How to Know if My Home is Mortgaged: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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How to know if my house is mortgaged? This is one of the doubts that has arisen with great regularity when selling or buying a house, certainly this is one of the questions that individuals should take into account when moving to another property.

Keep in mind that the mortgage is a loan that is made by the bank, where your house is mortgaged, until the moment where you make the total cancellation of it. But here we will clarify all your doubts.Just keep reading!

How do I know if my house is mortgaged?

In the National Superintendency of Public Records or also called SUNARP, you can discover facts about the best way to know if the house is sold.

Thus, the mortgage credit is the insurance or assurance as correct that one has on a real estate and hence its registration must be made.

Said enlistment is done through the National Superintendency of Public Records, and in its equivalent stage, the home loan must be registered.

In this way, the discussion can be done within the framework of the web in a basic and fast way, since there is an electronic framework that streamlines the technique.

To address the issue of How do I know if my House is Mortgaged? It is important to have certain information close by, because SUNARP requires certain land data to know if it is sold or not.

It is prudent to carry out the discussion through the website of the SUNARP authority, since this association gives a Literal Certification of the Registration Certificate, where it is reflected in detail if the house is sold, as well as who is the owner of the land.

In this way, you realize what the genuine condition of the house is and you can avoid further charges and problems. It is important that when carrying out the procedure an investigation is carried out about the history of the house.

To do this, in the attached area we will give you each of the requirements and steps to follow to find out how to know if my house is mortgaged. Find them here!

How to know if my house is mortgaged: requirements and steps to follow


To request the Literal Certificate of the Registration Certificate of the house that you need to know if it is mortgaged, you will need the following:

  • Exact address of the house to consult
  • House Registration Code
  • Name of the owner of the house and his national identity document number.
  • Consider that the procedure has an established cost.

Steps to follow

To request the Literal Certificate of the Registration Item before Sunarp you must follow the following steps:

  • Go to any of the Sunarp offices, preferably the one closest to your home.
  • Locate the official responsible for care and express your request.
  • Start the process by delivering the documents mentioned above.
  • Make the corresponding payment, which costs a total of 19 soles.
  • Keep in mind that this certificate consists of around 10 pages and it may or may not be delivered immediately.

How to know if my house is mortgaged: can it be sold while mortgaged?

The moment a home is sold it is conceivable to begin the bargain interaction, however under these conditions it could be difficult to locate prospective buyers.

Another factor that can influence this cycle is how the bank disagrees. Therefore, it is suggested that before making the home available to buyers, it is prescribed to speak with the bank where the mortgage loan was taken.

It is important to have the documents of the property at hand and if you have a mortgage with the bank, it must be canceled immediately to be able to release it. Keep in mind that it is impossible to buy a home that is mortgaged.

Requirements to Sell the Mortgaged House

To start this process you will need:

  1. Copy of the House Deed.
  2. Summary Sheet and Urban Property.
  3. Proof of payment for each of the services that the property has.
  4. Proof of payment of property taxes.
  5. Exact period in which the mortgage was canceled.
  6. Notify the seller that the property is mortgaged and confirm if he wishes to continue with the process.

How to Know if My Home is Mortgaged: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is necessary to make the sale of a mortgaged home?

If the decision is to sell the home and the bank does not have any inconvenience for this transaction, the following documentation must be obtained:
  1. Original and copy of the deed of the house.
  2. Proof of payment of all the basic services that the house has.
  3. Cancellation of the respective taxes of the house.
  4. All the dates on which the mortgage cancellations were made.

2. Can you start the process of selling a house that is mortgaged?

At the moment a land is sold, there is the possibility of starting the sale strategy, in any case, in these terms it tends to be confusing to find an interested buyer.

Another angle that can impede this interaction is the way the bank does not favor the deal. Consequently, it is prudent that before making the property available for purchase, an advice is made with the bank where the mortgage loan was taken.

3. What to do if I want to know the code of the game or registration certificate?

The National Superintendency of Public Records is the body that can be contacted to request this information. In the event that you need to know the code quickly, you will have to pay a sum of 70 soles.

4. At what point can the management of a Literal Certification of the item or registry act be carried out?

This technique can be carried out whenever the interested party wishes or needs it. The only thing to keep in mind is that to complete the system you have to check the opening hours of the National Superintendency of Public Records.

Currently, due to the contingency that exists with the health pandemic, it is important to call by phone to verify what is the schedule in which they are working. If on the contrary it appears in the offices protect yourself and go with the biosecurity measures.

5. What must be known to sell a home with a mortgage?

Here are the data that you should know as the owner of the home:

Support the expense of the home and the mortgage loan, you must decide with decision what is the amount of the home estimate and the mortgage loan, knowing the interest on the home mortgage loan and what is the surplus to add to finish the fee.

The house must be offered to a person who can pay it and the obligation of the mortgage loan, or to another person who has another mortgage loan practically prepared, where the bank grants the obligation and another buyer is demonstrated.

Gather all the vital documentation, which will help the operation system, and then keep a strategic distance from possible future inconveniences.

6. What is the procedure for acquiring or selling a home with a mortgage?

A banking activity must be carried out to make a draft of the retraction of the mortgage loan, simultaneously the registration must be made where the fallen contract is reflected. When the above has been done, obtaining and offering the land must be possible as if it were not obliged.

The cancellation of the obligation of the land can be done with a bank check or with a bank change, in the same way the payment can be done by the options that the legal official public will show you.

Literal Certificate of Property

The strict registration will, formerly called an exact duplicate, is the aggregate or fractional generation of the records that make up the documented title or the enlistment of a good or right registered in the Public Registries, instructed the National Superintendence of Public Registries (Sunarp).

They indicated that the file is legitimized to carry out any technique or legal procedure on a certain asset or right. For example, on the occasion of the acquisition of a property and you want to have more information, it is pertinent to demand an insured duplicate of the Property Registry of the Property to the Sunarp.

Thus, you can check the entire history of the property from its first registration to the last act of enlistment, remembering details of its qualities, as well as the current and past owner, among others.

This registration can be purchased at Sunarp work centers across the country. Both on account of Real Estate and of statements from the Registry of Movable Property (Vehicle Ownership), Registry of Legal Persons (organizations) and of Individuals (intestate progression, testamentary, etc.)

They can be processed by anyone, as long as they have the property document or option to advise at their fingertips. To do this, you must round up a structure and pay the corresponding expense for an exact duplicate of the procedure.


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