How to Know if it is Gold: Home Methods, Buy-Sell and MORE

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If you wonder How to know if it is Gold? Right now we explain what processes you can do from the comfort of your home to verify if you actually have this precious metal. Keep reading and you will learn more about it!

Currently, Gold is synonymous with fortune, so each person who has a piece in their possession knows that they have a guarantee to use it at any time or difficulty that arises. Below, you will find the entire explanation to clarify your doubts without the need to consult a specialist.

How to know if it is Gold?

To be certain that a garment is made of unadulterated gold, the ideal is to get it in a reliable and recognized store in the area. Since these jewelers have the means to send an endorsement that guarantees the excellence and credibility of the piece.

In any case, we can obtain the piece from a foreigner, or perhaps it is a garment that has been in the family for a long time. It is with the latter that you have to get away from vulnerability and know if the pearl bought or won is gold.

There are unpredictable tests in which synthetics are used, strangely, they are used by an expert. People who take adequate precautionary measures. In any case, there are a few less numerous methods or tricks.

We can also perform these tests at home, without great threats to our peace of mind and also to the garment to be evaluated. In the attached lines we will show five of the various systems that exist and that guarantee that our pearl or piece is really made of this right metal.

Keep in mind that gold has been used since ancient times to make ornaments and coins. Among its attributes we have that it is an absolutely malleable metal and from time to time mixtures are made with various metals to give it hardness.

How to Know if it is Gold: Home Methods

On the occasions when we question the credibility of a piece of gold, we wonder what custom stunts we can apply to make sure it is totally reliable, here are the tests you can perform:

Use of visual examination

This procedure is perhaps the most annoying and the least difficult, only a magnifying glass is important. Generally, gold pieces have small checks carried out by the jewelry expert. With them you can see the straightness or the carats of the pearl.

The evaluation must be cautious, noting if there is any type of stain, or if there is wear on the piece or if another color appears. These conditions indicate that the jewel has a solitaire gold plating, which is known as gold plating.

Check the manufacturer’s photo

This system is powerless, as counterfeiters have become so refined that they have found a way to make connections with a rare fault. Regardless of whether you plan to get the part, we can look for the manufacturer’s photo.

In one piece, we look for the golden mark of virtue which is made up of three figures. In addition, the manufacturer’s code consists of three digits and two letters.

Use a magnet

Obviously, it will be essential to use a strong magnet. Since gold is not an attractive metal, it should not be attracted to the magnet. Therefore, if the piece or gemstone is drawn in or sticks to the magnet, it is not good news, it is not gold.

Using a ceramic

An unglazed fired plate is required, it must be unique. If when the gold piece coordinates with the plate and shows some shiny lines, the pearl is 100% gold. In any case, if the marks are opaque, it is not certifiable gold.

With a Lighter or Match

Exactly when we bring the gold garment to the heat of the lighter briefly and it basically gets hot, it is unadulterated gold. If the garment darkens or shows another change, for example it melts, we could be handling a shower of gold or the pearl was created with another metal or material.

How to Know if it is Gold: Buying and Selling Gold in Bolivia

These days, having a metal as prized as gold on your property, in any of its presentations, is to have a similarity of fortune and abundance. It is a genuine idea, since the great metals are: gold and silver, that is, they have their own value.

The decision to put assets in these metals is particularly sharp and cunning, since they hold their esteem and do not deteriorate, even regardless of the exchange costs and their assortments, it is always a benefit to have them. Remember that these metals are vital in Bolivia and in the world.

Through the web you can reach some objections that show us the day-to-day expenditure of gold in Bolivian currency. Without bias to records, plans and exploration on expense projection. Therefore, you have to go to the various stores or commercial workplaces to decide on an option.

When you know how you know if an item is gold and what is the meaning of SERACOM, you will clearly consider what this exchange is like. This is actually a very basic thing, as the gold exchange is one of the largest and generally lucrative when everything is in order.

In this sense, it is essential to know, as mentioned above, that to exchange gold you must be legitimately enrolled in SERACOM. This is something very basic, since to enlist it will only be necessary to fill out a form in the entity that is closest to your residence.

By doing this, you are allowed to exchange this valuable material, both to sell it and to obtain it at any time you need. Similarly, notice that the gold exchange is something that varies a lot, as the costs change every day.

Later it is noticed that this is precisely where the benefit lies, since it must be bought when it is low and sold when it is high. The possibility of this is that within Bolivia there is sufficient control and no kind of gold piracy should be possible.


Bolivian citizens know The National Service for the Registration and Control of the Marketing of Minerals and Metals (SENARECOM) as a decentralized public body, under the supervision of the Mining and Metallurgy Service.

Which is responsible for the enlistment and control of the commercialization of minerals and metals in the market and for export, to obtain payments from the collection of Mining Royalty, and therefore help the districts and divisions that produce minerals and metals.

How to Know if it is Gold: Tips and General Doubts

Gold is an unsurpassed metal. Remember the advices that accompany it to know the piece and its conservation:

  • To refrain from cleaning and scratching the pieces, store them loosely in cloth sacks.
  • Find crucial ways to keep a strategic distance from clothing items’ direct contact with cleaning supplies and scents.
  • During contact with swimming pools or the sea, make an effort not to wear gold garments. Similarly, chlorine like the various components used to maintain pool water, similar to sea salt, can weaken the item.

What is Gold?

Gold is deeply sought after as collateral throughout the world. Gems have been and continue to be the main source of interest for gold and in certain nations, for example China and India, they are firmly established as an indication of wealth.

Both nations work on the development of the working classes to teach them how to recognize if the piece is indeed gold. The different uses of gold can be cited as follows:

  • In Technology like electronics.
  • Microchips or mobile telephony. It can contain up to 50 mg of gold.
  • Also, in dental applications (in decline).
  • Medicine (on the rise).
  • And Nanotechnology.

In any case, in addition, the current reality meets another race towards unprecedented wealth. Conflicting financial conditions constantly play a part in the growing interest in gold.

As indicated by large companies, as long as gold is available in the minds of investors, it will proceed to rise and there will be a developing interest.

Instructions to know if a garment is gold

In any case, as has been clarified, the techniques analyzed are not entirely authentic, since they can cause disorder with various types of metals. This is the reason why many people like to use more consistent and masterful methodologies to ensure the prudence of the metal currently being tested.

However, this is more difficult to do because, in general, for the most part they will demand more accurate and consequently expensive devices. This is the inspiration that drives why pawnshops and savvy gem dealers, after all, have various devices they use to approve the item.

This is something that has been used for many years, due to the legitimacy of this metal, its use and application. In case you need to know if a metal is gold using capable methodologies, you can use the following:

  • A magnet.
  • By thickness.
  • Finally, with Acids.


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