How to know if I’m on Dicom: Exit, Debts and MORE

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If you need information related to Dicom, in this article How to know if I am in Dicom, It indicates the methods to find out and what is the financial situation. In this way, the financial status of a person can be known and it is necessary information so that banks can make the corresponding evaluation of the payment capacity for credits.

If you are interested in going to a financial institution to apply for credit, this is information that you should review. So, do the reading and know everything you need to know about the subject.

How do I know if I am on Dicom?

The Dicom or also called commercial bulletin, is a very perfect record of the financial behavior of a person. Generally people are concerned if it is in some of the listings.

To get the information there is the report that is paid and the one that has quality of free. Therefore, there is the right to request the free report at the different Equifax branches or also on the web portal every four months.

If you want to get the free report, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You must enter the page of Equifax Dicom.
  • You must access the section of «Online shopping».
  • Then go to the later section where it says «Buy now».
  • If you are a natural person, you must select «My Commercial Information».
  • Also, you will find the free option that says «Obtain Law 20,575 report.»
  • Also, you must make the income and fill in the data to get the report.

This is how the commercial report is obtained for free, then, you must wait four months before making the request for another report:

There are other different options to know the financial situation of a person and in this way to know if they are in Dicom or not:

  • Has to contact the company to whom you owe the money and inquire if the information was sent to Dicom.
  • Also, you can go to Equifax branches and make the payment of the certificate of the commercial report with everything related to the debts of the person.
  • You can also apply at any commercial store.
  • You can do the Request for a credit card in the store and they immediately check if it is in Dicom.
  • Likewise, you can contact the telephone company and request the contracting of its services, they request the Rut and review the Dicom to verify if it appears on the list or not.
  • Also, you can request the certificate online using this online payment link where you can make the query by paying for it.
  • In the same way, you can do it calling the number 700 30 30 from Santiago or 70 30 30 from the regions or via fax to the same numbers. In such cases, you must pay for the information they provide you.

How to know if I am on Dicom: Can I Exit?

If it is possible to exit Dicom, only that there will be a saved history. Possible ways to exit Dicom are the ones mentioned below:

  • In principle, for a person to be removed from the Dicom list, what they must do is pay what is owed.
  • The person in charge of obtaining the data once the payment of the debt has been regularized, is the company with whom you had the debt. This creditor company has to communicate the payment made.

  • Likewise, these data of the debtor are in the Commercial Bulletin, because there are protested checks or promissory notes for a value greater than 300,000, you must go to the Commercial Bulletin and pay for the elimination service and request that the name not appear in the list.
  • Also, there is the option to return to agree on the debt with the creditor company, is obliged to remove the data from the Dicom list.
  • When there is a settlement or refinancing debt is no longer past due and if your fees are being paid on time.
  • The creditor company must remove the debtor from the delinquency records and stop judicial and extrajudicial collection actions.
  • Likewise, after five years the document becomes enforceable, the publication has to be eliminated without any formality, if it does not occur then it must be required.
  • Likewise, if a check or promissory note when a year has passed and the payment has not been notified, the prescription of this instrument can be notified in an executive judgment.
  • In the case of credit card or commercial stores with unpaid debt, you have three years to request the prescription of the debt.
  • In addition, the fact of signing debt prepayment documents, where the term to face the debt is increased, since it is not past due, it must cease to be on the Dicom list.

The ways out of the Dicom is to pay the debt or make the debt repayment. Failing that, let him prescribe the debt in the aforementioned terms. If you continue in the Dicom, you must make the claim to the company with which you sustained the debt.

How to know if I am in Dicom: Types of Debt

It is convenient that before knowing whether or not it is in the Dicom, you must know what the rating of the debt is. The types of debts are those mentioned below:

  • Debt Valid

This is a total sum without taking into account interest, only principal that a person or company owes to the financial or banking system and that it is registered in the institutions that are under the supervision of the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions (SBIF).

