How to know if my PTP is Ready: Consultation, Withdrawal and MORE

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How do I know if my PTP is Ready? This process is easy and simple to carry out, when entering the Peruvian country it is important to have the immigration stamp that establishes the time of permanence in the nation. In this article you will learn how to carry out the procedure and avoid delays.

Many people may think about what type of permit this is and what it is used for and, in reality, it is somewhat comparable to a special temporary residence permit. Keep reading, success in the process!

How do I know if my PTP is Ready?

The need to figure out how to see if my PTP is ready online is an incredibly simple interaction that should be possible anytime and anytime you want. The explanation behind this is something as basic as the way in which everything identifies with migratory cycles.

This has its explanation behind being in the measure of travelers who have been in recent times trying to enter the interior of Peruvian territory. And, as is generally the case when there are these types of circumstances, the workplaces in general were crowded by the number of applications.

Likewise, this caused a collapse in the migratory assistance entities at the local and public level. As a result, Peruvian specialists chose to greatly simplify requests on everything related to the movement.

That is why, at present, all the forms to carry out the procedure via the web have been facilitated, in view of the fact that through this type of process things are streamlined. In this way, you can query the PTP as fast as possible through the platform.

In this sense, you simply have to enter the page and fill in all the information mentioned correctly. It is exactly from there that in the following area we are going to explain to you what is the technique to do online in steps.

How to Know if my PTP is Ready: PTP Query

It is important that you follow the steps below to query the process.

  1. The main thing to do is enter the official migration page, which is so simple, you just have to press the start key.
  2. When you are there, the next activity is to finish all the information that the framework mentions to proceed with the advisory.
  3. Whenever you have done this you should put the catpcha, which is the box with a progression of letters and numbers in the lower left.
  4. The next activity whenever you have done this is to simply tap on the option «check«Which is the option on the left.

How to Know if my PTP is Ready: PTP Approval Time

A question that without a doubt each of the individuals who are interested in the best way to know if my PTP is ready is what is the estimated time that the system in general takes to approve the certificate.

The purpose behind this is very clear, since the entire regulatory methodology makes all administrative procedures have an estimated timeTherefore, the individual must have patience when carrying out the process.

Moreover, it is actually an easy methodology, and in recent years we have tried to do it as quickly as possible. In fact, due to the new flood of immigrants, the reaction time has been reduced to only thirty days.


It must be taken into account that the period considered excludes weekends or festive occasions. This is done in order that people they have to stay as short as possible in an irregular state within the nation.

In the same way, take into account that you will have a time of ten days in case there may be some kind of problem. During this period, you must appear face to face at the entity where you have presented your case and obtain the PTP.

It is important to make an accentuation, once you make the presentation, the ten days for the delivery of the certificate will continue to be counted. This is done with the possibility of submitting the papers as fast as time allows.

How to know if my PTP is Ready: Requirements to Withdraw it

Here are the requirements to be consigned to carry out the process. Keep in mind, present them without amendments or erasures to avoid delays in the process.


To process it, you will need the following:

  • Duplicate of the identity card or identity card with which you entered Peru.
  • Oath not to have a police, criminal and judicial record at the public and global level. Minors and disabled people do not need this report.
  • INTERPOL’s global commercial structure, only for adults with freedoms and social commitments. This must be prepared in said police organization and has a cost of S / 80.50.
  • In case minors are presented, birth authentication or birth testament with apostille. In case of not having the apostille, statement of credibility of the document.


Cancel the processing right

Go to the nearest Banco de la Nación and pay the PTP request, which is specified in code 1812. The sum is S / 41.90 and must be paid in cash.

In the event that you do not have the monetary means, Migrations can allow the collection for a period of up to one year, confirmed from the issuance of the card or until the request to change the status of passerby or take off from the country.

Request the appointment on the official platform

This system is face-to-face, however you must request an appointment through the page, touching the red house symbol and then in the file “Start Reservation«. There, register and press “Send«. You must confirm the approval code that you will receive by email to proceed with the registration.

Present for the appointment

When you go to the appointment, bring the electronic receipt where the date set by the system appears, you must go to the Office of Migration Services. which has its headquarters in Lima at Prolongación Av. España 734, Breña or at the Zonal Headquarters nationwide, depending on what you have chosen when completing your procedure on the web.

There you will be given a free application structure that you will have to complete and submit along with all the files shown as requirements and the proof of payment of management.

Only in the event that you cannot pay, you must also submit a Declaration, committing to do so within a maximum period of one year (DS N ° 023-2017-IN). The immigration office will give you a document code for your process.

Wait for your reply

The Immigration Office will evaluate the reports and issue a regulation within 30 business days:

  • If the resolution is positive, migration will give you the PTP card.
  • Also, in case there are perceptions, you will have 10 business days to regularize them. In the event that you do not do it within this period, the request will be seen as not presented.
  • In the event that the request is denied and you are in an irregular migratory circumstance, you must leave the country within a limit of 30 business days, counting from the day after the communication issued by the entity.
  • This departure request can be extended by 15 days, only if there are justified reasons.

How can I know about my Immigration Process?

Another question that many people ask themselves when they start to investigate how to know if my PTP is ready is how to know the status of the process. It is essential to know the state of the cycle to have the option to perform the movements when the opportunity comes.

This is done so that, if there is a problem with the process, the individual can discover it in a timely manner. Therefore, it is normal for anyone to start legal activities to have the option to jump-start the cycle before it stalls.

In addition, this is really something very simple to do, since the interaction is something that has been tried to smooth out for the individuals who are carrying out this procedure.

In this report you will be able to really see the current status of the PTP request before the Peruvian specialists. The purpose behind this is to gather all the techniques and along these lines have the option of doing all the consultations of the case.

In this sense, more people have had the option of making inquiries without having difficulties or problems with the system in general.

What is the PTP?

Although so far we have explained how to know if my PTP is ready on the web, we have not clarified what it is and its capabilities. The first thing to know is that PTP is the abbreviation used to refer to the Temporary Permit of Permanence.

Many people can think of what type of concession this is and it is actually somewhat comparative to an exceptional temporary residence. It is essential to explain that this type of file is only for Venezuelan passersby and cannot be mentioned by people of any other ethnic group in general.

In this sense, it must be explained that the PTP allows the interested individual to have a transitory circumstance considered habitual before the country’s specialists. Thus, individuals who have the approved PTP they will be able to carry out economic activities as long as they pay the taxes that correspond to them.


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