How to Know My Balance in BEPS Colpensions: Requirements, Calculator and MORE

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In this article you will know everything about Colpensiones BEPS, and you will know how to know my balance in Colpensiones BEPS.

Remember that saving for our old age is important and, without a doubt, BEPS has the best savings option for you.

How do I know my Balance in BEPS Colpensions?

The balance is one of the main data that all bank accounts have, and consists of showing and providing the account holder with information on how much is in the account.

Depending on the bank in question, there are different ways of knowing and consulting the account balance. In most cases you can find out the balance without having to go to the bank.

At present, this type of process can be carried out by users through the web platform that banks have, better known as Online Banking.

Now, in this case we will focus on the Colpensiones bank, which offers an excellent web platform, where different operations can be carried out.

Steps to follow

Next in this section, we will proceed to explain each of the steps that must be followed to know the balance in your account in Colpensiones BEPS.

  1. To begin, the first thing to do is access the Colpensiones web platform.
  2. Once inside the page, the applicant must go to the section of «Virtual office», which appears as a purple box with the image of a laptop, and you must click there.
  3. Then, you must click on the option to enter, which is in a colored button green.
  4. After this, the system will redirect you to a new tab, where several boxes will appear, which you must proceed to fill in with the requested data.

Data requested

The data requested are the following:

  • Type of document: The person must indicate the type of document they have.
  • Document Number: You must enter the digits corresponding to your identity document.
  • Password: In this box you must enter the password that the owner chose.
  • Image code: A code will appear on the screen, which you must proceed to place where indicated.

How to Know My Balance in BEPS Colpensions: Balance Transfer

There are currently infinities of operations and transactions that people can carry out, such as the transfer of balance. It consists of a fairly quick and simple process, which can be done on the web platform

With the Colpensiones BEPS balance transfer option, people have access to a savings system that allows them to transfer monetary balances quickly and easily.

For this it is necessary that the owner is affiliated. To transfer balances to your BEPS account, the only thing that is essential is to deposit in your bank.

Too Colpensions BEPS offers you to carry out the operation from the comfort of home, being a procedure that can be carried out online and at any time of the day.

It is important to bear in mind that when carrying out the transfer of balances, it increases in your account after spending a while. In fact, BEPS balances are generally a 20% incentive provided by the state.

Now, it is important to note that the balances of this savings system can be transferred and used bimonthly and can even be used to pay for a home.

How to Know My Balance in BEPS Colpensions: What is BEPS?

Generally, as the years go by, they wonder about the future, what will happen to me when I stop working? This being the most common of them, and that is that as people we need a base and stability to have a good quality of life.

That is why man since ancient times has implemented a system that helps and provides benefits to the human being, which is savings.

Saving is the best way to guarantee having money in a long-term plan, and not living from day to day, having the opportunity to improve and plan a future with a better quality of life.

That is why in the Colombian nation savings have been implemented in many ways to provide financial security to citizens.

Periodic Economic Benefits

Thanks to this savings system, the idea of BEPS, that is to say, Periodic Economic Benefits. It is a voluntary savings program, which is aimed at those people who cannot contribute to a pension, with the purpose of helping them.

It is based on supporting and providing economic protection to those who have not contributed in their working life. People who start their savings plan in BEPS, begin to build their economic capital.

How does it work?

In this savings system, the money deposited accumulates in the form of capital, which guarantees an economic income for old age.

An important fact about the program BEPS, is that it is quite flexible in terms of how to save. Colpensions offers a large number of services that are tailored to the needs of the person, based on their financial capabilities.

Requirements and Characteristics of the BEPS Program

In this section we proceed to show the requirements and characteristics of the Colpensions program called BEPS:


If you want to be part of the BEPS program, it is necessary to know the requirements that are required, so that in this way you can start saving.

At present, the requested requirements have been reduced considerably, so that now many more people can enjoy this incredible savings plan.

Next, in this list we mention each of them:

  • As a first requirement we have that the applicant must have Colombian citizenship.
  • Another requirement is that the person must be of legal age, that is, be over 18 years old.
  • In the case of indigenous residents in the reservations, the census list must be attached.
  • As a last requirement, you must have an income that is much less than the minimum wage established in the nation.


To carry out the process, you have to go through a series of steps to be able to be linked to the BEPS, these steps are the following:

  1. To begin, the interested party must look for one of the points of connection.
  2. Then you must learn about everything related to the process or procedure.
  3. Then you must proceed to download the established form called Unique BEPS Bonding Format.
  4. Once this is done, you should print it in the highest quality and resolution possible.
  5. The applicant must fill in each of the fields of the form with the requested information
  6. It is important that it does not have studs or errors, to avoid inconveniences in the process.
  7. Finally, to complete the process, the applicant must check which is the closest point of care to the home, and then present himself / herself with all the requested requirements.

BEPS features

The Periodic Economic Benefits, that is, BEPS, have a whole series of characteristics that make this savings system the best option to have financial security in the future.

Here are the characteristics of BEPS:

  • The BEPS program is not about a pension.
  • It is an alternative saving mechanism. aimed at protection for old age.
  • It is an independent program of the General Pension System.
  • Upon reaching retirement, you receive an income equal to the savings you made, plus the corresponding incentive.
  • The benefits are received as a life annuity.
  • They are non-heritable benefits.
  • The annual contribution cannot exceed $ 885,000.

How to Know My Balance in BEPS Colpensions: Calculator

The system of BEPS colpenctions, offers a calculator service, which allows you to calculate what it is possible to save and what it is possible to receive.

The calculator can be found directly on the Colpensiones web platform, in the BEPS section

What is Colpensiones?

The Colombian Administrator of Pensions ColpensionesIt is a State Industrial and Commercial Company, which is created and organized as a financial entity of a special nature, linked to the Ministry of Labor.

If you take into account all our content you can carry out your process in BEPS successfully.


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