This is a debt that is published in Dicom under the concept of Current Debt, it does not represent a major problem for the debtor, it simply shows the degree of total indebtedness.

  • Bad Debt

Is a 30 and 60 day delinquent debt from the date of payment agreed between the parties.

  • Expired debt

Is when the late payment is 61 and 90 days from the agreed payment date.

  • Debt written off

If he late payment exceeds 91 days from the beginning of the payment date.

Dicom shows all types of debt sent by creditors from Banks, financial institutions, commercial houses or educational institutions. If the payment is not made, they can send the debtor’s data to the Dicom database.

How to know if I am in Dicom: Rights and Duties

Now it goes on to indicate that the National Consumer Service makes us see that there is a group of rights and obligations that have the debtor persons or companies that are in the Dicom list.

The rights and obligations are the ones shown here:

  • All companies are obliged to respect the rights of consumers and should give the possibility of renegotiating the debt with delinquent customers.
  • Also, any debtor can pay before the debt is due, without having to wait for the scheduled deadline. You can do it partially or totally.
  • Likewise, all debtors have the right to correct any type of error of collections.
  • Likewise, debts that are owed for basic services such as electricity, gas, among others, do not go to the Dicom list.
  • It is very important that the consumer read the contracts in detail to avoid future inconveniences.

Dicom’s New Law

The Dicom Law was approved in 2012 for consumer protection against the use of personal data information. Personal data is only to assess risk in the credit process.

General considerations

  • Anything related to the transmission of data can only be done from the business or risk assessment entity.
  • What’s more, The information cannot be required for the pre-school admission processes, selection of personnel or higher education, etc.
  • It also can make the request for information on the data every four months at no cost and must include the name of who has requested the data, the reason for the request, the date and time of the request. Likewise, the person responsible for the delivery of the information.
  • There is a person designated by the data banks to appeal when individual rights are made effective or to make a claim.
  • Debtors have the right that their data is not communicated once the debt has been refinanced, renegotiating or renewing the obligations of the outstanding debt.
  • Likewise, there is the right not to communicate the debts with the highway concessionaires for the use of the infrastructure.
  • Likewise, health providers cannot consult the information of any kind. Nor, when they have the consent of the patient.
  • If a lawsuit occurs, it must be the company that manages the data that must prove that it acted in protection of consumer data.
  • Regarding, debts contracted before 2011 that do not exceed 2.5 million must be erased and cannot be communicated in any way.
  • Anyone can ask to be informed of who requested the Dicom information and also know who provided it.
  • All this with the purpose that the data of tAll citizens trust that their commercial data is not misused or abused as it happened in previous years.

What is Dicom?

The Commercial Information Directory (Dicom) was created in 1928, however, it was not until 1976 that it was given the name DICOM. It is a database that obliges banking institutions, notaries, public institutions and private institutions to periodically provide information on debtors in Chile to the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. It is a record of documents of protested and defaulters. Currently Equifax Chile, SA is the institution in charge of carrying out the activities related to Dicom.

In this Dicom registry the commercial data of the people are included, these registries are of public access. They are used to evaluate the client prior to granting bank or other loans. In other words, Dicom is a delinquency record.

For Chilean citizens and foreigners residing in Chile, being or not the Dicom is of considerable importance. The approval of a loan will depend on this. It is overwhelming for Chileans to fall into Dicom as it is associated with liquidity problems or financial mismanagement.

Being in Dicom, not only on a personal level but also on a private company level, brings about a series of inconveniences and problems to operate in the commercial and financial market.

It can be said then, the Dicom is an indicator resulting from the analysis of the database. It collects information from a series of national sources such as the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions (SBIF), the BIC and the Directorate of Labor.

If the indicator shows a value of 999, it means that you are likely to be a good credit payer. Therefore, for the financial and banking sector it is a registry that serves to minimize risks in relation to customers.

You have reached the end of reading How to Know If I’m on Dicom, now share this valuable information, which will surely help others.


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