How to know my Banco Av Villas Account Number: Opening, Types and MORE

Do youHow to find out my Banco Av Villas Account Number? This is one of the questions that many clients of this bank ask themselves. For this reason, we will help you to find out below, in addition to finding other information of interest about Banco Av. Villas.

Below we detail the procedure to follow to open an account, the types of accounts it offers, what the customer service takes care of. Also, other services that benefit its clients, and what is Banco Va Villas and its origin.

How do I know my Banco Av Villas Account Number?

If you want to know your Banco Av Villas account number, we tell you that it is a very easy procedure to do. There are different ways to find it, and through this article we will tell you how you can find it. One way is locate a check, since your account number appears on the back.

However, another way to achieve this is by contacting Banco Av. Villas by phone, where you will get an answer after validating your information. There is also another way and that is to access the official website of the Av Villas Bank, making the respective affiliation and thus you will get it on your home page.

How to find out my Banco Av Villas Account Number: Openings

When you need to open an account, you should only visit one of the Banco Av. Villas agencies and consign the requirements demanded of one of its employees, thus asking to open it. It should be noted that, although the requirements are similar for the different types of accounts, they are not the same.

In such a way that, to make the procedure easier, we leave you the corresponding requirements for the types of accounts most used in this financial institution:

Requirements to Open a Checking Account

  • The first requirement is deliver the original identification document.
  • The next thing is to manage the Request for Linking and Interview of Natural Person.
  • It is essential to provide the guarantee of the income you receive.
  • Also present the support of income received by economic activity.
  • Consign the Income Declaration or a letter of as Non-Declarant.

Requirements to Open a Rentavillas Savings Account

  • The first step to take is manage the Product Contract Banco Comercial Av Villas SA Legal Person.
  • The Chamber and Commerce Certificate.
  • Deliver in physical (printed) certified financial statements, but only those of the last fiscal year to date.
  • Present a list where the names of the partners who have 5% or more of the capital stock, attaching the respective identification documents.
  • Also, attach the Income Statement in its entirety, for the last period.
  • Consign a constancy with the financial statements by accounting cycles that are possessed.

As you can see, it is very easy to open an account at Banco Av. Villas, just by presenting the aforementioned requirements.

How to find out my Banco Av Villas Account Number: Types

One of the strengths that financial institutions have is based on the products that provide benefits to all their clients. For this reason, there are a large number of people who come to lean towards one bank or another, according to their needs.

Banco Av Villas is no exception, since it offers its clients three (3) types of main accounts. These accounts are detailed below:

Certivillas Savings Account

The characteristics of this account are the following:

  1. It is possible to use it without canceling any amount for handling, nor for administrative expenses.
  2. When withdrawals are made, there are no additional costs.
  3. One of its benefits is that it supports profit with double profitability, on the total daily balance, and also on the quarterly average balance.

The Current Account

It is the account that clients request the most, this is due to how easy it is to manage their money. However, it has other qualities:

  • When performing more than six (6) operations with the debit card, a part of the amount will be returned to the customer for account management.
  • When issuing checks, they can be cashed as local checks at any of the Av Villas bank offices throughout the Colombian territory.
  • The clients they will constantly receive notifications about the transactions made in your account, by means of text messages to the cell phone number provided.

Certificate of Term Deposit (CDT) accounts

The qualities of this type of account are the following:

  1. The profits generated by this account are points, which they are possible to change for different elements.
  2. Through them you have the possibility of collecting interests, and that are also received at the expiration of the Certificate of Deposit on Terms (CDT).
  3. In the case of requiring the money prior to the expiration date of the CDT period, you have the opportunity to negotiate through the Stock Market or by an endorsement.

How to find out my Banco Av Villas Account Number: Customer Service

Av Villas, like the prestigious banks in the country, has customer service both by phone and online. To manage any type of procedure at the bank, you must register on its website.

If you want to ask some questions or clear up doubts regarding your accounts or products offered by the bank, you can communicate by phone through the numbers mentioned below:

  • Nationwide: 01 8000 51 8000.
  • In Bogotá: 4441777.
  • Medellin: 3256000.
  • In Barranquilla: 3304330.
  • Cali: 8859595.
  • In Bucaramanga: 6302980.

It is important to note that Banco Av Villas is one of the most prestigious in the country, is in position number six (6) with regard to banking strength, providing a wide variety of services and opportunities to each of its clients.

By using one of these channels, you will have the guidance you need in addition to knowing your account number, among other aspects of interest.

Services offered by Banco Av Villas

As for the services offered by Banco Av Villas, it is worth saying that they have been designed to satisfy the needs of its prestigious clientele. For this reason, it is one of the most used banking entities in Colombia, since it offers many possibilities.

Now, do you want to know what are these possibilities and services that it offers? Here is a list of the products and services it offers:

  1. The Term Certificate of Deposit (CDT): This represents an investment in a security with a fixed profit, higher than that of a savings account.
  2. The Digital Account: It refers to a mobile savings service, which authorizes managing money through the cell phone.
  3. The Educative credit: It is a type of credit, calculated to subsidize the studies of both a relative and your own.
  4. Free Investment Credit: This is a loan that must be paid in non-variable installments, constantly over a period of up to sixty (60) months.
  5. Revolving Credit: It refers to a credit limit, which represents a percentage of the money that can be obtained instantly.
  6. Portfolio Purchase Credit: It is a credit where each of the debts acquired with Av Villas are combined, thus reaching a privileged interest rate.
  7. The Payroll advance: It is aimed at all people who have a payroll account at Banco Av Villas, who have the opportunity to request an advance on their salary.
  8. The AVAL Savings Plan: This type of savings is taken into consideration, as a planned savings to acquire financing of interest-bearing homes. collective.

What is Banco Av Villas?

Banco Av Villas is one of the financial institutions that is at the forefront in Colombia, in addition to providing quality services and benefits to its customers. This bank began its activities in 1972, under the name of Las Villas Savings and Housing Corporation.

Although at present this banking institution has a wide portfolio of clients, when it was created it was not open to all types of public. At that time it functioned as a company, which was in charge of subsidizing the construction area.

However, as time passed began to enable credit services to buyers of real estate, as well as other similar branches. Since 1997, it became one of the financing companies of Grupo Aval Actions y Valores SA, the largest in the country.

It should be mentioned that Grupo Aval Actions y Valores SA, has under its control Banco de Bogotá, Banco de Occidente, Banco Popular, as well as Porvenir SA and Sociedad Administradora de Unemployment. At the beginning of 2000 the Las Villas Corporation joined forces with the Savings and Housing Corporation Ahorramas.

Since this alliance began, became one of the ten (10) corporations most important companies in Colombia, and always included within the majority group in shares, which became the Av Villas Savings and Housing Corporation.

It is from this moment that Banco Av. Villas began to expand its activities, authorizing all people to have the opportunity to carry out foreign currency transactions, open checking accounts, etc. Currently, it also offers online services such as: Audiovillas, mobile banking and virtual office, among others.

If you have an account at Banco Av Villas, you have surely wondered:How to find out my Banco Av Villas Account Number? It is a very simple process, which we explain at the beginning of this article. So, you no longer have an excuse to get it.

As a client of Banco Av Villas, it is important to know all the products and services that it offers you, with the aim of acquiring them when you need them. Don’t think twice and enter the official website of this prestigious bank.


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