How to know if my child is a Priority Student: Apply, Certificate and MORE

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How do I know if my child is a Priority Student? Educational administration is one of the most essential tasks within a country, since it contributes to its educational, social and economic progress. This through projects that help the student population.

One of those projects is the aid for Priority Students, so here you have information on: How to apply, the benefits of being a Priority Student, processing the Certificate. Also, what the MINEDUC and other data of interest.

How do I know if my child is a Priority Student in Chile?

A Priority Student, is a student from pre-kindergarten to middle 4t0, where his family socio-economic condition, surely complicate your educational learning process.

Only those children and young people who are students of educational centers integrated to the SEP (Preferential School Subsidy) are considered priority students.

It is important to note that the Ministry of Education defines each year whether or not a child or young person qualifies as a Priority Student. For this purpose, the stipulated provisions are taken into consideration in the SEP Law or Law No. 20,248.

Also from the information provided by FONASA, the Ministry of Social Development, etc. To find out if a school or high school is registered in the Preferential School Grant (SEP), you have the possibility to verify the data through this link.

How to know if my child is a Priority Student: Apply

If you believe that your child has and obeys the qualities and characteristics established in the Preferential School Grant (SEP) law, you have the opportunity to appeal for a reconsideration.

What you must do to obtain said reconsideration is, follow the steps that are in the Priority Students system that says «Other Types of Certificates», select the «Appeal» link and then complete the following information:

  • The date of birth of the young person or child.
  • Phone number.
  • The Email address.
  • Describe your appeal and justify why they should reconsider your case.

How to Know if My Child is a Priority Student: Benefits of Being a Priority Student

There are some benefits that are granted to Priority Students, within their status as beneficiaries. In such a way that, below we will tell you several essential benefits for classified students:

  1. These students are exempt from any monetary expense, in relation to the incorporation of the Chilean educational system.
  2. They will have some privileges compared to other students, proportional to the studies due to their socio-economic status.
  3. In some localities of the country, they will have at their disposal the social maintenance for the acquisition of implements required, and thus be able to do academic assignments.

How to know if my child is a Priority Student: Certified

The first thing is, be clear about the terminology that will be named throughout this point. Additionally, they will serve to be aware of the processing of this diligence, and that you can understand its use for the student population.

Now, the Priority Student Certificate is a documentation that certifies a student gifted to be classified or cataloged as a Student or Priority Student.

Likewise, as an advance in social welfare, the document must be issued for its proper consignment. Therefore, this Certificate is of great importance that all Priority Students have it.

This document is required to be delivered to the competent authorities to be confirmed. This Certificate is one of the most fundamental official documentation for the student population, in addition to a requirement.

By means of this Certificate, a quantity of information about the Student is made in detail, since he / she is a beneficiary of this social service. Which serves to ratify in front of different entities his condition of Priority Student.

Knowing all this, you already know what it means to have the Priority Student Certificate in Chilean territory. If you want to make the request, you must complete the procedure some required guidelines.

This procedure is mandatory, and thus legally obtain this documentation, and that all the mandates that are stipulated for your request are in order. As well as some requirements to manage it successfully.

What are the requirements to request the certificate as a Priority Student?

  • Find yourself registered in the Chile Solidario Social Protection System, belonging to the Ethical Family Income Program or the System of Values ​​and Opportunities.
  • Being part of the 30% vulnerable group, stipulated by the RSH (Family Social Registry Office) annually.
  • It should also be enrolled in section A of FONASA (National Health Fund).

These are only the requirements, which are required of applicants for this service in Chilean territory, to establish themselves as a Priority Student. If you do not have some of these qualities, you go on to estimate other elements:

  1. The annual or monthly income of representatives of youth and children.
  2. Academic data of the parents, legal guardian or representative of the Student.
  3. Rurality level of the locality, site or town where the student is established permanently.
  4. The degree of poverty of the community where the Student is from.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Priority Student Certificate

Taking into consideration the requirements that must be met to qualify as a Priority Student, the following is to formalize the diligence of the Certificate. Below, we will name the guidelines you want to follow:

  • The first thing is enter the official website of MINEDUC.
  • While there, you have to find and choose the alternative that says «Other types of Certificates», and then choose the corresponding year, the current one or the two (2) previous procedures.
  • To continue, you have to enter your personal information, the Student’s RUN, date of birth, and an email address.
  • After reviewing the information provided, they will send you the Priority Student Certificate, which is legally issued by MINEDUC, to your email.

What is the MINEDUC?

This being the organism that issues the Priority Student CertificateIt is necessary to know what else MINEDUC is in charge of in Chile. This is a government institution of great importance in the country.

He is in charge of the procedures related to all the procedures for students on Chilean soil. Its main purpose is to ensure quality academic training for the entire Chilean population.

It is also responsible for directing and monitoring as the highest authority, the proper functioning and advancement of educational functions in the country. This with the aim of helping with the constitutive procedure, which exposes the discoveries and the good performance of educational activities in Chile.

Likewise, this institution, known as MINEDUC, is in charge of processing all the procedures related to documents and certifications, which correspond to student learning services.

What is Being a Priority Student?

At this point, we will let you know what it means to be a Priority Student, which facilitates the processing procedure. You will also know how to distinguish with certainty, when these types of cases are evident and the required profile is obeyed.

So, a Priority Student is that young person or child who is in a socio-economic family situation with low social welfare. This situation hinders or complicates the acquisition of institutional educational processes duly.

The process of evaluation and provision of social services, help the process of progress in social welfare for the population. What contributes to the progress of the different social policies in Chile.

These policies are imposed by the Government, to alleviate some of your needs. Recently, Regulations for this service have been strategically changed to ensure good performance in this area.

Currently, Priority Students are valued from pre-kindergarten through the 4th grade of high school.

If you are in a difficult economic situation and have children who are in the pre-kindergarten stage and up to the middle 4t0, you can investigate How do I know if my child is a Priority Student?, which will help you obtain benefits from the State.

Just meet the requirements detailed above, and also follow the instructions, so that you know if your child qualifies or not to receive this help. We wish you luck in this process!


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