How to Know if You Have Been Called to Military Service: Procedures, DGMN and MORE

How do you know if you were called up for military service? This is a question asked by most young Chileans who are eligible for compulsory military service. You must consider that the purpose of this is to include citizens in the Armed Forces for a specified period of time.

It is important to heed the government’s call for active participation in national defense and to support the country in the event of an emergency or internal disaster. During military assistance, they are interested in military orientation, conducting exercises and preparing within the control structure, qualities and conventions, focused on the development of officers and citizens.

How to know if you were called to military service in Chile?

Basis for enlistment is a list of all youth (volunteers and non-volunteers) who have reached the age of majority that year and, therefore, may be called up for compulsory military service.

First of all, young people who want to sign up for volunteer activities are brought together. Since the number of volunteers is insufficient to address the problems of the military, an irregular lottery will be held in October to receive residents who have not turned up.

Before December, young people who have been elected will have the option of applying for military aid: being banned (showing their physical, mental or social problems that prevent them from accessing the bill) or postponing for study reasons.


  • Chilean citizenship law stipulates that people between the ages of 18 and 45 must perform military service.
  • You must attend the required course on the date and place indicated on the call list.
  • If selected, you must join the armed forces.
  • Finally, once the Military Service is finished, you must register as a reservist of the Armed Forces which is in the base mobilization unit.

How to know if you were called to the military service: how and where to do the paperwork?

In the context of your needs, one of the conditions that must be met is to participate in the office recruitment cantonTo respond to the appeal, you can do so by registered letter or in the same office.

The prerequisites that must be met are as follows:

  • You must have Chilean nationality between 17 and 24 years.
  • The ID must be valid (remember to bring it with you).
  • Approve all the requirements required by the Selection Committee of the Work Contingent.

Online or In office

If you are of legal age, you can complete the procedure online. To operate in this way, you must have a unique password, which can be obtained from the Civil Registry. To perform this process, you must approach the recruitment canton closest to home.

It is important to have the documents that we will mention below:

  • Personal identification
  • Application form (very important)
  • Once the documents have been submitted, you will receive a registration certificate, which will indicate the unit and the date of the call.
  • You must appear for the selection process at the specified location, time and date.
  • Try to use the requirements established by the contingency selection committee to convene and accept.
  • If you are 17 years old and have not reached the legal age in the same year or you are female, you must go through the registration process directly in the Recruitment Canton.

By phone or By mail

If you want to carry out this process via email or by phone, then we will provide you with the phone numbers and email so you can request everything you need and start the process

Phones: +56 (02) 693 4000 / +56 (02) 693 4701


How to know if you were called up for military service: reasons not to attend

Citizens who are eligible for compulsory military service and who for any reason have an impediment to comply with compulsory Military Service, can apply for the exclusion from the Special Accreditation Committee (CEA).

Among the most common reasons we can cite the following:

  • According to the regulations, a person declared inappropriate is due to a lack of physical or mental correction.
  • Members of the Order and Public Security Forces and Gendarmerie of Chile.
  • For those who perform military service, being the main source of income, it will seriously affect the socioeconomic status of their families.
  • Those people who are married, or in the process of becoming parents.
  • Those sentenced to torture unless the General Directorate of National Mobilization (DGMN) considers them morally adequate. In any case, an amnesty (pardon or crime) can eliminate this cause.
  • Successor relatives and direct relatives, including victims of human rights violations or political violence, up to the fourth degree of consanguinity.

Note that:

  • Those excluded from military service will no longer be summoned.
  • Fourth-year students of nationally recognized colleges or universities and students participating in their professional practice may choose another claim method (postponement of military service).
    • Provide professional services.
    • Special courses of military instruction.
    • Join military service for free.

Depending on the method chosen, the costs of postponing military service are as follows:

  • Registration cost at the end of the studies: $ 6,060.
  • Providing professional services: $ 13,020.
  • The cost of updating in April of each year is $ 630.
  • Special military training courses: free.

What is the Military Service in Chile about and Who is it Aimed at?

The Military service It is about an incorporation of citizens to the Armed Forces of Chile, which takes a certain period, this helps to acquire new knowledge, and have new functions that involve high defense activities.

Military duties are a set of obligations of Law No. 2306, which involve the performance of compulsory military service, participation in the reserve service and participation in mobilization.

The call to participate is for all Chilean citizens between 17 and 24 years old. In the same way, people who have reached military age abroad, after returning to the nation, have the commitment to fix their military condition.

It is imperative to go to the nearest registration and reservation centers, within a period of 30 days from the date of its appearance in the country, and they will be interested simultaneously in case they are committed to the time established by law.

Directorate General for National Mobilization (DGMN)

The abbreviation of the General Administration of National Mobilization is DGMN, is known as an important advisory body of the Ministry of Defense of Chile, is in charge of mobilization and material and military recruitment.

In the same way, they select the citizens who will receive training to defend the nation from any danger or catastrophe that may arise.

Powers of the Armed Forces:

  • They are responsible for recruiting contingents for the agencies of the armed forces.
  • Bring together the nation’s workforce, material assets, and modern capacity to meet the prerequisites of public protection.
  • They also implement national controls on weapons, explosives, chemicals, and martial arts.
  • Finally, the DGMN advises the Ministry of Defense on the execution of citizens and civil defense.

Frequent questions

Is military service for Chilean citizens voluntary?

No, military service is compulsory for men, but in terms of its call and parking it is voluntary in principle, and mandatory subsidies must be implemented, that is, the call is mandatory only when the quota is not completed by volunteer recruits.

For women, this is voluntary.

What is the Sweepstakes for?

The general draw is an open, random and transparent draw, which is conducted with men to cover the quota that has not been met by voluntary applicants. The draw takes place in the first fortnight of October of each year.

What are the requirements for military service?

Possess a valid identity card of Chilean nationality. Be between 17 years old (completed and authorized by the parent or legal guardian) and 24 years old. Approve the requirements of each agency in the selection process of their respective teams.

Will I be able to choose the establishment and where can I complete the Military Assistance?

You can choose the organization of the Armed Forces where you need to carry out Military Aid, however, the place will depend on what the Armed Forces require.

How long does military assistance last?

In the Armed Forces and Flight Corps of Chile, it lasts one year, with a limit of 14 months. In the Chilean naval force it can last up to two years.

Will I be able to continue with my military vocation after finishing my Military Aid?

In truth, when your induction period is over, you can apply to be an Expert Warrior or to a parent school in the Armed Forces organizations.

In what time are the first visits made?

Primary visits are dictated by each Military Unit. To find out the dates of each, you must call the Conscript Soldier Office, which has all the military units throughout the country.

How to obtain proof of having served in the Armed Forces abroad?

If you are a Chilean citizen, live abroad and previously worked in an institution of the armed forces, and you need to obtain a certificate that proves the time of service in one of the institutions, for social security purposes, you must contact the corresponding entity .


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