How to know if they deposited the Argenta Loan: What it is, Shifts and MORE

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For citizens who do not have so many economic resources in Argentina, the government has created an alternative that they call Argenta loan. An economic support system for those who require it without assuming a great commitment and more as a temporary solution. Many of those who have chosen this option ask themselves this question: How to know if they deposited the Argenta Loan?

As we know that it can be a topic of great interest, we have decided to investigate and thus clarify doubts on the subject. We will explain how the process is, what exactly the Argenta Loan is and what benefits it brings, among other things. You don’t want to miss it!

How to know if they deposited the Argenta Loan?

This system has been active for many years and by now millions of pensioners and families are enjoying benefits from the Argenta credit program. Loans that are accepted by government organizations do not require a check to see if the deposit was made or not, generally credit transfers are made within 5 business days of making the request.

Verify if the deposit was received from Argenta Loan It is very easy and fast, since the whole process can be carried out from the internet without having to leave home or juggle.

Once the request is made, the bank account must be verified, through the platforms enabled for this that each institution has, which is affiliated with the Argenta Loan program to know if the deposit was received or not.

Remember that it is recommended to wait for 5 business days to receive this benefit, if after those days there is no deposit in the account, you must go to the ANSES office or you could also call 130 to check what happened with your deposit.

How to know if they deposited the Argenta Loan: What is it?

The Argenta Loan It is an economic aid of its own for those people who for any established reason are in a bad economic situation, that is, they have low resources.

The benefit is based on offering an alternative to people who need it with a series of registries aimed at a specific population of Argentina.

For more details on this benefit, it is recommended to visit the official website of ANSES or call the main office.

How to know if they deposited the Argenta Loan: Request for Shifts to ANSES

To request an appointment at ANSES, you will only need an electronic device from which you can connect to the internet and have your personal data updated before the ANSES body. With this in hand, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Enter the following link from the web browser of your choice: Shift Request.
  2. Automatically, the system will provide the registration number that must be saved to confirm the place and date on which the procedure can be carried out.

The ANSES offices have a particular shift allocation system and it is as follows:

  • Titular persons: According to the postal code of the person, that is, their domicile address registered in ANSES, the place and date will be assigned.
  • Lawyers and / or managers: in this case, the shift is assigned according to the postal code registered in the database specifically enabled for lawyers and managers.

How do I know when I have a shift ANSES?

Make the request for shifts in ANSES, usually there are doubts about the details of the appointment. Consulting them is quite easy, just by entering the official website of the institution and looking for the following option: Shift Consultation The time, day and place assigned to carry out the procedure are verified.

At this point, it is when the registration number that we mentioned before will be needed, it should be saved, with it the assigned appointment is accepted or canceled.

How to know if they deposited the Argenta Loan: ANSES Services

The ANSES It has a Guarantee Fund of the Pension System (FGS), with this they can make payments and maintain the value of the salary of retirees over time.

Additionally, they perform functions such as delivery of family allowances to workers, whether they are active or already retired. Likewise, assign retirements or pensions applying Social Security programs.

The ANSES makes contributions to the sustainable development of the national economy and preserves assets sent to Social Security policies.

During the emergency, the shifts, their assignments and the procedures carried out from the website changed a bit. In the following link you can check these changes: Rescheduling of shifts and procedures through the website.

  • Virtual Attention: The procedures that can be carried out virtually can be verified through the following link Attention Virtual. Service available from 00 a.m. to 8 p.m., only on business days. The income is with a Social Security code.
  • Internet inquiries: Queries are made through a private message on the ANSES Facebook.
  • Telephone attention: Calling the number 130 you can make inquiries about procedures 24 hours a day. To be attended personally, the schedule is from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Offices: The ANSES Office closest to the domicile of the interested party is the one that can be resorted to if necessary.
  • Points of Attention: The Points of Attention distributed throughout the country to do your paperwork.
  • Mobile Care Units: The operatives of attention throughout the country and we work together with other organizations in El Estado en tu Barrio.
  • ATMs and totems with biometric system: With their fingerprint, people will be able to carry out survival (life certificate) in the Electronic Self-Consultation Terminals (TAE) enabled in the offices ANSES and in the ATMs and totems located in banks across the country.
  • ANSES staff visit: If a home visit is made by someone who identifies himself as ANSES personnel, information about how to identify it and what it may or may not ask you.

Request another loan from ANSES

Loans from Argent depend on the type of request that is made, as well as the amount granted to the beneficiary. These amounts labeled as loans are a minimum of $ 1,500 and a maximum of $ 60,000.

The amounts are ordered by the ANSES. The organization is in charge of giving the amount paid to the applicant. Based on Argentine law, the entry fee for each loan cannot exceed 30% of the salary produced by a beneficiary individual.

Benefited Social Sectors

The social sectors benefit from multiple loans from the ANSES, are:

  • Household allowance.
  • Pensions for elderly widowers.
  • Main relative of a disabled child.
  • Legally Retired Citizens
  • Single mothers with one (1) or more children in a low-income situation.
  • Retired seniors.
  • People with some kind of disability.
  • Child (ren) with disabilities.

What is ANSES?

ANSES are the acronyms for National Administrator of Social Security, a national institution in charge of the policy of the Social Security in Argentina. Its main functions are to grant pensions and retirements.

The institution’s main mission is the socially responsible and effective administration, speaking of the Sustainability Guarantee Fund of the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA) and that of executing the policies that the Government has adopted regarding social security, thus ensuring that everyone obtains their regulated services and benefits as corresponds.


ANSES is in charge of the following tasks as its main functions:

  • Management and settlement of the Unemployment Benefit.
  • Payment of Family Allowances to active workers, unemployed, retired and pensioners.
  • Management and settlement of the Universal Child and Pregnancy Allowances for Social Protection, among others.
  • Granting and payment of retirements and pensions.
  • Management of programs aimed at meeting detected needs by expanding citizens’ pension coverage.

It also carries out the implementation of Progress and ANSES credits.

As of 2008, with the transfer of funds from the former AFJPs to the State level, ANSES is in charge of managing the Sustainability Guarantee Fund which was created, in the first instance, to protect and therefore to guarantee the payment of retirements and pensions in case of contingencies.

This fund, whose portfolio is made up of various types of assets, was established with the main purpose of contributing to the sustainable development of the national economy and mitigating the negative impact that the evolution of economic and social variables could have on the social security system.

The types of assets are as follows: public securities, shares of corporations, fixed-term holdings, negotiable obligations, mutual funds, debt securities issued within the framework of trusts and mortgage bonds.

Important information

New credits can be requested as of January 5 with a previous shift. In the month of December 2020, the collection of the installments of the ANSES Credits is resumed with a decrease in the interest rate.

From now on it will be 29% (TNA *) for retirees, retirees, pensioners and pensioners. Likewise, the interest generated during the suspension of the installments between January and November 2020 will not be charged. These measures impact more than 5 million beneficiaries with current loans.

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