrift; since, they are assured to collect a percentage of benefits from their salary, while they are in this situation.

Now, there are two types of ERTE that companies can apply and we will explain them below:

Types of ERTE

According to the laws of Spain, companies have two types of ERTEs that they can apply:

Reduction of Labor Activity

In these cases, the companies modify the labor contracts to reduce the hours of service or the number of days of work. The minimum reduction is 10% and the maximum setting is 70%

Suspension of Work Activities

In these cases, companies suspend employment contracts for a certain time, while they solve the crisis they are going through.

Public Service of State Employment

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) is an autonomous body that is attached to the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy of Spain. In addition, it is also part of the National Employment System of the country.

Therefore, among its functions are to promote, design, develop measures and actions for labor activities in the country. So, this is one of the organizations that is involved with the application of ERTEs.


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