How to know if my package is in Customs: Taxes, Release and MORE

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How to know if my package is in Customs? Below you will discover the answer to this question. In addition to other doubts related to the entry and shipment of a product. Take into account all the indications that we will indicate so that you can carry out the process without problems.

Currently sending a package anywhere in the world is very easy and simple. To do this, you must channel the shipment with the corresponding entity so that it reaches the indicated destination. Keep reading and you will learn more about the process!

How to know if my package is in Customs?

All shipments must have a Postal Registry of Origin, also called a tracking number, which makes tracking easier and more direct. In addition, it must be granted by the organization that makes the shipment.

When the shipment has been enlisted in the customs service in Peru, the status can be monitored through the official page of the authority of the SUNAT. Please note this:

  • You will find the Customs Operation field and later, you must select the option It Matters Easy.
  • Then, Select the option Postal shipping inquiry.
  • Next, enter the DPO number or Notice of Appearance of the postage.
  • Finally, you will see the list with the information.

How to Know if my Package is in Customs: It Matters Easy

The SUNAT in its enthusiasm to promote and promote import and pricing methods, it has updated the aid called Matter Easy. This option is done in coordination with the help of lyou Postal Services of Peru, better known by its abbreviation SERPOST.

Importa Fácil is accessible to all citizens who need to complete the procedure quickly and safely. Organizations can also use this tool. It is important to note that the import or receipt of postal shipments for purchases or gifts from abroad have a cost greater than US $ 2,000.00.

This instrument is extremely good, since it allows the customer to import or receive the shipment, through the national postal service, enjoying various facilities.

Among them, the monitoring of the status of the package, which is conceivable through the official website of the SUNAT and through the application for latest generation phones.

The application is downloaded through the Play StoreWith this option you can perform different operations that allow you to know more about the process and the corresponding entity. To monitor the packages you must perform the following process:

  • Enter the digital platform.
  • Subsequently, select the option to Customs processes.
  • Next, locate the main menu of the field Special regimes
  • Finally, you will find It Matters Easy.

At this stage there are three options, among them we have:

  1. By Notice.
  2. Shipment
  3. Date.

Anyone who selects will be asked for the Shipping Number, among other information related to it. The states indicated are:

  • Package arrival: shows the date the package was presented in the country.
  • Serpost Lima: you will be able to monitor when the product is already being analyzed by the Postal Administrations.
  • Sunat: is responsible for informing if the package has a problem and the amount of the procedure. You must cancel it immediately.
  • Delivery: the Sunat approves the arrival of the shipment and must notify the Serpost of receipt.

How to know if my Package is in Customs: Package Release Time

As indicated by an explanatory area of ​​the SUNAT, the period that a postal shipment can remain in Peru without being transferred to the recipient is sixty consecutive days or two months, which are counted from the date on which Serpost SA. report the shipment to the SUNAT.

Be that as it may, in the coordination of the service that Serpost SA offers before the expiration of the conservation time of the postal shipment, the return is made when the recipient has not yet withdrawn it or has not consigned the payment. Please note that you should remove the package as soon as possible.

What to do if you are retained?

During the audit of postal shipments, the customs authority verifies the data of the Customs Clearance System with the verified. Continue entering the characteristics, number and other details of the shipment in the system, then you must do the following:

  • Report: when it is important to submit additional data or records to help free shipping. The Customs Clearance System consequently communicates the data related to the notice to the Organization.
  • Diversion to another tax system: This circumstance occurs when the FOB value per shipment exceeds US $ 2,000.00, or when the shipping methods create a FOB value that exceeds US $ 3,000.00. The comparison periods must be carried out as indicated by the Peruvian authority.
  • The Customs Clearance SystemConsequently, it will send the data so that it can carry out the respective notification of the arrival notice to the recipient and therefore honor the taxes.

In the event that the retention in Customs is initiated for different reasons, they will be treated for each exceptional case. In light of the import and export guidelines of the Peruvian country.

Import Taxes in Peru

The fees that are paid for the products that are introduced into the nation are established through of a Customs Tariff and other established laws. The Customs Tax is compared with a mathematical code that is used to recognize the articles and is mandatory in customs processes.

As indicated by the authorized entity, customs obligations are expressed in percentages, which are applied to the estimate of the product or good. Import obligations are classified as follows:

  • Duty, which apply to all imported goods, is known as the duty obligation. It is determined on the decided available basis, which is called the CIF customs estimate.
  • The Selective Consumption Tax, which applies to specific items, for example, new and used alcohol, cigarettes, soft drinks, potencies and vehicles.
  • The IGV o General Negotiation Tax, which is charged on imports, under equal conditions, with a spending rate of 16%. The available base is the CIF , in addition to customs obligations and other material charges.
  • IPM or o Municipal Promotion Tax, collected on imports of items covered by the IGV, with an evaluation rate of 2%. Taking an available base similar to that used for the IGV.

It is essential to consider that to decide the available basis, the values ​​are calculated in US dollars, unless there is an alternative agreement with a legal premise.

How to know if my package is in Customs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimate of the cargo for global transport (sea, air, land) from Peru to a specific objective?

Freight rates between two different destinations are calculated based on cargo type, volume, mode and transport equipment or unit of cargo and vehicle organization.

To know the appropriate specific cargo rates from Peru to the required objective, it is suggested that you consult directly with the transport organization that covers the destination. Freight forwarders and customs business organizations may also provide you with this information.

What air, ocean, or land transportation organizations could you use to transport the items?

It must indicate the starting point and the final destination. Also, check the service entities of the Peruvian ports and air terminals. In maritime or air transport, you can also locate a customs official who will clarify any questions in this regard.

What method of transport can I use to send an item to a market determined?

The meaning of the means of transport to market an item is related to various variables, including: andl type, value, weight and volume of the item; the type of load; the care; and cost of packaging; safety; the openness, accessibility, attendance, speed and cost of the means of transport.

In addition, customs expenses and the necessary documentation can influence the choice of using ocean, air or land means. In Peru there is a wide range of specialized entities to transit the merchandise, and by land to the rest of the neighboring nations.

Transportation for certain nations is restricted by the frequencies and travel times it takes to reach the last destination.

What is the most suitable method of transport to transport merchandise?

The meaning of the method of transport for submitting an item is related, among other things, to the following:

  • The type of item to be shipped.
  • The weight of the item.
  • The volume of the cargo.
  • Item and shipping estimate.
  • Point of origin and point of destination requested by the buyer.
  • Type of packaging and pressing.
  • Buyer’s needs in terms of speed, accessibility and openness in the different methods of transport.

Please note that each transportation method has its own representation; for example, air freight is not appropriate for huge cargo and ocean freight is unreasonable for critical cargo.

What are Incoterms?

They are the provisions of purchase and sale at the world levell that establish the duties and commitments of the parties involved in the activity. Incoterms control four significant aspects that help any commercial exchange:

  • Transportation of Products.
  • Risk transfer.
  • Distribution of Expenses.
  • Administrative Operations.


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