How to know if my Motorcycle License is Legal: In person, Internet and MORE

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How do I know if my Motorcycle License is Legal? The license is one of the most comfortable and fastest documents to obtain, with which you can carry out any type of errand through motorcycles. Nowadays, men and women on motorcycles usually travel through the streets of Peru with only their license and without any type of legal problem.

In this article, we will show you what are the steps you must follow to carry out this process. However, there are many people who end up with illegal driving licenses, since they do it with strangers Don’t fall for it!

How to know if my motorcycle license is legal in person

The main thing you need to do is test your permit details, explicitly the region shown on it, as this is where you really want to fill out your license. Proceed with the attached previews:

  1. Go to the district and ask for confirmation of your permission.
  2. Among the aforementioned records, you must bring your permit.
  3. Sit down for a second to have them run the verification, and when they’re done, they’ll let you know if it’s fake. In the event that it is false, as a security measure, the specialists will not give their permission; you will need to request another.

Keep in mind that these are the steps that must be carried out to check if the license of your motorcycle is completely legal and is not processed by an illegal entity in the country. It is recommended to do this process, in some of the main offices.

How to know if my Motorcycle License is Legal online

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) offers all Peruvians the verification of the bicycle circulation permit through its online stage. These are the means to follow:

  • Enter the stage through the attached connection:
  • By the time you enter the stage, you will actually want to see three types of search: By Document Number, By License Number and finally By Last Name and Full Name. Select the one that suits you best and complete the aforementioned data.
  • Finally, select the option «Look for» and wait for the results.

In case the permission is remembered for the frame, that is, it shows the query output, it implies that your permission is legal. In the case that it is legitimate, you will see a table with several significant information, including the defects and the infringements presented.

As it should be obvious, it is a simple, fast and free system. Likewise, you can advise different questions and access as many times as you want. We invite you to check your driving license, in case you have not done so previously, and make sure that it is legally in circulation.

How to know if my Motorcycle License is Legal: How to get it?

Since you are sure of how to know if my motorcycle license is legal, Peru is prepared to find out what is the method of acquiring licenses.

What’s more, really, before we can say it, it is significant that you are clear about what type of permission you need, which we will reveal to you at this time:

  • The primary type is the BI permit, which is for non-mechanized tricycles used for the extraordinary passenger transport system.
  • Similarly, in second place it has mopeds that can be used for both goods and passengers with the B-IIa License.
  • After this there is a B-IIb License, which also adds cruisers with a sidecar, designed for three wheels, and ordinary bicycles.
  • Finally, there is the B-IIc License, which adds to the previous ones the trimotos and the cruiser taxis designed purely for the transport of passengers in the city.


Since you understand what the types of licenses are, here is a guide with the means you must take to acquire the proper permit:

  1. The first thing you should do is the psychosomatic test that must be carried out in any clinical setting with the permission of the Ministry of Transport.
  2. Then you must pay the prerequisites, which are a store in the Caja Metropolitana de Lima, a small, unique and duplicate photograph of the DNI and the clinical endorsement.
  3. Once this is done, you must go with the background to the Touring Automóvil Club del Perú and request the corresponding evaluation.
  4. Once the evaluation is finished, they will give you an application stating that it was acceptable, letting you know the place of work to obtain your permission.
  5. With this request, you must go to the workplace indicated in the place where you submitted the test within ten days.

Motorcycle License Costs

Without a doubt you realize how to know if the motorcycle license is legitimate in Peru and how to acquire it, however you may be thinking about how much the methodology costs.

Also, this really isn’t a particularly expensive system, even though it can’t be said to be one of the least expensive as of now. Also, it is important to note that there is nothing more than a lonely cost, however it fluctuates based on some things that are vital.

In this sense, the main comment is that there are two very separate costs that must be paid at the time of the method. The first of them is the psychosomatic evaluation that must be one of the fundamental requirements when initiating the appropriate strategy.

Note that

The explanation for this is that there are numerous clinical foci where it can very well be done and each of them has its own expenses.

However, when everything is said in fact what is evaluated is that there is a normal of between fifty to 100 soles to make the demonstrated evaluation. This implies that the most appropriate activity is to find the center with the best costs and that is recognized by the Ministry of Transport of Peru.

Thus, the second fixed value that must be paid is the store charge in the Lima Metropolitan Bank. In this sense, the store remains at 68.50 soles regardless of when it was made, since there have been no new adjustments.

Also, it is important to consider all the costs with the prints and copies that must be done to complete the needs that are currently mentioned. As a general rule, the total cost of this methodology never exceeds 200 soles if the most expensive alternative is chosen.

What if my License is Fake?

The first thing that comes to mind for many individuals when they own a vehicle is how to tell if a driver’s license is fake. Also, as discussed above, it is not great that numerous ethically powerless individuals are responsible for transmitting many bogus licenses.

The explanation behind this is that in this way they bring in simple and fast money without the need to do much or move from home. In fact, it is becoming an increasingly basic number that even framed groups of thugs are these days responsible for these absolutely bogus strategies.

This obviously is something that directly influences the individual who is using this current driver’s license that is not really legal. In this sense, the individuals who have them are fined, excluded and even sentenced to prison for driving with one of these.

Consequently, two basic ways have been made available to residents to see if their permit is safe and genuine. One of them is to do it face to face with the specialists who initially transmitted the driving license, the other is on the web.


To confirm your permission in person, you just have to follow these simple advances that we leave you here:

  • The main thing you should do is go to the region that appears on the permit, since right there you can make the interaction face to face.
  • When you are there, dYou will have to request that the permission be confirmed, for which you must present your own permit and endure the cycle.
  • When they have approved, they will educate you on the possibility of it being fake or not. In the event that it is, the specialists will keep it.

It is important that you be clear about the aspects that were mentioned in the upper part of the article; So that when you go to one of the main offices or the website, you do not have any type of setback and you can carry out the license without problems.

How to know if my Motorcycle License is Legal: What is the Driver’s Record?

The record it’s just the history of all the sanctions and fines that are had regarding the Ministry of Transport and Communications. This is a history that it is consulted online and it also allows to know the state that has a fine or a general sanction.

In case you want to know and consult yours, you can do it very quickly and comfortably just click in this link.


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